Facts About Bahai Numbers in India (from a reader)

Interesting Comment by S. Khare (Bhopal,INDIA)

Your article about Baha’i census is well written and well researched. It is absolutely true that Baha’i s exaggerate their numbers many fold so as to project that they are accepted by the masses. I feel that the situation is not just in India but must be in every country.

There are a few more reason so as to how the Baha’i s calculate their exaggerated number.

A-Once a Baha’i is registered in their record (By whatever means) he becomes immortal and he never dies. So the Indian Baha’i census has all those Bahais who registered themselves since the time of Abdul Baha and Shoghi effendi.

B-It is a universal phenomenon, every where that Bahais usually signed the card not knowing that it is an independent religion. After his realization he leaves the Faith and he is no more a Bahai. But the Baha’i administration believes that “Once a Baha’i Always a Baha’i”. The process is irreversible.

C-Bahais usually multiply their number many folds thinking that every Baha’i must be married and therefore must be having a wife and few children.

D-Those paid workers in the Baha’i Faith, to justify their salaries and their effectiveness have collected a number of non existing addresses

Reality of Bahai faith is assessed after ,
1-removing the name of Bahais once they die.
2-removing the Cards of the Bahais once they leave the Faith.
3-checking all the addresses collected by the National Office, whether those people exist or not.

It is only then that the number 11,000 is the most appropriate figure as given by Official census of Government of India.
At the end I would like to quote your sentence, “For a religion to progress and propagate, sincere service is required to attract the masses and not lip service to attract the masses and then believing that they have abandoned the religion of their ancestors”.

Comment by S.Khare Bhopal M.P.
January 9, 2010 11:53 PM

Christian Conversion = Arrest. Bahai?

I came across this article on the Internet regarding conversion activities of a Christian pastor in Bangalore. The article is reproduced below


BANGALORE: Mahadevapura police on Thursday arrested a 31-year-old trainee pastor for allegedly trying to convert 23 children, including 14 girls, during a summer camp here.

Victor Babu alias Victor, a native of Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh, was held following a complaint filed by a few parents. Police recovered prayer books, pamphlets and other material from him and registered a case under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code.

Ref: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-04-20/bangalore/31373773_1_summer-camp-conversion-bid-pastor


The article got me thinking. The Government of India has rightfully banned any kind of conversion activities in India. I applaud the effort of the Government of India and congratulate the efforts of the Indian Police.

I would like to draw the attention of the Governemt of India and Indian Police to another community which has been practising conversion in India for a very long time and has surprisingly escaped any kind of attention so far.

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Baha’i Conversion Activities in Nashik

The Baha’is always deny that we are not involved in the conversion of Indians but we are just trying to serve the society by conducting moral classes for the Children and Junior Youth. Here is a report from a Baha’i Auxiliary Board Member published in a Baha’i Newsletter {Reflections on Growth––Number 28, December 2011} The report says the Baha’i propagandists have gone to the villages had a meeting and got their declaration, that states that they have accepted the Baha’i Faith and believe in Baha’u’llah as the manifestation of God of this age and Abdul Baha as his successor. The acceptance of the Baha’i Faith implies that they have abandoned Hinduism. These villagers are taught that “you have gained promotion in Hinduism not left it”. How long the Baha’is and their Administration will keep on cheating the simple minded Indians.

An Auxiliary Board member reports on how the friends in an advanced cluster area assisting a neighboring cluster in efforts to initiate a program of growth and pass the first milestone.

“It was decided in our reflection meeting in Nashik that a team would visit the Surgana cluster to assist the two dedicated young men who had pioneered there about three months ago. We formed a team of five – three men and two women – and headed to Surgana so that we could help with home visits that evening.

Converting Hindus in India just outside a Hindu Temple

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Bahais caught ‘cheating’ again in Panchgani

For centuries Indians have been forcefully converted into other religions. Religious conversion has profoundly affected our cultural legacy by the after-effects of genocidal coercive religious conversion. It has left its wounding imprint on our individual psyches and our collective consciousness.

Although coercive religious conversion of Hindus in India and abroad has deep historical roots, recent deceptive religious conversion techniques used by Baha’i Religion pose serious political, social, ethical and psychological problems.

Converting Hindus in the Temple of Lord Ganesha

Converting Hindus in the Temple of Lord Ganesha

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Hypocrisy of Haifan Baha’i Faith exposed once again!

Mrs. Gloria Javed a high ranking Baha’i and a member of ‘Continental Board of Counsellors’ of Baha’is of Asia, who reports directly to the Universal House of Justice in Israel in an interview about the teaching of Baha’i Faith in India openly admits that Baha’is are involved in full scale conversion of Indians in a deceptive manner. She said that we have now become more straight-foreward in converting Indian people to Baha’i religion, because the Universal House of Justice has asked us to do that.

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Bahai Faith is BANNED in Most Countries


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Baha’is of ‘New Era Institute’ caught red handed while converting Hindu villagers

Here are some newspaper reports which were collected about the incident…

Pudhari (Satara), Sunday, 6th March 2011
Warning issued to the Baha’i teachers

Wai : Correspondent



The under training teachers of New Era High School, Panchgani were taken to the police station by the volunteers of Hinduttvawadi organizations when they were found converting youths to the Baha’i faith in the nearby villages. Local police left these Baha’i teachers by giving them strict warning. Due to this incident tension prevailed in the area for some time.

New Era Development Institute runs different training courses for the teachers of English medium pre-primary and primary sections. This Institute is primarily involved in the propagation of Baha’i faith. Very high amount of fee is taken from the youth interested to join this institute, although this institute does have any recognition from the government. Baha’i books are taught to the trainees and they are motivated to induce more people from the mainstream society to the Baha’i religion through the systematic Baha’i programmes by using Baha’i study materials in a very short time. These very trainees are also told to accept the Baha’i religion. Accordingly their declaration in Baha’i religion is taken by this institute to make them registered member of this religion.
From last three years this conversion activity was being carried out secretly. They have branches in Panchgani and Wai. For some time the hinduttvawadi organizations were monitoring these activities. They wanted to seize these people with valid proofs. On 4th March in the vicinity of Siddhanatwadi, they were caught red-handed. Hindu volunteers took hold of all the male and female Baha’i trainees of NEDI who arrived there through minibus No. MH-119512 to teach and convert innocent people of that area and took them to the nearby Police station. Sunil Choudhary (a Baha’i) is responsible for teaching activities in that area. Sub-Inspector Mr. Deepak Ghatge took the details and information from all the trainees and after a detailed inquiry left them with a strict warning. The police officer said, if they are caught again doing this type of activity, then appropriate action will be taken against them. Due to this incident there was much tension in the City. Vijayatai Bhosale, BJP City President Kashinath Shelar, Sanjay Patil, Sanjay Sanas, Manohar Patwardhan of Shiv Sena and Shivaji Shinde Principal of New Era and Atul Bhate, Sagar Malsure, BJP Dist. President Avinash Farande took part in the discussion held by the Police.
Another Newspaper Report
AIKYA DAILY, 5th March 2011

Aikya Daily

Wai, 4th March 2011 : On Thursday evening, Hindu activists caught the staff and students of New Era Institute who were engaged in teaching Bahai religion in city and nearby villages. They were then taken to the police station alongwith their vehicle.

This event occurred on Thursday, at 7.30 p.m. when the Hindu activists stopped a bus (No. MH11-T-9512) that was taking these proselytizers and brought it to the police station and handed them to the Police Sub-inspector Mr. Deepak Ghatge. The Sub-inspector then called various Hindu leaders & Sunil Choudhary, the director of New Era Institute and students to inquire about the incident.

The Hindu activists, Mr. Vivek Bhosle, Mr. Kashinath Shelar, Mr. Atul Bhate and Mr. Sagar Malsure gave a signed document to the Wai Police Station. The document says, from last many years, the New Era Development Institute (New Era Teachers Training Centre) is spreading Bahai religion under the name of imparting academic education to the pupils.

The Bahais of New Era were found teaching their religion to the Hindus of Ravivarpeth, Siddhnathwadi, Jejurikar Colony, Sahyadri Nagar, Brahmanshahi and the poor families living below poverty line in the nearby villages.

The document (complaint) demanded that these conversion activities must be stopped otherwise we will not be responsible for hurting the religious sentiments of the Bahais.

This institute does not have the permission of Maharashtra Government. For its day to day expenses it is charging a heavy fee of Rs. 80,000 to 90,000 per student. The Hindu activists further demanded to impose a ban on this Institute if it does not remain faithful to the Indian constitution or does not obey the laws of Maharashtra Government.

This incident occurred in the presence of BJP District President Mr. Avinash Farande, Dada Suryavanshi, Yashwant Lele, Manohar Patwardhan, Vasant Jamdade, Bandu Shingte, Baju Dhavan and other Hindu activists and leaders.

New Era, (Panchgani, India) is a major centre for Baha’i activities

Conversion activity at New Era Baha’i Institute (NEDI / NETTC), Panchgani

Right from the beginning the Bahais at NETTC and New Era High School, Panchgani were proselytizing the students, staff and locals of Wai and Satara area.

The Bahai staff of this institution was quite often warned by the Government, Police and the locals to stop their conversion activities as it is against the Law of India. All these years, these advices/warnings went over the deaf ears of the Bahai officials. In fact to camouflage, the Bahais changed the name of NEDI to NETTC to give the impression that they are truly engaged only in ‘Teachers Training Programme’. But, now their very secretive conversion activity in the name of “Promoters of the wellness of the Community” stands exposed.

Secretly Proselytizing Bahais deported from Uzbekistan

The Government of Uzbekistan deported a number of Bahais from the neighboring countries as they were secretly involved in propagation of Baha’i Faith. About 15 Bahais were arrested by the religious ministry on information provided by local Mahalla committee that a full scale deceptive conversion was on its way in Tashkent Baha’i centre.

A similar incident was reported by government authorities in Samarkand in December 2008

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Bahai Faith is Hypocrisy Personified

The Baha’i faith as it stands today faces a challenge of becoming irrelevant to the sayings of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha. Having failed to attract converts and not getting acceptance from the world society, the Baha’i Faith today is trying to serve itself as a religion in terms of writing OPEN LETTERS (as against Holy writings!!) that have no bearing whatsoever on the targeted people.

Very recently we heard about a petition made by 31 Imminent Indians to the Government of Iran, on another occasion we heard that Baha’is wrote an irrelevant letter to the people of Egypt. There was again an ‘Open letter’ in the Wall Street Journal republished Dr. Kishan Manocha, Director of the Office of External Affairs of the Bahá’í community of the UK. The document, dated 7th December and addressed to Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq Larijani, stating the injustices meted out to Iranian Baha’is. Many more open letters must be in the pipe line.

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