Bahá’i Role in the 50-Year Crimes of the Pahlavi Regime

This article demonstrates part of the documents and reports acquired from SAVAK concerning the Bahá’is’ collaboration with the regime. The original documents are respectively provided at the end of this section.

A. The connection between Bahá’is and Reza Khan

During the rule of Reza Shah, there did not exist a strong intelligence organization, such that a document on the Bahá’i connection with the regime might be divulged. However, confessions by a Bahá’i leader in this respect cleared everything up: According to a SAVAK report, at a meeting of the Nafhatollah Publishing Commission in Shiraz on 31.3.1350 (June 21,1971), Mr. Massihollah Rohani said: “At the time of Reza Shah andSeyed Noureddin, we were plundered, but Reza Shah, very dismayed about this affair, secretly killed off some Muslims without the Ulema’s knowledge. Since he was a real Bahá’i and always supported the Bahá’is, the unveiling of women was done in conformity with Bahá’u’lláh’s rule and logic.” (Exhibit No. 17)

B. The connection between Bahá’is and the deceased Shah

The major part of the organizations of the Shah’s damned rule, particularly SAVAK, was managed by Bahá’is.

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The Bahai Faith and Al Qaeda

“John Ricardo I. “Juan” Cole (born October 1952) is an American scholar, public intellectual, and historian of the modern Middle East and South Asia. He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan. As a commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, he has appeared in print and on television, and testified before the United States Senate.

Cole became a member of the Bahá’í Faith in 1972 as an undergraduate at Northwestern, and the religion later became a focus of his academic research. He resigned from the faith in 1996 after disputes with Bahá’í leadership concerning the Bahá’í system of administration.”

qaedaThe Baha’i faith stands for universal love, for tolerance, and for a separation of religion and state.  The need for religious leaders to let politicians do the ruling is a key value stated over and over again in Baha’i scripture.

Unfortunately, a weird Baha’i sub-cult has arisen.  It structurally resembles al-Qaeda, and differs from al-Qaeda only with regard to methods, not ideals.  It does not usually employ violence or terrorism (though persons with this mindset have beaten up friends of mind).

And, most frighteningly of all, it has taken over and subverted the main institutions of the Baha’i faith.
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“Service” to the UHJ – Contribution of Ladies. An Open Letter to all Friends

One of my friends received this email and sent it to me. It outlines the grief of a father whose is observing what is happening to women in the name of service to the UHJ.  Do read it completely. I urge Bahais to circulate this letter and also non-Bahais who are well wishers of Bahais to make this letter as popular as possible.


From: R***** P***** Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013

Subject: Exploitation of Girls in the Holy Land (Haifa)

Dear Friends,

This is a letter from a troubled father to all Friends in the Community. Hopefully this letter will bring to light certain concerns about the Conduct of our beloved UHJ. Of course facts would be presented before drawing conclusions.

Friends, we hear time and again appeals from the UHJ for volunteers at the Holy Land. With deep sincerity the message is circulated by the respected LSAs. With equal sincerity some of our youth, purely for serving the Faith, volunteer. The Local Community is overjoyed when certain youth are selected for serving at Holy Land. Indeed, it is a representation of the local community – an honour. However the tragedy starts when after serving at Holy Land for about a decade, the now “middle aged” volunteer returns. In private discussions, these volunteers tell their woes. Some of the common points that emerge are : Read more of this post

Infallibility(?) of the Bahai Universal House of Justice

The appointment of the Universal House of Justice has always been the bane of the Bahai Faith – simply because there was no provision for the UHJ to take over the Guardianship of the Bahai Faith. Guardianship was always meant to be vested in the lineage of Shoghi Effendi. But Allah obviously decreed otherwise. Shoghi died without leaving any successor thus throwing the entire Bahai world into a tizzy. So much for the infallibility of Abdul Baha and Shoghi!

The spin doctors at the helm of the affairs of the Bahai world have obviously done their job well for they have reasonably succeeded in throwing dust into the eyes of their “faithful” followers. I say reasonably succeeded because after Shoghi, the entire Bahai community has been split, at last count, into 17 sects each one of which discredits the other! I have said this earlier and I say it again – Why try so hard to unite the world? Baha’is should first and unite their own. But more on that later.

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Who is the Head of the Bahai Faith?

Found this article on the Internet – thought it would be interesting for my readers…

The Universal House of Justice, in Haifa, Israel, claims to be the Head of the Baha’i Faith. The PDF files attached here (“Selections, 1988 letter to UHJ”, and, “1994 detailed response to UHJ”) challenge that claim, or, rather, question the rationality of that claim.

UHJ 1194 Detailed Response | UHJ Selections From 1988

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ - Infallible members of Bahai Faith

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ – Infallible members of Bahai Faith

The PDF files are taken from letters I wrote to the UHJ in 1988 and 1994. I was once a Baha’i (decades ago), though I am no longer. My purpose in sharing the letters is to caution seekers investigating the Baha’i Faith. Nevertheless, I expect that the arguments contained in the PDF files may also be of use to those Baha’is who have either broken with, or distanced themselves from, the UHJ, and I wish to make my letters available to them as well. My primary purpose, however, is simply this: to speak the truth to the best of my ability, for I believe that truth matters. I may be wrong, of course, and what I think to be true may not be true at all. But perhaps that is where the UHJ and I truly part ways, for the UHJ believes that, in its collective decisions, it cannot be wrong; that it is infallible in its pronouncements. Such claims, I believe, call for very close scrutiny indeed.

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Bahais Are Not Just Political….

… They Are Hypocritical As Well.

The Baha’i faith is one of the most political movements around. After all, principles such as the ending of absolute national sovereignty, world government, universal currency, universal language, world tribunal, anti-communism, retention of constitutional monarchism, the abolition of non-Baha’i religious legal systems the retention of a class system, the abolition of tariffs, international police force, and so on are among the hottest political agendas.

Baha’i Faith is now no more concerned about Writings of Baha’u’llah, the laws of Aqdas and so on. What it is now concerned about is issues like the Trademark Registration, the incorporation of so called ‘Spiritual Assemblies’, the formation of External Affairs Departments with the objectives of establishing cordial relationship with political leaders and media etc.

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Bahai Faith is BANNED in Most Countries


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The Hypocrisy of Haifan Baha’i cult

Baha’i International Community calls for release of Christian pastor facing death sentence

This time the Haifan Baha’i Supreme Body is officially interfering in the internal affairs of another country. This time under the pretext of supporting Human Rights. Although it is a known fact that the reason for supporting is something else. It seems that the BIC is under severe pressure from its Big Bosses. If the BIC is really truthful in its claims of supporting Human Rights, then why shout only on one country and ignore the other. There are so many atrocities being committed in and by the Zionist State of Israel against the Christians and Moslems but not even once the Haifan Supreme AO issued statements condemning these acts of violence and killing.

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Infallibility of UHJ demands NO ELECTIONS!

by Robert Well

The Baha’is believe that their administration is divine and the House of Justice is infalliable. The Baha’is should submit themselves to the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel (UHJ) and let them decide what is good for them, as the Supreme Body is considered ‘infallible’.

 This means that only the First Election of UHJ in 1963 was required as it was for the first time that the infallible body was formed. After that all the subsequent elections and bye elections were absolutely unwanted for because the UHJ is itself Infallible. The retiring member should have put this agenda in front of the UHJ that due to his advanced age he wants to retire and let UHJ decide a new member in his place. Obviously this decision would have been free of error and the most eligible member’s name would have emerged out.

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Open Questions to Tavakoli and UHJ

Interesting article that I found on ~ Do go through it. It highlights the dissension within the worldwide Bahai community…


The purpose of the conference in Toronto which was held under  chairmanship of Mr. Tavakoli and under the Guidance of Universal House  of Justice failed to achieve any of its aim because the conference  failed to reflect on very important issues prevailing in the Baha’i  organization. For example, The Baha’i NSA of the US recently lost a  case in which it attempted to sue rival, schismatic Baha’i groups for trademark infringement of the name Baha’i. The daily increase in the numerous harassment that Baha’is have been subjected to. The existence  of a Baha’i Internet Agency one of whose roles is to spy and isolate  online critics. Trying to find out their IP addresses then their home addresses and then bullying them to submission. Forcing Google to  disband their blogs/sites.

After all, thinking is our freedom to investigate the truth and follow  it. If one is truly liberal then his approaches will not suffocate the  human mind to certain ideals only. The conference failed to encourage  the audience to seek out the truth in their investigation. It failed  in encouraging audience to apply truth to their investigation. Mr. Tavakoli and his Haifan Baha’i friends should note that staying in glass houses one should not through stones at others. In future never use Academic Institute like Toronto University as your implementing agenda forum.

Can Mr. Tavakoli and his Haifan organization answer?

The Haifan Baha’is always preaches tolerance and peace then why do they not extend the same tolerance and peace to their own while demanding it from other religious leaders? is this not hypocrisy?

Why excommunicate Academician and University professor like Prof Firouz Anarki the former member of NSA of Thailand just because he believed that to become a good teacher for Children classes one need not do Ruhi book 3.

Why excommunicate Mr. Jamshed Fozdar who so sincerely worked for Haifan Baha’is as a counselor for a number of years. His only fault was his assertions that the content of the books of the Ruhi Institute are unjustified, and that the only valid way to teach the Cause to the peoples of the world is through the use of the scriptures of their respective religions

Why send Counselors to threaten professors of history and Middle East studies of ‘making statements contrary to the covenant’ in the Spring of 1996 and bully them out of the religion?

Why the crackdown on the talis… list and its participants? Why bully individuals to retract statements of fact, but when they do under duress, they are Sanctioned?

Why bully the editors of dialogue magazine to close it down and accuse them of negative campaigning and lying for an article entitled *A Modest Proposal* which had gone through the process of pre-publication review by the NSA itself and then accuse these editors of being covenant breakers for following the NSA’s own rules and guidelines on the floor of National Convention in 1988?

Why threaten people believing in freedom of conscience and freedom to express one’s opinion?

Why expel Michael McKenney for merely believing that women should serve on the UHJ?

Why expel Alison Marshall for believing that the UHJ is not infallible?

Why sanction those Iranian Baha’is for leaving Iran via Mehrabad airport because they were required to fill out a form stating their religion?

Why spy on individuals and violate their fundamental right to privacy a year after they had formally left the religion?

Why write libelous and slanderous letters about people and then denounce them as enemies in their national publications?

Why attempt to have people shunned and split up their families because they believe differently from the official line? And so on and so forth, ad nauseum!

Given the current UHJ’s own track record with its own dissidents, it is the last one who can preach about peace and tolerance towards others! They ought to start with themselves first before telling others what to do?

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