Why I left the Bahai Faith? True Story…

This was one post which I got on my FaceBook page. I thought it would be interesting to share…

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Shalom Aleichem!

Some days ago,I dropped out of the Bahai – Faith and now,I’d like to share my decisions,so I don’t want to run the faith down but just to use my freedom of speech.(God bless Democracy)

That’s why I dropped out of Bahai-Faith:

Well,I think we don’t need a new world order but just a new view on it and a new way of acting which is based on ethics.Democracy is best because it allows itself to get better.
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Message to Bahai Youth of Malaysia – Must See

While doing research for BahaiAwareness.com, I came across this Blog which I think should be read by Muslims and by Bahais. The blog which I am referring to is http://formerbahai.blogspot.com and as the name will show is authored by a former Bahai who has since long  reverted back to Islam.

In this blog, my friend reveals amongst other things, what caused him to be disillusioned by the Bahai Faith and what contradictions he saw in the Faith.

My intention is not to reproduce the entire blog here – however from time to time, I may choose articles to highlight in The Bahai Insider. For now, I leave you with his general message to the Bahai Youth of Malaysia.

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