Beware! How Bahais are trying to capture the Middle East..

The Bahais are conducting children moral classes across the Arab countries, believing that improving morality of the society is their patented right.

Bahais should know that in all Arab countries there is a law which include: a ban on children being involved in religious organisations; a ban on “aggressive action aimed at proselytism”; a ban on the distribution of religious literature, print, and audio-video religious materials; and defacto compulsory re-registration of all registered religious organisations

The law also stresses that “attracting children into religious organizations is not allowed, and insistent actions directed at turning believers of one faith to another (proselytism) are banned”. It adds that “the distribution of literature, printed, audio and video materials of a religious character in public places (on streets and roads), and going round flats, children’s institutions, schools and higher educational establishments is banned”. It specifies that the law “determines [official] control on the activity of religious organizations”.

The Bahais by their deceptive ways are trying to break these laws and are trying to enforce Bahaism a foreign based espionage network, and gain some converts for themselves as their future manpower.


Utilizing the Ruhi Institute Courses in Sensitive Countries

“As your experience in the teaching field clearly demonstrates, there are indeed many individuals in your country who are open to the Message of Baha’u’llah and who can be attracted to His Faith. To the earnest teacher, there exists a variety of methods by which such receptive souls can be introduced to the divine principles and, eventually, guided to declare their belief in God’s Messenger for this day.

You describe one approach to teaching in your letter, stating that it entails “discussion and reading the Holy Tablets directly”, to which there can be no conceivable objection. Another approach uses the materials of the Ruhi Institute. The training institute’s sequence of courses offers a discreet and gradual approach to the investigation of spiritual reality in an environment that lends itself to discussions suited to the capacity of the participants.

Around the world and in your own region, seekers have uncovered the truth of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation through direct exposure to the Creative Word in the serious and uplifting atmosphere of a study circle. Whilst an individual is free to choose a particular method of teaching, you should recognize that, after decades of experience, this approach has proven to be the most effective for your region and one least likely to generate a hostile reaction from antagonistic elements in society. That is why it is the framework of the Five Year Plan that should provide the principal basis upon which the friends in Yemen pursue their teaching activities.

Beyond doubt is the compelling need to ensure that a seeker’s faith in the Blessed Beauty, by whatever means it has been awakened, is nursed to maturity. This process of spiritual development entails far more than is suggested by the term deepening; it carries with it an invitation to a higher consciousness of the purpose for which every individual human being was created. It implies a fundamental re-orienting of a soul towards its Creator, an awakening to the personal and social implications of the Guardian’s statement that Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation is calling into being “a new race of men”, a wholehearted dedication of one’s talents and abilities to the attainment of that day when, the Blessed Beauty assures us, “all men shall be regarded as one soul”. The efflorescence of those talents and abilities and their channelling into specific acts of service is the goal that distinguishes the training institute process from activities intended to deepen new believers.

The implications at the level of society are no less profound than those at the individual level. “All men,” Bahá’u’lláh asserts, “have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization.” This, rather than the mere accumulation of religious converts, is the elevated goal towards which all our efforts in the teaching field are directed. The central purpose of the training institute process is to raise up human resources who can contribute to this objective.

In countless instances—including in your own region—participants of the institute process, whether veteran Bahá’ís or those only recently acquainted with the Faith, have testified to the efficacy of the institute courses in opening their eyes to both a new conception of spiritual reality and its implications for the creation of a new civilization, as well as empowering them to become an agent of the renewal society must undergo. The House of Justice is confident that in Yemen, no less than in the wider Arab region and beyond, there are innumerable souls who not only have the capacity to embrace this vision, but who are ready, even eager, to work towards its realization”.
(From a letter dated 15 March 2009 written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual)

Modus operandi in Arab countries (Bahai Children Moral Classes )

The Bahai group dispatches tutors to housing colonies to collect names of children in age group between 8-12 years. The tutors convey to the parents that at a convenient location moral classes would be conducted, absolutely free. The parents, at times with little or no verification of credentials, agree to send their wards.

The course is conducted at the house of a committed Bahai, who stays close-by, and under the direct patronage of the Bahai local assembly. As the tutor takes the innocent children through the course with songs, prayers, games and so called value upliftment stories, the message of the Bahai Faith penetrates as a hidden agenda.

After building a good-will, the parents are invited to parties in the moral classes, where after a few rounds of songs and prayers, parents are given a certain feedback of their wards. Here again a few glimpses of the Bahai Faith are conveyed. At times, the parents are encouraged to attend classes conducted for the elderly. These classes are called as Ruhi Classes. Since parents are busy and cannot devote time, the Ruhi Classes are conducted at a frequency of once or twice a week – mostly on weekends.

The Bahais, thus in a short time of say two months, have two or three patrons from a family. Soon an invitation comes to attend special functions held at the Bahai Local Assembly Centre. As you would have guessed, the exposure to Bahai Faith here to gullible children and unsuspecting parents increases.

There are cases where within a year, the parents are offered change of faith option by the same tutors who had approached with an innocent request to conduct moral classes. This is how the Bahai Faith discreetly carries on its propagation activities. The conversion is so low key that the individuals are given the facility to retain their names.

Such Bahai classes are spread across the world, in all major cities and certain smaller towns. Working parents who have little time to spend with their children find such classes useful to take care of their children. Little do they probe of the background of the tutor or why would such service be available free. Unknowingly the patronage of Bahai Faith increases in the country.

Sir, when we probe the background of this faith, the concerns increase in proportion. A synopsis of this is as under:

1. Foundation of the Bahai Faith was laid by Imperialists in Iran – through ‘spiritual stooges’ like Syed Ali Mohammed Shirazi (alias Bab) and Mirza Hussain Noori (the Bahai prophet, akka Bahaullah).

2. The early Bahai ‘messiahs’ were clearly identified as spies by the government of their times in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. These characters ultimately were harnessed by Britain in the present day Israel.

3. They were considered as assets by the imperialists for future politics of discord and divide and make the Asian and African countries shed their traditions. They also served towards strengthening the Imperialist espionage network.

4. With support of the Imperialist Masters, the Bahais spread across the world and established bases by purchasing huge properties and establishing institutes and impressive monuments.

5. Their plans have been disclosed and understood by alert Governments like Russia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. In fact, Bahais are not allowed to propagate in their alma-mater – Israel.

6. In India, Bahais have been caught with sensitive Government information. Some have been apprehended for having duplicate passports and travel papers. I attach herewith a newspaper report to validate my findings.

7. Bahai education institutes have been previously under government scanner and had to face temporary closure due to public outcry.

Sir, this seemingly innocent ‘social activity’ if left unchecked would have alarming repercussions. There are several questions that we as responsible citizens must ask ourselves:

1. Is our school and universities syllabus on moral studies not adequate, that we need support of such religious groups?

2. Why do religious groups have to venture beyond their community to other communities? Can this responsibility not be undertaken by each community and religious group within their community?

3. Are these tutors conducting courses under government overview? Should these classes not be conducted with government knowledge?

4. At the tender age of 8-12 years, children are left under tutelage of unknown persons. At this age, any idea conveyed gets acceptance. Should the citizens of India not be alerted of this silent activity which is happening in our major cities and towns?

5. Is the Islamic religion, society and culture lacking of moral concepts, that we leave our children at hands of persons following little known religious beliefs which have come from foreign lands?

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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    you are doing a great job…..may Allah bless you with His great bounties.

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    Thank you for this amazing article. May Allah bless you.

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