Corruptions of the Bahais of Akka – Part II

This article is the second in a series which has been compiled from the book “Kashful Heel” written by “Abdul Husain Aayati. He lived amongst the Bahais for 20 years and served them through these years. He was popularly known as “Awareh” which means the one who wandered about in love (of Bahaullah). After these years, he saw the corruptions of the Bahais first hand, renounced the Bahai Faith and finally reverted back to Islam. Thereafter he wrote the book “Kashful Heel” to reveal the true face and hypocrisy of the Bahais. The life history of Awareh is full of interesting events and episodes which outline the true face of the Bahais as revealed by an insider. (Click here to read part 1 of this article)

Hussain "Avareh" Ayati

Hussain “Avareh” Ayati

Bahaullah and his relatives instigated people against the government of Tabriz and tried to overthrow their government and lay the foundation of the new government and since Naseeruddeen Shah was busy in the activities of his government, they opposed him and ultimately he had to submit to their wishes with the condition that they would only preach their religion. They ate and lived lavishly under the pretext of teaching universal religion and peace. Wherever they could find anybody who was ready to listen to them, they used to preach against Iran. They killed a lot of children and women for to achieve their purpose.

They even tried to kill me (Aawareh) but since I was careful they could not harm me. They instigated the people against me. Mohammed Kashani was a good man and I had helped him to get the post of teacher in a madresa. In one of the meeting in Tehran, they said to him that it was easy to kill Aawarah due to which doctor Yunus Khan was angry and thought resigning Some men pointed out that they have even incited women to kill me (Aawareh). Infact, due to this I feared that I should not say whatever I know and hence whatever I am saying now is very little of what is in my knowledge.

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A good site for Bahai books

While surfing the Internet recently, I came across this blog which host a mine of information through books about the Bahai Faith. Most of these books are in Persian, but they contain references from Bahai books. You can visit this blog by clicking on:

I think every Bahai who can read Persian should take the trouble and download the books and read up.






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