Twelve Bahai Principles – An Introduction

The most important technique Bahais use to establish the superiority of their beliefs over others, are a series of slogans and statements called the “Bahai Principles” which they prorogate with great pride. Here is an independent view of the same.

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The Bahai Faith finds its origins in the Babi Faith propogated by Mirza Ali Mohammed Shirazi in Persia (modern day Iran). Starting with a claim to be the Bab or Gate of the hidden Imam Mahdi (as), the Bab slowly expanded his scope to claim to be the Mahdi himself and subsequently even made a claim of being God (Read More). Incidentally, the Bab never claimed to be an independent prophet – this claim was made popular by the Bahais to establish that the Bab brought a new religion.

Ali Mohammed Bab recanted several times from his claims – this is denied by the Bahais, but the proofs against them are overwhelming. There are atleast 4 recorded instances of his recantations (Read More).

Ali Mohammed Bab revealed a book called the Bayan, in two different languages (Arabic and Persian), both of which remained incomplete until his death. In this book, he gave his followers tidings about the appearance of ‘He whom God shall make manifest’ (man yuzhiruhullah) roughly 1,500 years after his death.

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