Youth Moral Classes = Young girls for trafficking?

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…I’m a “white” woman in her 60’s who joined the bahai organization in the 70’s. I was attracted to the principals, especially the oneness of humanity. I was married to a Native American in ND with four children. In the years following I remained a steadfast bahai until recent years when I noticed the organization becoming more and more “top heavy”, with the leadership not listening to rank and file bahais, only sending directives from the top down. And while many of the directives quoted the bahai writings, in actuality the activities seemed to not reflect what a deepened bahai could believe. In my opinion Ruhi was created as top-down extracts from bahai writings with the goal of bringing in troops of people to brainwash, creating McBahais. An individual being deepened in the bahai writings seemingly became a liability to the leadership who more and more were manufactured from the Ruhi factory.

Pakistani Baha'i Community in Swimming Pool

Pakistani Baha’i Community in Swimming Pool

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