Who created the sects in Bahai Faith?

Here is a letter published by the Orthodox Bahai Council of India which claims to be the true representative of Bahaullah and trashes the majority Bahai sect. Are the Bahais blind that they cannot see all of this and yet they claim to be the ones who will bring unity in this world? What a joke! Instead of trying to bring unity in this world, why don’t the Bahais try to bring unity about the 16 or 18 sects of the Bahai Faith? That could as well be the best thing the Bahais would have achieved!

–Letter starts here–

Dr. A. Parikh
Secretary of the National (Orthodox) Bahai Council of India

My Dear Bahá’í Friends!

Some of the friends enquire as to why the Divine Cause (Bahá’í Faith) has become divided into different sects?  What are the factors behind it?   Who is responsible for this division?

It is well understood why such questions should come to mind.  But it is sad that there is no discussion on such questions nor do we investigate the answers to such questions. While ‘Abdu’l-Bahá insisted that:

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