Baha’i Censuses from several countries exposes Baha’i lies more…

A.Wrong Bahai Census claimed by Bahai Adminstration

Shalom Scott in one of his observation said that,  “During my time as a Baha’i, I saw potential converts lied to by Baha’is regarding the membership of the Faith. The Baha’is, especially the Baha’i leadership, have always grossly inflated the ‘official’ numbers in order to present an inaccurate picture to the world (as well as to individuals considering conversion) and to make the Faith seem much more successful and influential than it really is.

A CHARACTERISTIC of the Baha’i administration is dishonesty in dealing with their census. This trickery takes place sometimes in the form of absolute exaggeration of numbers and at other times in the form of the suppression and concealment of facts; at times through the omission or perversion of essential facts or their presentation (rather misrepresentation) in such a manner so as to falsify actual data. to convey to the world that Baha’i Faith is very well accepted by the masses.”Regarding their numbers, the Baha’is have indulged in gross exaggeration. Ask Baha’is about their numbers and “Millions” is the usual figure claimed by them. The Baha’i census claims that there are 6 to 7.2 million adherents of the Faith in the world which is nothing but a blatant LIE.

Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan commented in April 2001 that, since 1968, 50% of the people who entered the bahai faith have left it. According to him, the usual figure for most Christian denominations is approximately 80% retention, meaning about only 20% decide to leave once they become a member. See Professor Cole’s comment below that even 5 million Baha’is worldwide is exaggerated by the Baha’i administration.

50% is truly a remarkably high number and reveals emphatically that something is indeed wrong about the atmosphere within the bahai faith. Often the new adherent quickly comes to realize someting is wrong behind the facade of love and brotherhood.

The FULL TEXT of the New Mexico lawsuit reveals what many of the problems are that are driving sensitive and thoughtful people out of the bahai faith in droves.

Juan Cole has also stated that according to the official census figures of India there are approximately only 5,000 bahais that they were able to find in the country compare with the millions claimed by the Bahai Administration, a fact worth lingering on….

See the Official Bahai census and what the Bahai Adminstration claims:

Sr, No.


Official Government data

Baha’i exaggerated data







202 (3,4)

7776 (2)



18945 (5)

30,000 (6),46587 (2)



500 (7)

13045 (2)



4572 (8,9)

18,00,000 (2)

20,00,000 (11)



639 (10)

23703 (2)


New Zealand








United States



The Official consecutive Government record shows decreasing Baha’i population and not the fastest growing religion as claimed by Baha’i Administration.

Usually the Governments where the population of a religious sect is insignificant they take them into ‘Others” . The cunning Baha’is make use of this unmentioned Baha’i population and write for that country number which is massive exaggeration hoping that nobody will go deep into the matter.

Thanks to Internet that the Baha’is lies are getting exposed. The various governments are coming out with exact Baha’i numbers which is just a fraction of what the Baha’i Administration claims. Moreover if someone compares the two consecutive census of a country he will find that the Baha’i numbers have actually decreased whereas all other Faiths have increased. This is well seen in the census of United States, India and New Zealand.


Official Baha’i population from the respective Governments






Year (2011)

Baha’i population





New zealand







Baha’i population





United states







Baha’i population





What should be done?

It is a duty of every sincere Baha’i to write to Universal House of Justice and ask them why there is gross exaggeration in the Baha’i population in every country? What aim of the Baha’i Faith is served by these manipulated Baha’i figures?

Why there is decreasing trend of Baha’i numbers in various countries? Who is responsible for such deceit?  How Baha’i Faith is the fastest growing Religion?

If Baha’i Faith is amongst the revealed Faith then why the Baha’i Administration is so keenly and cleverly  indulging in propagating wrong figures.

Are we supposed to believe that Baha’i Faith is an NGO off course the most comfortable NGO which has no relation with divinity and as other NGOs exaggerate their numbers, we also do?

Please await the answer and the moment you hear from them “Forget about these government reports” immediately understand that the Persian hands are working behind it the Mohajer, Rezavi, and Jawaheri etc. The true followers of Rehmatullah Mohajar.


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How Baha’i faith is a Cult?

Based on “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan, here are the criteria for determining “cults”:

1. How new members are found

Dangerous Cults: With many cults, you don’t get to know what you are getting into until after you have made a commitment

Baha’i Faith: There are secrets but these secrets are not known to the poor, innocent, newly converted Baha’is. Does the common baha’i know that the Baha’i Elections are fully controlled by the “All Male, Supreme, All Infallibale, Haifan Organization”? Do they know that these are not spiritual but highly fraud and controlled? there are many secrets and are available on the internet. Search on google for “Pakistan Baha’i Election Fraud”, “Baha’i Control on their Electoral System”, “Baha’i Election fraud in India”.

2. How funding is obtained.

Dangerous Cults: Commercial operations and/or mandatory donations (often large percentages) by members.

Baha’i Faith: Has commercial businesses, businesses associations, huge property investments, heavy bank deposits. They collect money from poor Africans, Indians, Burmese, Nepalis, Pakistanis in the name of Community Banking and then use these funds for proselytizing. Also auctions are held of different used Clothings of Baha’i Leaders for fund raising. If they know about you have money, they (Especially Iranian Baha’is) will start motivating you to give the HUQUQULLAH, which is then transferred to UHJ in Haifa and it is then used to maintain Huge Gardens on Mount Carmel. Ask the Baha’is what they have done for the destitute of Congo and Sudan? Some of the fund is used for Pioneering purpose and it is allocated by the Counselors to its own people, sometimes exceeding 15000 US$ a year. There are huge financial scams in the Baha’i community. Just google to learn more, Search for Baha’i financial scams in Dubai, India, Italy, Pakistan, Africa, Iran etc.

Recently a Saree (cultural dress worn by women in India) of Ruhiyyih Maxwell was auctioned to raise funds for Baha’i activities.
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Interior Minister Mr. Husain Al-Majali refused to recognize the Baha’i cult in Jordan


Translation : The minister in front of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (02-07-2014) declared that his government has rejected the Baha’i appeal to grant their cult a Non-Muslim, minority “Religion Status” in Jordan. About other 11 christian sects he has removed 2 sects from the list and did not gave his decision about the remaining 9 christian sects.

Interior Minister Mr. Husain Al-Majali refused to recognize the Baha’i cult in Jordan. United States is again worried. See the condemnation of United States in its so called “Human Rights” report of this country. US is interested in having the Baha’i nets everywhere in the Muslim world. After gaining success in Indonesia, they are now behind Jordan and pressurizing the Jordanian Government to recognize this cult as a Religion.


If you are interested in the translation of the above text. Please help yourself with google translate. Thank you.

Following are the two links where Baha’is are teaching the Arab Muslims about the Holy Quran and Islam !!!!! They say, this way they are building a better society and establishing unity!! I say do this in Israel. Teach Zionist Israelis about Baha’u’llah and your universal peace!

Twelve Bahai Principles – An Introduction

The most important technique Bahais use to establish the superiority of their beliefs over others, are a series of slogans and statements called the “Bahai Principles” which they prorogate with great pride. Here is an independent view of the same.

 A new article will be uploaded every Thursday(Next article on 8 May) 

The Bahai Faith finds its origins in the Babi Faith propogated by Mirza Ali Mohammed Shirazi in Persia (modern day Iran). Starting with a claim to be the Bab or Gate of the hidden Imam Mahdi (as), the Bab slowly expanded his scope to claim to be the Mahdi himself and subsequently even made a claim of being God (Read More). Incidentally, the Bab never claimed to be an independent prophet – this claim was made popular by the Bahais to establish that the Bab brought a new religion.

Ali Mohammed Bab recanted several times from his claims – this is denied by the Bahais, but the proofs against them are overwhelming. There are atleast 4 recorded instances of his recantations (Read More).

Ali Mohammed Bab revealed a book called the Bayan, in two different languages (Arabic and Persian), both of which remained incomplete until his death. In this book, he gave his followers tidings about the appearance of ‘He whom God shall make manifest’ (man yuzhiruhullah) roughly 1,500 years after his death.

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Who is the Head of the Bahai Faith?

Found this article on the Internet – thought it would be interesting for my readers…

The Universal House of Justice, in Haifa, Israel, claims to be the Head of the Baha’i Faith. The PDF files attached here (“Selections, 1988 letter to UHJ”, and, “1994 detailed response to UHJ”) challenge that claim, or, rather, question the rationality of that claim.

UHJ 1194 Detailed Response | UHJ Selections From 1988

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ - Infallible members of Bahai Faith

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ – Infallible members of Bahai Faith

The PDF files are taken from letters I wrote to the UHJ in 1988 and 1994. I was once a Baha’i (decades ago), though I am no longer. My purpose in sharing the letters is to caution seekers investigating the Baha’i Faith. Nevertheless, I expect that the arguments contained in the PDF files may also be of use to those Baha’is who have either broken with, or distanced themselves from, the UHJ, and I wish to make my letters available to them as well. My primary purpose, however, is simply this: to speak the truth to the best of my ability, for I believe that truth matters. I may be wrong, of course, and what I think to be true may not be true at all. But perhaps that is where the UHJ and I truly part ways, for the UHJ believes that, in its collective decisions, it cannot be wrong; that it is infallible in its pronouncements. Such claims, I believe, call for very close scrutiny indeed.

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Why the Bahai Faith is a Cult…

Much as the Bahais would like to disagree, the fact remains that the Bahai Faith is a cult. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Based on “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan (cult expert), here are the criteria for determining “cults”.
1. How new members are found

Dangerous Cults: With many cults, you don’t get to know what you are getting into until after you have made a commitment

Baha’i Faith: There are secrets but these secrets are not known to the poor, innocent, newly converted Baha’is. Does the common baha’i know that the Baha’i Elections are fully controlled by the “All Male, Supreme, All Infallibale, Haifan Organization”? Do they know that these are not spiritual but highly fraud and controlled? there are many secrets and are available on the internet. Search on google for “Pakistan Baha’i Election Fraud“, “Baha’i Control on their Electoral System“, “Baha’i Election fraud in India”.
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Bahais Are Not Just Political….

… They Are Hypocritical As Well.

The Baha’i faith is one of the most political movements around. After all, principles such as the ending of absolute national sovereignty, world government, universal currency, universal language, world tribunal, anti-communism, retention of constitutional monarchism, the abolition of non-Baha’i religious legal systems the retention of a class system, the abolition of tariffs, international police force, and so on are among the hottest political agendas.

Baha’i Faith is now no more concerned about Writings of Baha’u’llah, the laws of Aqdas and so on. What it is now concerned about is issues like the Trademark Registration, the incorporation of so called ‘Spiritual Assemblies’, the formation of External Affairs Departments with the objectives of establishing cordial relationship with political leaders and media etc.

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Why Do Bahais Deny the UHJ Being Clergy?

The Bahais have a weird habit of denying truth and reality. One of the many Baha’i denials is that they insist that there is no clergy in the Bahai Faith. They seem to forget that the UHJ, the institution within the Bahai Faith that has the power to legislate laws, excommunicate etc runs exactly like a clergy being it is a clergy.

 Bahais like to insist that the clergy are a bunch of paid people who are given duties that are ritualistic and that the UHJ is not doing rituals. But the simple fact remains that Bahais do regard the UHJ as infallible, thus making them a special class of people with the Faith. Furthermore, the UHJ, as mentioned before, is given the power to legislate and excommunicate people.

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ - Infallible members of Bahai Faith

Bahai Clergy (or Mullahs) UHJ – Infallible members of Bahai Faith

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Bahai Faith is BANNED in Most Countries


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The General claims of Baha’i Faith

The conception on which Bahaism bases its claim is false. Truth does not grow old, nor is it possible to change the religion with the growth of the race. A universal religion must present truth in a form that will reach men in every stage of civilization, for the reason that in every period of the world since the dawn of history there have been simultaneously men in every stage of intellectual development.—W. A. Shedd in “Miss. Review of the World.”

It (Bahaism) has not enough assurance of personal immortality to satisfy such Western minds as are repelled by the barren and jejune ethical systems of agnostics, positivists, and humanitarians who would give us rules to regulate a life which they have rendered meaningless.—Professor Browne in Phelps’ “Life of Abbas Effendi,” p. xviii.

The essence of being a Bahai is a boundless devotion to the person of the Manifestation and a profound belief that he is divine and of a different order from all other beings.—Professor Browne, Art. “Bab” in Ency. of Religion and Ethics.

The claims of Bahaism are many and varied. They cover a wide range. I will first consider its general claims and of these the most significant.

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