Question and Answers – Baha’i faith and Israel?

April 1968: A Baha’i delegation met with Israel’s President, Zalman Shazar

Question :

(A) Why are Baha’is forbidden to teach their faith in Israel?
Baha’i Answer : Bahaullah, founder of the Baha’i Faith, prohibited teaching the faith in Sham (the Ottoman province of Syria which includes present-day Israel and Palestinian territories) [1]. Note that this ruling was made at least 56 years before the establishment of the state of Israel.

Reality : Yeah! Right! Let’s exclude people from attaining salvation simply because they live in a specific geographical location: The vast territories called “Sham”! I can just imagine how this law was introduced: “I Baha’u’llah, have brought a new religion from God but but but (stutters) God told me no one is allowed to teach the faith to those leaving in SHAM.” Funny that Baha’is think this excuse is justified for Israel while they call the actions of the Iranian government for implementing the exact same rule but within its own borders persecution. Pure hypocrisy at its finest.
In case you didn’t realize in my response, I said nothing about SHAM. I said Israel. The current ruling states Baha’is can have no activities in ISRAEL, not SHAM. ISRAEL is not SHAM. In case you didn’t know Baha’is are merrily living in and teaching their beliefs in SHAM: ….

Question :

(B) Why are there no Baha’i community in Israel? Baha’i Answer : With the onset of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Baha’i community of Palestine left the region to avoid becoming involved in the political dispute.

Reality : Meaningless argument. Baha’is claim they do not involve themselves in politics in any manner. Stating that they left Israel “to avoid becoming involved in the political dispute” is pure baloney. Baha’i live in many many regions with grave political situations but they never leave those places. Do Baha’is take us for fools when they put forward these lame excuses?

Question :

(C) Do you know what Local Spiritual Assemblies do?
Baha’i Answer : They register marriages and divorces, organize devotionals (that is when they meet in each other’s homes to pray), etc. None of this warrants persecution.

Reality : Baha’is are not being persecuted or prosecuted for any of that. As I said Baha’is are free to practice their own beliefs within themselves. Get married according to their own customs, divorced, pray and… as long as they don’t proselytize in Iran. That is the law in Iran. Disobey it and you will be PROsecuted like all laws in all countries.

You forgot to mention that Local Spiritual Assemblies are part of the Baha’i dictatorship hierarchy, they take orders from the next level in rank and convey it to the adherents. e.g. so and so Baha’i dude is now considered a covenant breaker and no one in the community including his parents, spouse, children can speak with him and must all shun him. The LSA also gathers intelligence from those in the community and threatens dissidents and those that dare to question the rulings of the dictatorship order. You didn’t know all this or you simply ignored it?

Question :

A Baha’i pretending to be a Shiite claims : All religions have some sort of organization and hierarchy. Living in Canada, as a Shia, I am blessed to live near Shia mosques, community centers, and even a Shia highschool! All thanks to freedom of religion. And yet, we turn a blind eye to what happens in the only Shia country in the world. We forget that they too (eg, Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindus) should also have freedom of religion. Truth will ultimately prevail so why does the Iranian government resort to closing down Baha’i business and debar Baha’is from universities?

Answer : No religion has a hierarchy and organization like that of Baha’ism. The UHJ is a pure dictatorship. They decide if you can be considered a Baha’i or not, they decide who you can or cannot socialize and speak with, they decide where you can or cannot travel to, they even decide what portions of there scripture can be translated or distributed… disobey and you will be punished big time. In its organized form it is a government within a government. No country will tolerate such behavior. If your going to practice your beliefs in this manner you’re gonna need a legal Permit from the government and well, they don’t have that permit in Iran. They have the freedom to practice their beliefs individually but organizational and proselytization is a big no no, just like in Israel.

Did you know Baha’is believe non-Baha’i schools are: death incarnate, a cause of stagnation, abatement and humiliation? No, well read this:

That is all the stuff they never tell you about. If any organization or faith system with such sick beliefs wanted to erect a school where I live then rest assured that I would be the first person to oppose its establishment and propagation of its beliefs. But they are free to practice their beliefs among themselves, no one would care less let, even the Iranian government.

Why are Bahais teaching even though it is BANNED?

Why the Baha’is are ‘teaching’ Children and Junior Youth in Shiraz (Iran) although their Supreme Haifan Body ‘apparently’ asked them to halt all the activities in that country. (In this video you can also see prominent Iranian Baha’is meeting with Counselors in Dubai)

The Baha’is teaching the children in Egypt although deceptive conversion is banned in Egypt.

Baha’is teaching their faith to non-Baha’i children in the BCC that is open for all and they say that they are taking moral classes and not teaching their faith.

The Baha’is teaching Baha’i prayers in their moral (Conversion) classes in India. Although deceptive conversion is banned in India and many times the Baha’is have been warned and taken to the police.
Baha’is teaching in Israel. Although officially it is banned to teach there.

Abdul Baha asks Manchester Baha’is to conceal their beliefs and act like Freemasons!

October 1921

In the Name of God!
O Sincere Servant of the Blessed Beauty!

Your detailed letter has been received, and has been the cause of the utmost joy and gladness. Praise be to God! The loved ones are all astir and active, but prudence is necessary. You have rent the veil too widely asunder. Explain to the loved ones that the rending of the veil to such an extent will be the cause of great agitation, and the harm thereof will reach to the Holy Land. Great caution is necessary. Discourses in churches and great public gatherings are in no wise permitted as in this place enemies, within and without, are lying in wait and are bent on aggression. Prudence requires that activity should, for the present, be concealed and carried on with the utmost moderation. Convey to the loved ones, one and all, on my behalf, the greatest longing, love and kindness. Give a spiritual message from me to Mr. Healds and say unto him: “Peruse the Gospel, how His Holiness Christ – may my life be a sacrifice to Him – says, ‘Conceal it, that the Pharisees may not be informed thereof.’ Now the same condition prevails.”

This matter is of the greatest importance. On no account let them contribute articles to the newspapers, and so long as they are not sure of any soul, let them breath no word to him. Consider how the Freemasons have for two hundred years carried on their work, and unto this day they have not openly declared it to any soul. Not until they find a hearing ear will they speak. The loved ones too must proceed with the greatest prudence, lest serious difficulties be created. If any one should travel to the Holy Land, he must on no account declare to anyone by the way that his purpose is to visit us. The loved ones must, in the presence of strangers, speak forth simply the teachings of the Blessed Beauty and mention no word of the belief concerning Him. Should anyone inquire, “What is your belief regarding the Blessed Beauty?” let them answer: “We regard Him as the foremost teacher and educator of these later ages and Abdu’l-Baha as the Centre of His Covenant.”

Bahá’í ties to Freemasonry

Baha’is also had ties with Freemasonry. Freemasonry was brought to Iran by Iranians who had seen the movement in other parts of the world.

Dr. Dhabih Qurban, was a well-known Iranian Bahá’í and also a Freemason. Moojan Momen tried to refute that no Baha’is were linked to the Freemasonry but his refutation with poor references has no value as the prominent Iranian Historian Abdollah Shahbazi has given numerous references that not only Dhabih Qurban but many other Baha’is were also active Freemasons.

See : Secret Societies in Contemporary Iran – Part 3 (Persian)

More about Dhabih Qurban :

Baha’is on Wikipedia state that “The teachings of the Baha’i Faith expressly forbid membership in secret societies. Shoghi Effendi, the head of the Bahá’í Faith in the first half of the 20th century, asked all Bahá’ís to remove their memberships from all secret societies, including the Freemasons, so that they can serve the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith without compromising their independence.”

If some earlier Baha’is were not the members of Secret Societies then whom did Shoghi Effendi gave orders to remove their memberships?

Abdul Baha’s funeral was carried out by Muslim rites!

By Brent Poirier

In the Holy Land during the lifetime of both Baha’u’llah and Abdu’l-Baha, the Baha’i Faith was not yet recognized as an independent Faith with its own Prophet and Book and laws. (Actually Baha’is were concealing their faith in Palestine)
Casket of Abdu'l-Baha Mount Carmel (Funeral)

All ceremonies had to be conducted in accordance with Muslim, Christian or Jewish law, and by clergy of those faiths. I recently learned that the first Baha’i funeral in the Holy Land was the funeral of Mirza Muhsin, who had been married to one of Abdu’l-Baha’s daughters. He died during the ministry of Shoghi Effendi. Up to that point, Baha’i funerals were conducted in accordance with (Sunni) Muslim rites, as that was the most recent of the divine revelations. For Mirza Muhsin’s funeral, Shoghi Effendi informed the Mufti of Akka — the leading Muslim clergyman — that he would not have any role in Mirza Muhsin’s funeral, which was conducted at Bahji. At one point during the ceremony the mufti stood up, and Shoghi Effendi pointed at him and told him to sit down. But up to that point, Baha’is had no choice. There was no such thing as a civil funeral, and until the time when the British governed the Holy Land, the Baha’i Faith was not recognized as an independent Faith there. Recognition by the authorities is a gradual process. Likewise the establishment of Baha’i cemeteries in the Holy Land was a gradual process. There are now 4 of them available for burials: One in Haifa at the foot of Mount Carmel, close by the Jewish Cave of Elijah; one near the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee; one in Jerusalem; and one in Eilat. These were gradually established.

Bahá’i Role in the 50-Year Crimes of the Pahlavi Regime

This article demonstrates part of the documents and reports acquired from SAVAK concerning the Bahá’is’ collaboration with the regime. The original documents are respectively provided at the end of this section.

A. The connection between Bahá’is and Reza Khan

During the rule of Reza Shah, there did not exist a strong intelligence organization, such that a document on the Bahá’i connection with the regime might be divulged. However, confessions by a Bahá’i leader in this respect cleared everything up: According to a SAVAK report, at a meeting of the Nafhatollah Publishing Commission in Shiraz on 31.3.1350 (June 21,1971), Mr. Massihollah Rohani said: “At the time of Reza Shah andSeyed Noureddin, we were plundered, but Reza Shah, very dismayed about this affair, secretly killed off some Muslims without the Ulema’s knowledge. Since he was a real Bahá’i and always supported the Bahá’is, the unveiling of women was done in conformity with Bahá’u’lláh’s rule and logic.” (Exhibit No. 17)

B. The connection between Bahá’is and the deceased Shah

The major part of the organizations of the Shah’s damned rule, particularly SAVAK, was managed by Bahá’is.

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Where is Abbas Effendi’s certificate of British Knighthood??

AB-cavaleiro-thumb“Sir” Abbas Effendi being knighted on April 20, 1920, in the presence of the British High Commissioner for Palestine Sir Herbet Samuel and asorted British mandate, military and local dignitaries:

As those who know about modern knighthoods by the British crown, every knighthood is for a specific reason; such reasons always being explicitly spelled out in the Certificate of Knighthood. Over the past 87 years we have been repeatedly shown the picture of Abbas Effendi’s knighting ceremony in April 1920, but never have we been shown the actual certificate of Knighthood itself which explicitly spells outthe reasons for the knighting.

Among other things, over the past several years, through various contacts, I have been deliberating over facsimiles of local archival material related to the Acre-Haifa areas of the Ottoman period of the Young Turks, the British Palestinian mandate years of 1917-1948 and Israeli material for the years 1948-57, all relating to the activities of the Nuri family in that area. Thankfully, I have been paid for this job by certain unamed private and well endowed employers/independent contractors, which has allowed me time to write and publish a book (work on 8 more) as well as conduct a war against the haifan Bahai organization. Specifically I have looked at deeds of property (sales,notaries, taxes etc) and what have you in the Acre-Haifa areas. But especially I have looked at zeroing in on material specifically relating to the contention in Bahai histories regarding the nature of Abbas Effendi’s so-called humanitarian activities during the Palestinian war years of 1915-1917 in order to determine the precise nature of such activities. Over 50,000+ pages alone of archival documentation and sources has been looked at specifically for the years 1910-1917 (i.e. the years of the Young Turk Ottoman period). To date, whether they be files by public notary or police files, there is not a single leaf of evidence (whether circumstantial or otherwise)remotely establishing the Bahai claim that Abbas Effendi was engaging in humanitarian activities during the Palestinain war years of1915-1917.

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Bahaullah claims that Jews cruxified Jesus…

O Jews! If ye be intent on crucifying once again Jesus, the Spirit of God, put Me to death, for He hath once more, in My person, been made manifest unto you. Deal with Me as ye wish, for I have vowed to lay down My life in the path of God. I will fear no one, though the powers of earth and heaven be leagued against Me.

Followers of the Gospel! If ye cherish the desire to slay Muhammad, the Apostle of God, seize Me and put an end to My life, for I am He, and My Self is His Self. Do unto Me as ye like, for the deepest longing of Mine heart is to attain the presence of My Best-Beloved in His Kingdom of Glory. Such is the Divine decree, if ye know it.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions for Israel (and Bahais)

Enclosed is an extract from an article titled “The Fourth Faith” by a Jewish journalist, who asks many unusual (embarrassing questions) about the Bahai Faith’s world center at Haifa most non-baha’is do not know about.

Questions to the Jews of Israel

1) Why are Baha’i s not allowed to teach their Faith in the State of Israel?

2) Why is there no other Baha’i community in any other part of Israel except those 700 volunteers who work at the BWC in Haifa and Acre?

3) Why is if an inquirer (citizen from the state) wished to become a Baha’i there request would be refused, unless they left Israel and became a citizen of another country?

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Israel Government Renews Tax Exempt Status for Bahai Centre

Government renews tax-exempt status of Bahai Center


03/20/2012 03:19

Tax arrangement was originally agreed upon between the state and the Bahai movement in 1987.

The Justice Ministry announced on Monday that it has renewed a deal with the Bahai World Center in Israel exempting it from indirect taxes for another five-year term.

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Messages from the Universal House of Justice

Bahá’í World Centre • P.O. Box 155 • 31001 Haifa, Israel
Tel: 972 (4) 835 8358 • Fax: 972 (4) 835 8280 • Email:

12 May 2008

 To all National Spiritual Assemblies

 Dear Bahá’í Friends,

 As the worldwide Bahá’í community proceeds with a unified and coordinated endeavour to advance the process of entry by troops, developments of far-reaching significance at the Bahá’í World Centre, foreshadowed in our message of Ridván 2006 to the Bahá’ís of the world, are now occurring.

 The way has been opened to further beautification of the environs of the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh, the Qiblih of the people of Bahá, described by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá as the “luminous Shrine” and “the place around which circumambulate the Concourse on high”. After negotiations over several years, agreement has been reached with the Israeli government for the acquisition of a rectangular plot of land 90,000 square metres in area, located between Bahjí and the main road, which is currently being used by the government.

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