Answer to Dr. Tarek Heggy, Egyptian Bahai

On 24th January an article by Dr. Tarek Heggy (letter produced below) was put on the Egyptian Bahá’í website and surprisingly was translated into many language overnight it was spread all over the net.

Well Mr. Heggy first of all you are sitting out of our country, and spreading false rumors and spoiling image of our country, simply you should have said that you are a Bahá’í what is the need of saying that “If you were a Bahá’í”.

It has crossed all limits of Dramatics and entered the domain of Hypocrisy. Well Mr. Heggy you should know that in recent past there is a good attack on Bahá’í Faith accusing the Bahá’ís of hypocrisy and this is a best proof of it.

Means you want to show that you are a non Bahá’í and looking at the pity situation of the Bahá’ís of Egypt you are unable to control yourself resulting in this article.

Mr. Heggy there are quite a number of educated people who are surfing the net and they are wise enough to conclude that:

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