Baha’i Faith: The Case of the Traveller, Part 2 of 3

Allegations Against the Babis and Baha’is

In this essay we present excerpts from A Traveller’s Narrative. We present some quotes from some of the works that the editor cites.

Reference is made to a book titled Nasikhu’t-Tawarikh, written by Mirza Taki Mustawfi described as “a general history of the world…All that relates to the Babis is contained inthe second and third parts of the main volume and in the supplement.”1

p. 65 of that work states:”The Babis go out to bury their dead, find them decapitated, and in retaliation exhume and decapitate the Musulman corpses and fix their heads on posts round the gate of the fortress.

“Reference is made to a seven volume work titled Rawzatu’s-Safa, the first six composed by Mirkhwand (d. A.D. 1498) and the seventh composed by his grandson Khwandamir (d. A.D. 1534).2

p. 168-169 of that work states: “The assassination is planned by twelve Babis, who arrange that the attempt shall take place on the morning of Sunday the 28th of Shawwal A.H. 1268 (August 15th, A.D.1852) as the Shah is riding out on a hunting expedition from his summer residence at Niyavaran…Of the twelve assassins, six fail to arrive in time, while three lag behind – The three who are ready approach the Shah as petitioners, surround him, and fire twoshots at him – The Shah’s retainers come up and kill one of the conspirators – Another shot is fired wounding the Shah in the shoulder.”

On this issue the Baha’i add a bit of confusion. J. E. Esslemont reports that one of the Bab’s followers fired a pistol at the Shah and injured him. Shoghi Effendi and John Huddleston say that it was two men and they wounded the Shah. Jessyca Russell Gaver,a nother Baha’i author, reports that “two young boys shot at him but missed.”3

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Baha’i Electoral System Elect only ambitious and greedy (and paranoid) to top offices

The problem with the current situation in Baha’i Faith  is not merely that the voting records of the NSA members are completely unknown. It is that the activities and policies of the NSA as a whole are almost completely unknown! What exactly do these people do? What policies have they made? What effect have the policies had? Have they been good for the growth of the community, numerically and spiritually? Without knowing the answer to this question, how can the delegates even begin to vote intelligently? Though, as we have seen, the very rules of the elections leave them with little potential impact.

We know that there were about 48,000 adult Baha’is with good addresses in the US in 1978. There are now about 60,000. In the meantime 12,000 Iranians immigrated. This means that there has been no growth in over twenty years. *None*. Of course, hundreds if not a few thousands of people have come in during the past two decades, but enormous numbers of them have gone right back out. Would any CEO who had not increased his earnings a single penny over twenty years be reappointed by the board?

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Bahais arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting children and Junior Youth

The Security department of Government of Uzbekistan, while on routine check, arrested 20 Bahais for preaching The Bahai Faith to children and junior youth below 16 years. These children from different cities were taken to the Bahai centre in the name of moral teachings without the consent of their parents. The children were then taken to a Rehabilitation Centre from where they were handed to their parents. The Police recorded the whole proceedings in a camera. Recently the CIS countries are tightening the grip on this very deceptive sect whom they accuse of having links with Israel and destroying the moral fabric of the society. The Christian priests have also objected to their deceptive propaganda and warned them to not to impart any so called moral teachings to Christian children.

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A Comment from a Reader of The Bahai Insider

Within a couple of hours of hosting this blog, I received a feedback in response to the article Elections of the UHJ. This reader claims that the present-day UHJ is a bogus one and there is no legal sanctity of the same in the Bahai Faith. He also substantiates his statement with a statement from Shoghi Effendi. The entire transcript of the feedback from this reader is given below.

I have only one assertion to make. The Bahais (and here even I am confused as to which is the true Bahai Faith – Read more on the Sects of Bahais) seems oblivious to the presence of sects since the death of Shoghi Effendi. Simply ex-communicating dissenting voices or cursing those who are called Covenant Breakers is not going to help anyone, least of all the Bahai Faith itself. Whatever happened to independent investigation of truth? I let my readers decide.

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The Elections of The Universal House of Justice

There is little or nothing “spiritual” about Baha’i administration. It is simply a “modernist” facade on backwardness!

Bahai Elections: Confused?

Bahai Elections: Confused?

The Universal House of Justice is head of the Baha’i Faith. Its permanent seat is at the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, and all members reside here for the duration of their service.

The regular election of the nine members of the House of Justice occurs every five years at an international convention, held in Haifa. The most recent election was in 2008.

Till date there have been 10 elections (‘63,’68.’73,’78,’83,’88,’93, 98,’03, and ‘08) of UHJ. There have been five by-elections, in 1982, 1987, 2000, 2005 and 2010.

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Election Fraud Rocks Baha’I Community Of Pakistan

This E-mail is being circulated among the Baha’is of Pakistan

Dear Bahai Friend,

Allahu Abha

Bahai Elections are Selections and Not ElectionsIs it fair that the two members of the currently fairly elected National Assembly of Pakistan have been suspended by the Universal House of Justice? These were the members who received maximum number of votes from the delegates. The other seven members are retained.

Not only this but even the office bearers of the NSA has been removed and instead other appointed in their place. This clearly indicates that the so called infallible UHJ has not done justice. In fact they have humiliated and insulted the members of the NSA, the delegates and the Bahais who have elected these delegates.

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The Baha’I Elections In Haifa, Israel For The Members Of The Universal House Of Justice Are Not Fair


The Baha’i coming elections in Haifa, Israel for the members of the Universal House of Justice are not fair.

There have been many irregularities reported in the past:
1 – Votes sent by mail are not always authentic or even counted (tempering).

2 – Some delegates have been corrupted in poor countries (payments).

3 – The box that contains the votes of the delegates is replaced and mixed with fake votes (infiltration & manipulation).

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How To Get Elected To Bahai Institutions

Step 1
Wear nice clothes and be clean-cut.

Step 2
Attend every single Baha’i function and meeting. When you do, go around the room shaking hands and greet everyone by name. You should attend every single Ruhi book course – even if you’ve already taken it 4 times before.

Kick things into high gear when the new year rolls around. From January to April, you should be seen and heard by every single Baha’i in your community.

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Dysfunction In Bahai Institutions

The dysfunction that I’ve witnessed in Baha’i institutions is both tragic and awe inspiring. Like many Baha’is I assumed that the institutions where there to help, protect and to serve the community. Had I not been witness to them, there was a point where I would simply not have believed the things that I saw. In the second stage, I grasped at the hope that the dysfunction was isolated to the lowest rung (LSAs) or to a geographic area. But soon, I saw that this was not so. I won’t go into the details now because I’ve already talked about it a few times. Needless to say, there is something very wrong here. And it is hurting the Baha’i community severely. Yet we trundle along, managing to ignore it for the most part.

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Baha’i Control On Their Electoral System – Part III

Some advices for Indian Bahais to be elected on Institutions

Bahai Elections: Brainless Exercise?

Bahai Elections: Brainless Exercise?

1 – Speak in English even if there is nobody to understand.

2 – Greet everybody with a loud Allahoabha showing by mistake you have been born outside Iran, otherwise you were a Persian before Bahaullah declared.

3 – Never go on the stage for prayers or reading Holy writings. Leave these things for old persons and persons without capacity.Well if you can memorise any prayers in Persian than nothing like it.

4 – If there is mention of Mona shed some crocodile tears and show you are pained more that the mother of Mona. In short you should have a course in acting for that PERSIAN ACADEMY AT PANCHGANI is the best institution.

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