Bahais arrested in Uzbekistan for deceptively preaching and converting children and Junior Youth

The Security department of Government of Uzbekistan, while on routine check, arrested 20 Bahais for preaching The Bahai Faith to children and junior youth below 16 years. These children from different cities were taken to the Bahai centre in the name of moral teachings without the consent of their parents. The children were then taken to a Rehabilitation Centre from where they were handed to their parents. The Police recorded the whole proceedings in a camera. Recently the CIS countries are tightening the grip on this very deceptive sect whom they accuse of having links with Israel and destroying the moral fabric of the society. The Christian priests have also objected to their deceptive propaganda and warned them to not to impart any so called moral teachings to Christian children.

There has been news from different countries that Bahais are trying to convert junior youth and children by their deceptive four core activities.

1-Devotional meetings

2-Study circles

3-Children classes

4-Junior Youth

1-Devotional Meetings

Bahais are supposed to collect their friends, neighbours, relatives and co-workers and have a prayer meeting. These devotional meetings are nothing but cheating in the name of God as the purpose of these meetings is to get POTENTIAL CONVERTS for the next stage which is of STUDY CIRCLE.

2-Study Circles

1-After Bahais have got sufficient contact with the deceptive devotional meetings they are supposed to start with them what is called as a Study Circle. Study Circle is a course of seven books called as Ruhi Books. In these books moral teachings are taken from different religions and given the name Bahai Holy writings, attributing these teachings to Bahaullah. During the Course of these seven books the contact changes his Faith to Bahaism. It is certainly not study circle but a process of conversion by deception. The Bahais have realized that mobilizing Baha’is to do preaching in large numbers will attract the attention of non-Baha’is, especially governmental agencies therefore a Ruhi class is a better way. After seven books are completed he is a Ruhi Graduate and supposes to teach these books to other people i.e. to gain conversion by deception. Naturally a chain deception reaction. A majority of the people who have accepted the Bahai faith is not due to the believe in Bahaullah but due their sheer ignorance.

Some points from Ruhi books

Ruhi Book 2

1-Imparting knowledge about the Bahai faith

2-‘Walking the path of service’ That is going to every individual and teaching about the Bahai faith

3-“Service to other” is nothing but teaching them the Bahai faith and converting them.

4-“The first act of service” is making the new convert stronger by visiting the homes of the newly converts.

5-Third unit is introducing Bahai beliefs

6- Teaching the writings of Bahaullah is our special activity

7- Sacrifice means “teaching the Bahai Faith.”Very surprisingly this bounty of teaching is not there for Israelis.

3-Children’s classes

(A way to increase Bahai population without any hindrance) Bahais are emphasizing too much on starting moral classes with non Bahai children. It is clear that the children cannot understand the hidden agenda behind these courses and they will become Bahais easily without any protest. More over the parents can also be approach to accept Bahaism.

Some points from Ruhi Book 3

1-The students should acquire spiritual qualities i.e. he should accept Bahaullah.

2-Teaching children “Baha’i way of life.”

3-Try to form habits which is a Baha’i way of life Every lesson starts with Baha’i Prayers. It is nothing but Baha’i teachings, Baha’i prayers and Baha’i writings at the top of it; it is made for the children’s of the neighbour’s friends, relatives and co-workers.

Why non Baha’i children should be taught the sayings of Bahaullah and Abdul Baha and memorize Baha’i prayers??

Yes it is because the Bahais believe that everybody is a Baha’i or not yet Baha’i.

4-Junior Youth classes

For children of age 11 to 15 years, Bahais have Jr. Youth classes. Here also they propagate about Bahaism in the name of Moral teachings and convert the youths.

(Tashkent Dated 25th July 2009)

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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