Yemini Bahai accused of spying for Israel

It is said history repeats but in Baha’i faith it repeats too often for the more or less same purpose. A short time ago we found that the Baha’i administration asking the NSA of different countries to propagate the matter of fake Ayatollah Mr. Tehrani risking his life in Iran now a similar type of incidence has emerged in Yemen where the UHJ is trying to risk the life of Mr. Bin Hydara by asking hostile countries like Netherland and United Kingdom to appeal to Yemeni government for release Mr. Hydara.

Recently UHJ message has asked Baha’is of every country to contact the political leaders of their countries to let them put pressure on Yemeni Govt. to release Mr. Hydara who was caught spying for Israel. Spreading a false religion with headquarters in Israel Impersonated his name falsified many official papers, gave false statements and changed his personal documents and used them to buy land and establish business ventures for the purpose of bringing in a large number of Baha’is to Yemen, the penal prosecution added

The Baha’is have chosen such a time to launch an attack when Yemen is facing political upheaval and severe challenges. This also is a pointer that Baha’is are behind this political disturbance.

The letter of the UHJ, reproduced below, will proof how political the Baha’i Faith is!!!!!
The National Spiritual Assemblies of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, through their Offices of External Affairs, have been making representations to their governments since his arrest. Owing to the severity of the threat facing Mr. bin Hydara and the Baha’i community in Yemen, it is now timely to request that such efforts are undertaken more widely

In developing the elements of the campaign you are being asked to undertake, your external affairs representatives are encouraged to confer with their contacts in your government and those in non-governmental organizations, as well as individuals of prominence, and inform them of the potentially dire situation of Mr. bin Haydara and the Baha’is in Yemen. The severity of this matter means that no avenue should be left unexplored and contact should be sought with the highest authorities possible. Your campaign will not be media based. However, if misleading articles about Mr. bin Hydara’s case have appeared, or should appear in the future, in media outlets located in your country, then those media should receive robust approaches from your representatives, providing accurate information that refutes the baseless accusations made against Mr. bin Hydara. Exceptionally, the Offices of External Affairs in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States are asked to initiate contact with their Arabic language media and seek to inform them of the facts of the case.

The Baha’i Administration is interested in persecution of the Baha’is in every country especially if the Baha’is are Persian

Even when the authorities do not pursue the case, the Baha’i administration will see to it that the authorities put the Baha’is behind bar by pressing the concerned govt through hostile countries.

The Baha’i administration wants the authorities of various countries to persecute the Baha’i so that they may shout from the roof top and gain some cheap publicity for their man made dying faith. Moreover they can talk amongst the Baha’is and collect some more funds to fill their coffers.

Iranian national to stand trial in Yemen for espionage

SANA’A, Jan. 12 (Saba) – An Iranian national is to stand trial in Yemen on charges of spying with a foreign country and seeking to spread a new religion.

The defendant was arrested in Mukalla City of Hadramout province in 2014, while other suspects in the case are pursued by the security services, a judicial source at the Penal Prosecution said.

The prosecution completed the case investigation and referred it to the Specialized Penal Court in the Capital Sana’a as a prelude to start the trial, the source added.

According to the indictment, the accused, whose name is Hamid Mirza Kamali Srostani (Iranian nationality), 51, has impersonated the name of Hamid Kamal Mohammed bin Haidarah and lived in the Socotra archipelago and in Mukalla on the pretext that he has free businesses.

During the period from 1991 to 2014, Srostani has sought with a foreign country (Israel) represented in what is called the Universal House of Justice that he works to its advantage, to spread the Baha’i Religion in the territory of the Republic of Yemen, the prosecution said in the indictment, considering that harms Yemen’s political status and its independence and territorial integrity.

In the indictment, the prosecution revealed that the defendant incited a number of Muslims to exit from Islam and embrace the Baha’i religion by enticing the poor families and children with money and charitable aid.

The penal prosecution explained that the accused has held a number of meetings and symposiums in several forums and houses affiliated to him comprising Baha’is and Yemenis to elect members of the so-called ‘the central sacred lodge’ and form its branches in the provinces.

The defendant falsified many official papers, gave false statements and changed his personal documents and used them to buy land and establish business ventures for the purpose of bringing in a large number of Baha’is to Yemen, the penal prosecution added.

Source : Yemen News Agency (SABA)

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