Bahai Faith is Hypocrisy Personified

The Baha’i faith as it stands today faces a challenge of becoming irrelevant to the sayings of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha. Having failed to attract converts and not getting acceptance from the world society, the Baha’i Faith today is trying to serve itself as a religion in terms of writing OPEN LETTERS (as against Holy writings!!) that have no bearing whatsoever on the targeted people.

Very recently we heard about a petition made by 31 Imminent Indians to the Government of Iran, on another occasion we heard that Baha’is wrote an irrelevant letter to the people of Egypt. There was again an ‘Open letter’ in the Wall Street Journal republished Dr. Kishan Manocha, Director of the Office of External Affairs of the Bahá’í community of the UK. The document, dated 7th December and addressed to Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq Larijani, stating the injustices meted out to Iranian Baha’is. Many more open letters must be in the pipe line.

These open letters afford Baha’is opportunity to be in touch with Media, non-governmental organizations, various government officials and prominent individuals.

Although The Guardian of the Baha’i Faith has forbidden Baha’is to take part in any such campaign, which is political in character, the present Baha’is have resorted to this as a last measure. Extract of the Guardians advice is indicated below:

“The Baháís should refrain from signing petitions designed to bring pressure on the Government which may have any political character whatsoever. There are so many other people who can carry on progressive types of activity, but only the Baháís can do the work of Baháulláh”…
(Shoghi Effendi, dated March 19, 1946, in The Unfolding Destiny of the British Baháí Community, p. 44)

The Baha’is know it very well that these reactions will harm the Baha’is in Iran but the fact is that the UHJ wants MARTYRS IN IRAN so that they can shout BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, Money, Money, Money.

The Baha’is of World have done nothing to help their fellow Baha’is inside or outside of the Iran. They have been content to benefit economically and extract cheap propaganda for themselves. The Baha’is are an inward-looking community which can sacrifice its own people for monetary gains.

We see so much injustice and oppression prevailing in the world, and thousands are dying, but the only thing that comes to the mind of Baha’is is perceived threat, violence to themselves. No mention is made of the fact that Jews, Christians and Muslims have been threatened or attacked. The Baha’is seem to judge the justice of a regime according to how well it treats the Baha’is. An unjust regime treating the Baha’is well is tolerated or even extolled, while a popular regime which deprives Baha’is of certain freedom (perhaps along with other religious groups) is regarded as evil.

When UHJ was approached to give a statement on ‘Iraq invasion’ it said that we follow the policy of non-involvement in politics. This ‘non involvement’ tag on Baha’is are ‘get-out passes’ from just about everything.

Needless to say, the Baha’is are gradually gaining a reputation for hypocrisy and self-interestedness.

The world of Internet has exposed the Baha’i Community that has a deliberate agenda of using education / educational institutions / educational programmes to promote their activities and their faith.

The Baha’is also have a deliberate policy of targeting prominent people, including teachers and other educationalists – all influential strata of society. Issues of common concerns are used to attract these strata but without making apparent it is the Baha’i Faith propagation that gets priority. Crowds are drawn in the names of these prominent personalities but intentions are different.

Look at how events are twisted to know the true character of the Baha’is. Baha’is were caught teaching Baha’i Faith to the children in IRAN, which is an illegal activity in Iran. Instead of humbly accepting their mistake, the Baha’is said they were teaching the underprivileged children (knowing Baha’i nature this can only be far from truth!!!). Baha’is indulge in such ‘social’ activities (read ‘anti-social’) for influencing the children of other community not only related to Iran but in many countries where such activities are not seen appropriate. A question arises in ones mind – is need of education in Baha’i community totally established that they have to educate only other communities?

In Uzbekistan, during a police raid, the Baha’is were caught proselytizing the children as young as 10 years about Baha’i Faith. On being questioned, if they had the consent of the parents, they said, ”we were having Tea together and for having a cup of tea neither the consent of parents nor any authority is required”. Have you heard ten year olds having tea with matured men? Needless to say the Baha’is were immediately deported out of Uzbekistan. Refer for details.

In India they said, “We are creating Promoters of the Community Well being”. When the Baha’is were taken to the police station, Baha’i officials said that “we were conducting practicals for these students”. They were told that schools were better places for the students to get their practical training. On further questioning, the students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Baha’i religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher had also warned them to be ‘TACTFUL’ while propagating the Baha’i religion. On seeing the Baha’i books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the ‘Ruhi Book’ that they were having, contained Baha’i religious material and chapters such as “UNDERSTANDING THE BAHA’I WRITINGS.” (Refer for details)

In Indonesia the Bahá’ís were arrested and prosecuted under the Law of Child Protection (23-2002) trying to convert children of other faith as young as 9 to 10 years. The Police found that there is very compelling evidence for the crime and violation of law of land. The Indonesian Government requires that Religious groups and social organizations must obtain permits to hold religious concerts or other public events. Permits usually are granted in an unbiased manner; unless there is concern that the activity could anger members of another faith who live in the area. Baha’is had once again violated the code of conduct (refer for details)

In 2008 in Yemen four Baha’is, Mr. Zia’u’llah Pourahmari, Mr. Keyvan Qadari, Mr. Behrooz Rohani. and Mr. Sayfi Ibrahim Sayfi, were arrested and deported on charges of “proselytizing” in a manner against Yemeni law.

Reports are also there that the Christian priests have warned the Baha’is, in no uncertain terms, that they should conduct the Ruhi book courses only with Baha’i children and not with non Baha’i children.

With such frustrating experiences the Faith has no option but to gain sympathy from world by writing ‘Open Letters’. The world has now seen the true face of Baha’is and can no longer be deceived. History has never seen such deception ever. The Baha’is should spend rest of the time left for the Faith and reflect on validity of their Faith and the hoax care-takers of the Faith (the Universal House of Justice).

Reality will not be hidden then. In the interest of humanity this is a MUST.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

7 Responses to Bahai Faith is Hypocrisy Personified

  1. shinzuiem says:

    Dear blogger,

    Your blog is very informative. God bless you.
    One humble suggestion to you is to post the source of your material. I have seen many posts on your blog which have been copied from other blogs. Kindly give a link of the source blog also. Hope you will consider. Thank you.

  2. Setareh malaki says:

    Can you please email me some information how to become a Baha’i & how I can contact you

    Kind regards

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth says:

    Regarding hypocrisy, the writer may well want to consider these two situations:
    1) A subset of individuals who claim to follow the teachings of the Blessed Messenger Muhammad(pbuh) carry out, almost daily, horrific acts of violence against their fellow Muslims.

    2) A group of people called Baha’is in every country they reside throughout the world are engaged in acts of service to their fellow citizens regardless of their religion or race, are setting up social and economic development programs for the benefit of all, and strive to better themselves and carry out daily devotions in the privacy of their homes and/or in groups(where allowed).

    So, who is the hypocrite. Might I add that wherever I, as a Baha’i in the United States, hear of friends or writers denigrate Islam in my presence I feel it my sacred duty to defend the Holy Prophet Muhammad and educate my acquaintances about the true nature of Islam. If that is hypocrisy then the dictionary needs to redefine the word.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Aaron:

      I guess as a Bahai seeing the world from outside may make you feel that way. The key points to note are:
      1. The acts of violence which you see are conducted by a group of people with vested interests and are not sanctioned by Islam. We can debate this whenever you like. The media is happy to lap this up and create a mental image of associating terrorism with Islam, but that again is with vested interest.

      2. Bahais apparently are engaged in service to humanity but in reality, they are engaged in acts which are illegal in most of the countries that they operate in. There are several cases of syping, conversion (through deceipt or overtly) which are registered against Bahais.

      3. Bahais misrepresent Islam. Completely. On the face of it, it may seem that they defend Islam, but their defence is worse off for Islam.


  4. Sh says:

    Stop worrying about Bahais and stop giving ppl wrong information! God is watching you and karma is a bitch!

    • imranshaykh says:

      Please let me know what wrong information I have provided. BTW, I don’t worry about Karma. I worry about the hereafter when God will question me about my beliefs and my actions.

      Warm regards

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