Why the Bahai Faith is a Cult…

Much as the Bahais would like to disagree, the fact remains that the Bahai Faith is a cult. But don’t take anyone’s word for it. Based on “Combatting Cult Mind Control” by Steven Hassan (cult expert), here are the criteria for determining “cults”.
1. How new members are found

Dangerous Cults: With many cults, you don’t get to know what you are getting into until after you have made a commitment

Baha’i Faith: There are secrets but these secrets are not known to the poor, innocent, newly converted Baha’is. Does the common baha’i know that the Baha’i Elections are fully controlled by the “All Male, Supreme, All Infallibale, Haifan Organization”? Do they know that these are not spiritual but highly fraud and controlled? there are many secrets and are available on the internet. Search on google for “Pakistan Baha’i Election Fraud“, “Baha’i Control on their Electoral System“, “Baha’i Election fraud in India”.

2. How funding is obtained.

Dangerous Cults: Commercial operations and/or mandatory donations (often large percentages) by members.

Baha’i Faith: Has commercial businesses, businesses associations, huge property investments, heavy bank deposits. They collect money from poor Africans, Indians, Burmese, Nepalis, Pakistanis in the name of Community Banking and then use these funds for proselytizing. Also auctions are held of different used Clothings of Baha’i Leaders for fund raising. If they know about you have money, they (Especially Iranian Baha’is) will start motivating you to give the HUQUQULLAH, which is then transferred to UHJ in Haifa and it is then used to maintain Huge Gardens on Mount Carmel. Ask the Baha’is what they have done for the destitute of Congo and Sudan? Some of the fund is used for Pioneering purpose and it is allocated by the Counselors to its own people, sometimes exceeding 15000 US$ a year. There are huge financial scams in the Baha’i community. Just google to learn more, Search for Baha’i financial scams in Dubai, India, Italy, Pakistan, Africa, Iran etc.

Recently a Saree (cultural dress worn by women in India) of Ruhiyyih Maxwell was auctioned to raise funds for Baha’i activities.

3. Charismatic central figure.

Dangerous Cults: Cults usually have a central living figure who often lives on income from adherents.

Baha’i Faith : “Baha’i Say: There is no clergy, paid or unpaid” Totally false!

There are no clergies but there are Counselors and ABMs. The ABMs are religious Police just like the one in IRAN and the Counselors are purely MULLAHs. They are those conducting difficult and important lectures on the subjects such as Covenant, Huququllah, Covenant Breaking, Baha’i Elections, Ruhi 8 etc. These are Baha’i MULLAHs and everybody is supposed to OBEY them without any questioning. You cannot be critical of them. Otherwise you are considered Critical of UHJ, the Supreme Baha’i Body. These Counselors and ABMs are mostly paid huge amounts for their services. These amounts are called as “Living Assistance”. Even the International Counselors are House of Justice members are paid huge amounts collected from the poors in the name of Huququllah.

4. Investigation of truth

Dangerous Cults: Members are often told that it is dangerous to investigate other religions.

Baha’i Say: Baha’is are encouraged to investigate all religions, and to appreciate truth no matter where it is found. Totally Wrong.

Baha’is are strictly not allowed to read the material of other Baha’i Sects. They are told to immediately delete all the emails received by the “Critics” or Baha’is of other denominations. Immediately handover the ‘UNREAD’ material received by other sects to the Baha’i Mullas (Counselors). As this can damage their so called weak ‘covenant’.

5. Behavior control, as defined by Hassan. *

Dangerous Cults: Persons may be told where to live, what to wear, or what (and how much) to eat. Sleep and freedom to travel or move about may be limited

Baha’i Faith: Many Baha’is are Alcoholic (although officially it is prohibited). Shoghi Effendi prohibited the Baha’is from keeping long hairs. There is no freedom of travel. Every now and then guidelines (or Orders?) are issued to the Baha’i from their infallible supreme body. Behavior is fully controlled by the Supreme Baha’i Administrative Bodies. Once Baha’i Administration declares any fellow as a “Covenant Breaker” then other Baha’is are supposed to totally boycott / shun him even if he be your brother.

The advice of UHJ to Baha’is
“There is no excuse for believers continuing to associate with … and those who, knowing everything, still insist on doing so, should be shunned by their fellow-Bahá’ís. The same applies to people who have left the Cause and associate with …”

6. Thought control as defined by Hassan. *

Dangerous Cults: There is often use of “thought-stopping” techniques such as chanting or speaking in tongues for long periods of time, setting up a type of hypnotic atmosphere

Baha’i Faith: The “Ruhi Institute” is specially meant to brainwash the newly converted. Read Ruhi Book 6 and 7 and learn yourself. And hypocrisy is the second name of Baha’i faith. See this

7. Emotional control, as defined by Hassan. *

Dangerous Cults: Guilt and fear are often used to control members, including alternating praise and public humiliation or forced confession, and indoctrination against leaving the group. *

Baha’i Faith: Exactly same here, Guilt and fear are often used to control members, including alternating praise and public humiliation (if you are critical of this cult) or forced confession, and indoctrination (Shunning) against leaving the group. Small mistakes are fined with the taking of “Voting / Administrative Rights”

8. What happens when people leave the religion

Dangerous Cults: People who leave cults are often considered to be dangerous and are usually shunned

Baha’i Faith: Exactly Same with the Baha’i Cult. Search the Phrase “Non-association with Covenant-breakers” and read the teachings of Baha’u’llah, Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi.





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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

One Response to Why the Bahai Faith is a Cult…

  1. The Bahai is a cult. Islam is the FINAL revelation. I can imagine that the Flaming Fire for these people will be quite HOT, as they get their FALSE BELIEFS “purged” in Hell.

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