Why I left the Bahai Faith? True Story…

This was one post which I got on my FaceBook page. I thought it would be interesting to share…

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Shalom Aleichem!

Some days ago,I dropped out of the Bahai – Faith and now,I’d like to share my decisions,so I don’t want to run the faith down but just to use my freedom of speech.(God bless Democracy)

That’s why I dropped out of Bahai-Faith:

Well,I think we don’t need a new world order but just a new view on it and a new way of acting which is based on ethics.Democracy is best because it allows itself to get better.

-The house of justice is regarded infallable.Well,no one is infallable,neither the Pope nor the nine guys in UHJ (Yes,women are not allowed in UHJ and we are comforted with the reason “It will be clear like the midday sun one day”)

-There is just a small path between a covenant breaker and someone who just tells his/her own opinion(Which is actually a right for Bahais but many were excommunicated for critizising Bahai)

-Bahai Faith is not save from splittings: there are reform – and orthodox Bahais.Of course,they are regarded as covenant breakers which are not true,but ain’t that the same with Catholics/Protestants or Shiites/Sunnites?

-In Bahai Faith it is said that every manifestation foretold two persons: His direct follower (f.e. Jesus foretold Muhammad) and Bahaullah but every prophecy regarded to Jesus are taken for Bahaullah so there are none left for Jesus.

-Jesus tells in the Gospel of John,he won’t return in a person but in the Holy Ghost(which already happened on Pentecost and will happen step by step in future)Jesus freed us from the chains of following rules of God…but Bahaullah brought new rules.

-Why should God send us a new revelation though the old one didn’t embrace the world?It would make sense if God waited with a new revelation till the old one increased 100%.

-In the Iqan,Bahaullah judges Jews for they want to spread the Mosaic Law over the world…but ain’t that the purpose for evey religion? And why does he warn everyone who doesn’t want to follow him or wants to go back from him though he also tells everyone to choose is own truth.

The Aqdas can be read as a secular Law Book and it can’t mess with the Bible…It’s not really inspiring or exalted.

I don’t need to be Bahai to love the world,its religions or cultures for the Bible tells me,too.

Nevertheless,I keep contact with my Bahai community for I had a nice time which I don’t want to give up.I also would like to be engaged in childrens classes and I also like the fact that there’s no clergy and that everyone can say a prayer in their assemblies.

Now,I’m really happy to have returned to my Biblical background.

Shalom Aleichem!

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

11 Responses to Why I left the Bahai Faith? True Story…

  1. Gary says:

    Greetings friend. The UHJ come to agreed decisions in the way any Baha’I gathering should by consensus. I do not know if any members of the Universal House of Justice ever disagree before coming out in unity with a decision? I would be surprised if they did not but then again, perhaps they are so well attuned to the will of God that they always tend to be on the right side of any judgement they are making.

    I think it is said that you have left the Baha’I faith. It is the truest Faith I have ever encountered and the princples are so inspiring, so worthy, that it really does simply ring a pristine bell of truth when ever I reflect upon them.

    There is a big difference between covenant breakers and people who have an opinion over something. Any wrong is tolerated to an extent in the Baha’I community apart from Covenant breaking and that is for a good reason. The faith can withstand any external attack because of its truth… But when false hood is uttered from within, then surely this is an attack of the very foundations of the Faith and must be cut out like a disease – as the writings proscribe.

    I pray you will reflect on the writings and re-evaluate your decisions. You never had to leave your ‘biblical background’ when you were a Baha’i. The oneness of all religions is a key princple of the Baha’I faith.

    Good luck in your journeys and I hope you find peace and your path is lit by the light, as only He can light it.

    Loving Regards

    A Baha’I from London, UK.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Gary:

      This is in response to your comment on the post – Why I left the Bahai Faith.

      At the outset, the belief that the UHJ is infallible is flawed in itself. The UHJ is not a divinely appointed body. It is an elected body. It is against logic that an individual who was, till yesterday, not a member of the UHJ was fallible, but now since he is elected, he becomes infallible? Secondly, on this point, if the body is infallible, then why the need to elect a fresh set every 5 years? The body should continue to function. Or only the 9 members who are infallible to vote, since their judgement is infallible. Why does the entire community vote?

      Secondly, as regards to your comment that the Bahai Faith is the truest Faith that you have encountered – this statement reflect your poor knowledge of the Faith and also how shallow your study is. The Bahai Faith is full of contradictions. The point above regarding the UHJ is one such example. Another example is that of Jesus. The Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God. And this belief is not symbolic, they actually believe that he is the son of God. Muslims deny this and say that Jesus is a prophet and messenger, nut not the son of God. What is the Bahai view on this? Also Muslims deny crucifixion, whereas for Christians, it is the crux of their Faith. What is the Bahai view on this. If Bahai Faith claims to have superceeded Islam and Christianity, then it must reconcile the two. And reconciling the two means taking a stand. Either Jesus is the son of God or he is not. Either he was crucified or he was not. Ask the Bahais and they will go into some tangent about how he is a manifestation and that as a Bahai, they can believe in both….well obviously you can. I cant believe in a God who has a son and a God who says that he does not have a son. Both at the same time. The Bahai Faith is unable to reconcile these aspects.

      Finally, as regards covenant breakers, these are people who have questioned the Faith. If you believe the principle of Independent Investigation of Truth in letter and spirit, you should be willing to accept questions and have patience to respond. But if you construe every question as an attack on the “very foundation” of the Faith, then that tells me that you really dont want any questions. Just take it as it is. Please believe in blind faith. That is the message the Bahai Faith is sending out.

      I am happy to continue this conversation online through Facebook is you wish or through this email chain. Do let me know.

      Warm regards

      • rebelsprite says:

        I have just written a post about this very thing, the contradictions between Baha’i and Christian teachings about Christ’s death and resurrection (http://rebelsprite.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/the-belief-of-st-thomas/). I also write about the discrepancy between the Baha’i Faith and Islam concerning this event. Here is the attempt at reconciliation of these differences: Baha’u’llah taught that when the prophet Mohammed wrote that Christ was not crucified or killed, what he really meant was that Christ’s spirit was not crucified (since a spirit can’t be crucified, of course). Since to Baha’is, it is the person’s soul or “spiritual reality” that is most important, and truly the essence of a person, that is satisfactory enough to them. However, this still does not explain what is meant in the Qu’ran when it states that “it was made to resemble him [Christ] to them”. I suppose to Baha’is it could mean that to the unenlightened, the physical death of Christ “resembled” His real crucifixion and death, but to those who are enlightened, what happened to His body was not what happened to His *real* spiritual self. In other words, it only “looked” like He died because his body died. To me it seems like a huge interpretive stretch, to say the least.

      • imranshaykh says:

        Can you please send me the article – I would be happy to host it on thebahaiinsider.

  2. Freddy says:

    i do believe that in various writings of Baha’ullah and other leaders of the past
    that the dawning of this dispensation does abrogate all other religious teachings.
    there are even curses of great suffering to those who do not recognize and follow
    this new dispensation.
    Contrary to its claims Baha’i faith is not the latest and greatest message from God,
    it is simple a new push from Islam in a new style for world domination.
    It is their aim to convert everyone to their way.
    The claiming of acceptance of other prophets and faiths is rather just window
    dressing to appear inclusive.
    This faith is clearly exclusivistic as are all religions born in the middle east.

  3. Truth Badger says:

    Hello there, you were lost as a bahai and still lost as a Christian..
    I would like to ask you this. Is Jesus god or the son of god?
    you said Jesus died for your sins and was came back from the dead after three days so I have to ask this one question no Christian was able to answer…During those three days while Jesus was dead who was in charge of the universe? We also know what happens when a driver of a vehicle falls asleep behind the wheels let alone if he dies…so give me a straight forward answer . Thanks

  4. Sukumaran says:

    The fact is that the true believers need not read this website and its idiotic initiators as poisoning the minds of those inquisitive people ! This Imran is a traitor and has no idea how civilization came to being in this world. It’s so pitiful he like a moth going against the Sun!

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Sukumaran:

      What you actually mean is that people should turn a blind eye to all the proofs being presented and just accept the trash dished out by the UHJ. Incidentally this is against the principle of Independent Investigation of Truth which says that one should learn to explore the truth without any prejudice.

      Why dont you question anything or try to refute what has been said on the site? That is better for you and for me.

      As regards your comment that I am a traitor, I will not respond to that because it does not help anyone. I will let my words do the talking.


  5. NIMA says:

    Bahais are not nice , i worked in Haifa Israel , when i was almost homeless my relative give money that money is washed out ,she is nice apartment in in Ottawa, CANADA . She now want me give money back to her. Bahais are fallacies and LSA NSa did a lot of bad things.I told them
    i will expose all Bahais from LS A to UHJ.They shut up on me. Bahai faith that many time i was given my head for also working for black in black dress. If my mother does not give me more money or want it back. I will became MUSLIM. Bahais always ask them they say we are MUSLIM.SO they fear to say in free world about their true religion which is belong to skull and bones.WAKE UP WAKE UP LEAVE BAHAI AND BE FREE.

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