Why I Left The Bahai Faith

I was a Baha’i for about thirty years prior to the year 2000. We were led to believe that “entry by troops” and the “lesser peace” would happen by the year 2000, meaning that there would be a political peace in the world, and many, many thousands of people would be lining up to join the Baha’i religion…. and in fact, we were encouraged to donate to the building of the Baha’i World Center buildings in Haifa, Israel, because the buildings would be needed to handle the “entry by troops” that was about to happen.

Well, the year 2000 rolled around without any sign of mass conversions, and I finally realized that the people of the world weren’t likely to ever convert to Baha’i ‘en masse’ because it is a repressive, guilt-tripping religion with many laws most people are not interested in signing up to follow. I weaned myself off the Baha’i belief system. It took over ten years to recover from the brainwashing I’d been through.

The Baha’i religion is very paranoid and fearful about their reputation because they want people to join the religion. Unfortunately for them, the internet was invented and knowledge of their imperfection has spread. They even have a “protection” arm of the religion with people appointed to go to communities to warn them about outsiders (mainly former Baha’is) who are dangerous to the religion. Baha’is were encouraged to avoid reading anything they wrote and instructed to entirely shun them. This is only one of many aspects of “information control” – a well-known sign of cult mind control, per many websites and books that expose cult methodology.

The list of principles of the Baha’i religion is a carefully crafted marketing plan to make the religion appeal to people in western countries such as the USA and Europe. Not everything they say is realistic, good, or in line even with the statements of their founders. For example, they have the principle of the equality of men and women but have different inheritance laws for each and don’t allow women on the House of Justice (governing body) … and they say they have a principle of the unity of religions but that doesn’t mean that they respect people of all religions so much as it means that people of all religions can join Baha’i, give up their own religion, and then be united as a Baha’i community.

Baha’is want to say they are “the most wide-spread religion” so they force members in the USA (not sure about other countries) to have a “community” in each and every locality even if it is only two people… for example, say there are 11 people living in a city and 9 people living just outside the city limits. The 9 people living outside the city limits have to form their own “community” and must hold their “19 Day Feast” meetings separately from the 11 people living within the city limits. This is utterly ridiculous, but this way the national Baha’i center can count that as 2 communities or localities where Baha’is reside, rather than just one.

I could go on all day… writing about stupid things about the Baha’i religion. I’m so glad I made that mental break from the religion 18 years ago!

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

One Response to Why I Left The Bahai Faith

  1. Terry Duyck says:

    I am a Bahai, I walked away from the structure set up as it is. I had a friend who said I was not supposed to open mail, that I had received from what she called covenant breakers. She said we are told by the Universal House of Justice to not have anything to do with them. I responded to her, they cannot tell you what to do, they may ask you, but they cannot tell you, that is a violation of the covenant you made with Baha’u’llah. I told her after I had opened the letter, that I was going to call these so called covenant breakers, to hear for myself, what they had to say. My friend became very contagious to me with her fear of the Universal House of Justice. She told me that they will kick you out of the Faith for contacting those people, I said to her, they aren’t going to exspel me, if they do, that will be a violation of the covenant between myself and Baha’u’llah. Well she told the spiritual assembly, which sent a man to talk with me. We heard you are talking with those covenant breakers and are concerned about you. I told him, I’m talking with these people much as I talk with you, please do not refer to them as covenant breakers when you’re talking with me. I can talk to anyone I feel like talking to. Did you come here to exspel me from the Faith? He said no but you have quit coming to meetings, yes I did because Baha’u’llah doesn’t want me there. How do you know He doesn’t want you there, do you see me there I asked? Well if He wants you to attend meetings will you come back, yes I will. How will you know when to come back, you will see me there, where I asked him, what’s wrong with you? This is a spiritual center, not a church my friend, I come and go as I please, my spiritual walk is my walk, has nothing to do with you trying to be my leader, my leader is Baha’u’llah, stop trying to break the covenant. I’m happy to be a true Bahai and as I grow with the guidance of Baha’u’llah, I will ultimately manifest the words into my walk as a Bahai.

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