Message to Bahai Youth of Malaysia – Must See

While doing research for, I came across this Blog which I think should be read by Muslims and by Bahais. The blog which I am referring to is and as the name will show is authored by a former Bahai who has since long  reverted back to Islam.

In this blog, my friend reveals amongst other things, what caused him to be disillusioned by the Bahai Faith and what contradictions he saw in the Faith.

My intention is not to reproduce the entire blog here – however from time to time, I may choose articles to highlight in The Bahai Insider. For now, I leave you with his general message to the Bahai Youth of Malaysia.

Message starts here..

Peace be unto you, Bahai Youth of Malaysia. I am are writing to encourage you to better investigate the Bahai Faith. Here we would like to help you identify areas which may be of interest to you so that you can quickly get started.

We just want to emphasize again that religion is a sensitive thing, so if you are unable to handle the truth, please don’t proceed. Otherwise, be our guest!

There are so many contradictions in the Bahai Faith both in scriptures and ideology. One such contradiction is that equality between men and women but women can NEVER be a member of the Universal House of Justice. Good luck in getting an answer that doesn’t add to the contradiction already at hand.

But moving on to the crux of the matter, it may be relevant for the Bahai Youths in Malaysia to investigate reports from covenant breaker sources and their own group’s to better establish the truth.

Investigate the following:

  • Succession from Bab to Yahya, but abruptly taken over by Bahaullah who claims himself ‘The one whom God will manifest himself’ although he didn’t fit the bill.
  • Why is it that you never get a full copy of the Bab’s writings? Rather you only get ‘Selections’ from the Bab’s Writings.
  • What really happened with the Succession Plan of Bahaullah where Muhammad Ali was supposed to succeed from Abdul Baha?
  • What really happened during the 1950s when the Bahai world elected its first Universal House of Justice? What caused a few NSAs to follow Mason Remey?

If the Youths can investigate with the true spirit of independent investigation, then you can cover all the loopholes in the Bahai Faith and claim that you have full knowledge in the faith.

But the NSA tries its best to keep the youth from learning the truth by conducting debasing ‘Ruhi’ classes that systematically sucks out the intelligence from the average Bahai so that he cannot become an original thinker. Although it was not known at te time, but the Ruhi books started out as an English education system for the rural Bahais in South America. That’s why the Ruhi books seem like a standard 3 english lesson, right?

The Bahai Youths of Malaysia should be original thinkers, asking critical questions and getting the old-timers running for their money. After all, why should they be afraid to answer your questions? By right, they should have the answers, right?

I asked questions to NSA members that they couldn’t answer and it portrayed their ignorance of the matter. Then it dawned on me that they were taking me for a ride by giving unacceptable answers. I soon realized they only wanted my money for their funds and my ‘eyes and ears’ as information gathering tools for their Israeli masters. But that’s me.

The Bahai Youth should investigate and go down his own path to his own conclusion.

Just email me at for any assistance that our organization may provide you in your bid to know the truth. As the saying goes, ‘The truth shall set you free!” literally.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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