Christian Conversion = Arrest. Bahai?

I came across this article on the Internet regarding conversion activities of a Christian pastor in Bangalore. The article is reproduced below


BANGALORE: Mahadevapura police on Thursday arrested a 31-year-old trainee pastor for allegedly trying to convert 23 children, including 14 girls, during a summer camp here.

Victor Babu alias Victor, a native of Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh, was held following a complaint filed by a few parents. Police recovered prayer books, pamphlets and other material from him and registered a case under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code.



The article got me thinking. The Government of India has rightfully banned any kind of conversion activities in India. I applaud the effort of the Government of India and congratulate the efforts of the Indian Police.

I would like to draw the attention of the Governemt of India and Indian Police to another community which has been practising conversion in India for a very long time and has surprisingly escaped any kind of attention so far.

The community I am referring to is the Bahai community. This community has been in India since its early days. Perhaps it is the secular nature of the consitution of this country which provides comfort to people of all religions. But this constitution needs to be respected. The Bahai community or for that matter must not misuse this feature of the Indian Constitution to misguide and move people away from their religion.

What is disturbing about the tactics used by the Bahais is that they do it in an underhand fashion in the name of moral classes. And they do it time and again in every country that they are allowed and then create a nuisance. Some of the countries like Indonesia have banned them for the same reason. I would urge the Indian Government to take action against them and if required, then they should be banned to send a signal to any such groups who are acting against the interests of Indian citizens and against the law of the land.

One can refer to the blog which shows how Bahais in India are converting people in a secret manner.

There are other pages on the Internet where it is clearly shown through pictures the activities of the Bahais in India. Please refer –

Conversion Activities in India

Conversion Activities in India

bahai ruhi mandir sign card bahai ruhiOne can also refer to this blog to see their activities in Indonesia –

On this blog also – you can see the various conversion activities of Bahais all over the world at –

I hope my readers will read this and send this to their governments across thw world to let them know what Bahais are actually doing…

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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