The Bahai Faith and Unity of Mankind

Bahai Faith: Lip service at its best.

Over the years, as I have interacted with the Bahai Faith through its books, history and founders and its adherents, I have realised one thing – that when it comes to lip service, there is no one to beat the Bahai Faith.

One of the most celebrated principles of the Bahai Faith is that it espouses Unity of Mankind. Reams of paper and energy have been spent in convincing any one willing to listen how Bahai Faith is the best thing that happened when it comes to uniting mankind.

But this is all an eye wash. The reality of the Bahai Faith is far it. Let me explain. There is often a difference between the what religion says and what it adherents do. One can be forgiving about this. If a religion prohibits alcohol, but the adherents imbibe it, then the religion is not at fault because the religion prohibited it and the adherents of the religion are not following the rules laid down by religion. But what if the founders of the religion themselves drink alcohol? Then this is a new perspective which questions the very truthfulness and seriousness of the religion.

So while Islam prohibits violence, propogates peace, but if some misguided “adherents” propofgate violence, then this cannot be held against Islam because Islam condemn violence. The character of the Holy Prophet was forgiving and merciful and his approach to resolution was non violent. Hence the guiding principles of any religion and the adherence to the same by the founders of the faith are the benchmark for us.

When it comes to unity, this is where the Bahai Faith fails. While it speaks about unity, the founders of the Faith, mind you, the founders of the Faith were far from this principle. They failed to unite their own, their blood relations and their attitude towards those who opposed them was far from uniting…Here are some of the articles which were written on and over the years..

Do read these articles with an open mind. None of these points are about the adherents. It is about the Founders.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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