What love, what peace for mankind…!

This is a quote from Tablet of Habib by Bahaullah followed by a quote of Abdul Baha. It shows what love Bahais have for non-Bahais..! It also outlines the fact that Bahais are unable to taske criticism of any sort – from internal or from external. Yet, they keep on harping upon their principle of independent investigation of truth. How independent can one’s investigation be when any criticism means that you have to question the morals of your mother??!

Another hypocrisy of the Bahais unveiled…!

The Critics of the Cause of God (munkirin-i-amru’llah)

The Ancient Beauty in the Tablet of Habib from Maragha, which begins with “H B hear the call of God from the direction of the throne by the protective signs/verses (bi-ayati muhayyimin)..etc.” they [i.e. Husayn ‘Ali Nuri] enunciate the command (mi-farmayand)[i.e. state],

By God, the Truth, whomsoever criticizes it [i.e. Baha’ism], [which is] possessed of the manifest, the brilliant, the high and the perspicuous excellence, it behoveth him to ask his mother [yanbaghi lahu bi-an yas’al min ummihi] about his origins [or ‘state’, i.e.’hal’, meaning he should inquire his mother about his legitimate conception – trans.], for he shall return to the nethermost hell [asfal al-jahim]”…

In Promulgation of Universal Peace p. 322 the following is quoted by ‘Abbas Effendi from a prayer by his father, cf. THE BAHA’I FAITH AND ISLAM (ed.) Heshmat Moayyad (The Association for Baha’i Studies: Ottawa, 1990), p.23

O God! Whomsoever violates My Covenant, O God, humiliate him. Verily whosoever violates My Covenant, erase and efface him.



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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

4 Responses to What love, what peace for mankind…!

  1. judge says:


    • imranshaykh says:

      You call me a moron, yet you do not have the intelligence to differentiate between right and wrong. Just because some muslim sounding peole with beard kill other people, it does not mean that Islam advocates violence.

      Islam is a religion of peace. For every 1 terrorist who is killing in the name of Islam there are 1 million Muslims who are against killing.

      You should know that my friend.


  2. judge says:

    how you dare to comment bahai faith,,,,your religion is a refuge for criminals,,,shame on you and the day already has come when all the world will not only consider you as a cancer for humanity but as a duty to fight you in submission,,,soon will you know in what grade of perdition will be your end

    • imranshaykh says:

      I dare to comment on the Bahai Faith because it talks about independent investigation of truth. Why dont you ask me some logical questions about the Bahai Faith instead of just passing comments. Passing loose comments will not help you or the Bahai Faith.

      Also which end are you talking about? Bahais do not believe in life after death so what end will I receive.

      Islam is a religion of peace. Just because some muslim sounding people will a beard kill other people, it does not mean that Islam advocates violence. You should have more sense than that.

      I am not a cancer for society. Bahai Faith is cancer for society.


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