Baha’is engage in acts of Cyber-terrorism against Iran (2011)

Came across the following article on the web sent by one of my FaceBook friends..time and again, we find Bahai violating the rules of the land – when it comes to spying (remember Indian spying case), conversions (remember Indonesia, Uzbekistan etc). And then they cry hoarse about how these countries are treating them shabbily.

Some things will never change…

Iran Arrests 30 Over U.S.-linked Cyber Ring

March 14, 2010

Editor’s note: In February, the Bipartisan Policy Center held a war game and concluded cyber attacks would come from Russian, Chinese, and Sudanese hackers. It now appears the cyber threat in part originates from the CIA-supported Mujahadeen-e-Khalq.

Iran has arrested 30 people suspected of belonging to a U.S.-linked cyber network gathering information on Iranian nuclear scientists and sending people abroad for training, a news agency reported on Saturday.

It said the group sought to recruit people through the Internet for training in Iraq with the People’s Mujahideen Organisation, a leftist exile group which launched attacks on the Islamic Republic from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

“Thirty people were arrested in connection with an organised American cyber war network via a series of complex security measures in the field of information technology and communications,” the Fars news agency said.

Tehran’s general and revolutionary court said one of the group was linked to an outlawed sect — a reference to the Baha’i religious minority, the agency said.

“Among the charges against this network are creating an intelligence gathering network, including identification of the country’s nuclear scientists and staging illegal demonstrations and encouraging the public to take part in them after the presidential elections,” it said.



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  1. Ma Tiande says:

    You are not a student of comparative religion. you are a fake. Sorry, I will spend the rest of my life exposing you for what you are. A MURDERER

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