Bahai Modus Operandi in Middle East

Abdul Baha

Abdul Baha

While the Bahai Faith is banned in most Middle Eastern countries, the Bahais have adopted an underhand method of propogating the Bahai Faith aamongst Arabs. Let me say this upfront. Arab countries do not permit the teaching of any faith other than Islam in their countries. Yet the Bahais violate this rule by their deceptive methods. And when some of them are caught and arrested or deported, they make a huge hue and cry about “human rights.” This is not about “human rights”, this is about the law of the land.

Bahais as per the strategy of The Universal House of Justice came out of their shell and started using their contacts and inviting their Arab friend over to their house. In their gathering, they would place the picture of Abdul Baha. When guests ask who is this person, they will say that he is an ancestor.

In the next stage, as their relations get stronger, they will invite their friends over in the month of March (‘Ala’ Baha’i month of fasting) and while dining they will ask their children to recite prayers in Arabic and inform the guest that as they are Baha’is they are fasting. This gives their friends the impression that they are a part of the Moslem community and that, like them, they too believe in Quran and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). However this is all a farce. Anyways this fasting and listening to prayers in Arabic makes good impact on guests.

In the next stage, as relation goes stronger for years, they have now good numbers of Arabs who at least have soft corner for Baha’is and their Faith.

Then the Bahais go further as it is custom in Arabs to send their children abroad for further studies after high school (on government expenses Baha’is were using this facilities too). Bahais keep tab on their children and when they are abroad they inform the National Spiritual Assembly of those respective countries to teach them more about Bahai Faith. Therefore after completing their studies when the children return home, they are properly brain washed and if not converted, they become well wisher of the Bahai Faith.

During two major festivals, Nawrooz and Ridhwan Bahais invite their Arabs friends where they talk about “Oneness of mankind”, “equality of men and women” and “Universal Peace”. In this deceptive way they get more confident. Bahais have special instructions not to talk about claims of Baha’u’llah which can provoke Arabs. After 1998 when was launched Baha’is of Middle East were instructed to guide Arab seekers towards this portal where there is Arabic section created for Arabs.

Today, Baha’is are residing all over the Middle East. They occupy good positions in the Government enjoying all sort of facilities from government like free education, free medical, free house which are for local citizens.

Contact with Israel
All the NSA (National Spiritual Assembly) and ABM (Auxiliary Board Member) are meant to be in contact with The Universal House of Justice, based in Israel. The biggest challenge for Middle East NSA was to contact Israel from Middle East as these countries are sensitive towards Israel.

The Bahais came up with simple solution – an office for Middle Eastern countries’ affairs was setup in UK. A dedicated person has been appointed to just receive mails from Middle Eastern countries and forward it to Israel based Universal House of Justice. As and when a reply is received, it is forwarded to the final recipients. Even if any Baha’i visits these Middle Eastern countries, they are not allowed to carry their Credential Certificate (membership card)  In this manner they avoide suspicion from government. They are so sly that they never take name of Israel in their conversation they called it Holy Land.

Major source of Baha’i funds are from Middle East, as these communities are called self dependent, means after looking after their own expenses they send millions of dollars annually to Universal House of Justice.

Moral Classes
In the name of moral classes, Baha’is obtain permission from non Baha’is parents of children between age group of 5 to 14 years to teach them morals. They teach them Baha’i prayers and talk about Baha’u’llah without their parents knowing about Baha’i teachings.

Youth Program
Regular firesides are organized in deserted area where young Arabs are invited in the name of social gathering and are allowed to freely socialize with Baha’i girls.

Instruction for Baha’i visitors
Special instruction were issued to worldwide Baha’is who want to travel to Middle Eastern countries.

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