Baha’i Scandals in India – one more…

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Baha’is very often preach of high moral standards, love, peace and unity in their deceptive speeches and classes. These sermons are nothing but to fool the world and gain some well wishers and adherents for the dying Baha’i Faith.

Divorce, elopement extra marital affairs, espionage and manipulation – all are normal day to day events in the life of every Baha’i. Still they give long sermons of morality and spirituality, taking for granted that the world is full of fools.

Writing open letters to political leaders and pressuring the politicians using their charms to speak for Baha’is and Baha’i Faith and then claiming that the Baha’is do not involve themselves in politics is real politics.

There are number of scandals going on in Baha’i Faith which the Baha’is often talk amongst themselves. Thease are few examples which Baha’is have shared with us. Others have promised to send more:

Cunningness of Mr. Omid Seioshanseian

Cunningness of Counselor Omid to remove all the Maharastrians

ABMs in Maharastra

In the recently announced the list of ABMs for Maharastra, It was expected that Mr.Omid will replace Two Persian ABMs Mrs. Mahvash Rohani and Mrs. Marziya Dalal with Two another Persian ABMs Dr. Habibeh Javanmardi and Mrs. Parvaneh Javanmardi.

Now Maharastra is being controlled by three Persian ABMs Dr. Habibeh Javanmardi Mrs. Javanmardi and Mrs. Afsaneh Motiwalla. All in the good books of Mr. Omid. These three ABMs have three things in common, they are all Iranians, all three are ladies and all the three Iranian ABMS are for protection .Means they will safe guard the Faith from the attack of Covenant Breakers and Enemies of the Faith. Although maximum covenant Breakers are in Panchgani. The dissatisfied Persian Baha’is from Baha’i Administration.

The Indian ABMs Mr. Yogesh Garoud, Mr. Parimal Mahato, Mr. Jeewan Pagare and Mr. Avnish Sharmaare are for propagation of the Faith. They will have to run around, start children moral classes. Organize Study circles. Launch IPG

The surprise omission was of Mr. Dutta Sahu .It is not clear How did he felt out of grace inspite of having a Persian wife. May be Mr. Dutta must have started thinking that if you have a Persian wife you will reach the inner coitire of Cunning Persians. A mistake which Mr. Vasudeavan Nair, Mr. Jaya Putran, Mr. Ali Merchant made previously. A Persian wife means you should work for the Faith without any remuneration and you will be under surveillance 24 hrs through her.
Mrs. Dutta a Persian is very faithful to the Cause and she must have been made an ABM.

The Local Maharastrians who are made ABMs will have short lived happiness and any moment they will be replaced. By appointment of local to the post of ABMs is for the deceiving of the locals. One thing should be very clear of the locals that no Indians are trusted by the Persian Baha’is. This is the confidential Message of Universal House of Justice to the Persian Baha’is of the world. That unless you are 100% sure of a local does not give them any responsible post.

RBC of Maharastra

It was 100% expected that Mr. Omid will bring Mrs. Mahvash Rohani and Mrs Marziya Dallal to RBC .So with these two ladies and with Mr. Pooya and another member of Javan mardi family and Mr. Zia Ishraqi he will control the RBC of Maharastra.

It is shame on those Indians sitting on NSA not to object on such gross manipulation and injustice. It is absolutely clear that the RBCs are appointed then why say elected? why have state convention? and why conduct elections? Is this is what the Divine Baha’i elections? Some of these Indian are quite educated but then they have lost all their self respect and dignity.

This way Mr. Omid will controlled both the wings of Maharastra by Iranians and the local Maharastrians will be asked to run and work for him. So that he can give his achievement reports to UHJ with exaggerated statistics and expect a promotion in his present post of a counselor.

It is also very much visible that Mr. Omid’s inclination towards Persians and especially Javanmardi’s family. A day will not be far that every member of Javanmardi’s family will be on RBC, ABMs and every that committee where Mr. Omid have some say.

It is so humiliating that such a large population of Baha’is in India and the UHJ cannot find just four Indians to this post. We require an Omid from Qatar and Jabbar from Bangladesh to supervise us. These two counselors are expert in manipulation.

It is very surprising that why are the Indians not raising their voices against such humiliation and injustice. Then are we supposed to believe the UHJ is infallible?

With Baha’i regards

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