Was Shoghi Effendi gay?


According to research done by Jackson Armstrong-Ingram (primarily based on letters of the Afnan family and other firsthand accounts) and Mildred Mottehedeh who confided to Michael Zargarov and several others, Shoghi was a homosexual who struggled with his condition for his whole lifetime. There have also been suggestions that George Townsend was perhaps the one true love of Shoghi’s life, and not as popularly believed Mary Maxwell (aka Amatu’l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum).

Apparently among Ruhi Afnan’s papers, there are several letters which explicitly suggest Shoghi’s homosexuality as early as his days in Beirut, well before Ruhi and Soheil’s expulsion at Shoghi’s hands. Perhaps these cousins were in fact expelled because they knew Shoghi’s dark secret.

Mildred Mottehedeh, who was quite close to the Rabbanis, had also known about this. Perhaps the time has come to psycho-analyze the “Guardian,” reasses his ministry and examine his authoritarian style of governance in light of his repressed homosexuality and unrequitted love for George Townsend. After all, according some recent historical findings, Adolf Hitler was a bisexual who struggled with his effeminate ponceness and compensated it with political power and the Will to Power (* Ernst Roehm, leader of the Brown Shirt SA, was an out and out ponce). Perhaps a Nietzchean-Freudian probe into Shoghi’s life and writings is not that too far off in the horizon, not to mention suggestions by Wombat Joey that one of the Persian Hands who was a lifelong Shoghi devotee was himself also a closet homosexual

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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