2013 – A Bahá’í Love Story

bahai moral classesWe had not yet erased from our minds the love story of 2012, when we came across a more sizzling story in 2013.

The 2012 story was set in Bhubaneswar involving a 50 year old ABM with a lady of 25 years. The 2013 story also involves an ABM. Mr. Gopalkrishnan, husband of an ABM for protection (Ms Reena) flirting with his best friend’s (Mr Daas’) wife, Ms Rijesh, in popularly known God’s Own Country, Kerala.

Mr. Gopalkrishnan has served as Board member and also as State Coordinator for ‘moral activities’ till Nov. 2011. Mr Gopalkrishnan is father of a 7 year old son and his wife is expecting another child. The ‘virtuous flirt’ Gopalkrishnan has given his heart to Rijesh, who was in Kannur cluster and now moved to North Parvur Cluster. Rijesh reciprocated Gopalkrishnan’s feelings and soon both spent hours on the phone. The relationship has flourished for 6 years and has bloomed into physical contact, after Daas shifted as caretaker of Bahá’í Center at Cochin.

Both Gopalkrishnan and Rijesh then openly confesses to their love for one another and decide one fine day to get married. Daas who had one son from Rijesh gets separated from Rijesh but continues to stay with her for sake of his son. Rijesh’s second child, a two year old daughter, is born out of her illicit relations with Gopalkrishnan.

Reena also on the other hand has reconciled to the reality as are other relatives of Gopalkrishnan. Goplakrishanan’s sister, who is also an Auxiliary Board Member continues to adore her brother.

The story of prominent Bahá’í office bearers of Kerala is straight out of soap-opera. In the above story following major violence of Divine Law is seen :
1.    Relationship beyond marriage
2.    Physical relationship beyond marriage resulting in birth of a child
3.    Sexual Scandal happening in the holy premises of Bahá’í Center.
4.    Second marriage before divorce.
5.    Second marriage of a Bahá’í ABM as per Hindu rituals!

Close relatives including the first husband of Rijesh and first wife of Gopalkrishnan reconcile to the developments. The Bahá’í community in Kerala watches silently. It is a Victory of Love, as in Hindi soap opera. Abdul Baha’s smiling face at the Bahá’í Center could be shot as a final scene to solemnize this story. Can there be a better happy ending?

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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  1. rajeev says:

    Dear friend
    I have also some stories of Bihar and jharkhand, if you want I will share with you…

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