2012 – A Baha’i Love Story

Bahais of Bhubaneshwar

Bahais of Bhubaneshwar

The recent events at Orissa can form an excellent romantic fairy tale. The hero is a 50 year old married ABM for protection of the Baha’i Faith, having two children, and the heroine a Baha’i teacher half his age.

The story is set in Bhubaneswar, a town known for its tradition and culture. Our higher-than-middle age hero sets out on a moral class training programme with a Ruhi Book in hand to proselytize a group of youngsters. While moral classes progress, love blossoms between him and a lass and within no time the two are deeply in love. Moral classes apart, the two step into the immoral zone and decide to elope.

Now come to the reality – The girl’s family was absolutely terrified after the incidence. They filed an FIR with the Police and Law enforcing agencies. They reported that the Baha’is use to come at their place and talk about Morality and Spirituality in the Baha’i Faith. Moreover the girl also progressed and graduated to conduct Children moral class in her area. The poor parents could not evenly remotely imagine that behind this moral religious garb is hidden absolutely immorality. The senior Bahai ABM has played with lives of four – the innocent girl whom he took away, his wife and their two children.

The girls parents squarely blame the Baha’is for what happened to their family and are convinced that Baha’is are having double face and are hypocrites. And why not?  If an in-position ABM can be a romantic hero at 50, what say about the younger Bahais who come on a moral upliftment visit.

The shocking incident has terrified the whole village. The Baha’is were chased out of the village and the so called moral class was disbanded by locals. The villagers took an oath that no Baha’i Children classes or any type of Baha’i Activity will be permitted henceforth.

Going a step further, there are concerns on what moral values the two would have imbibed amongst the other youngsters.  How many more romantic tales will unfold?

As such, till date, there is no corrective action by the Bahai Faith administration. At the most, the NSA will just announce that the two involved have been deprived of the Voting Rights. Means they can take part in Baha’i activities and conduct more children classes, then after paying more Huququllah regain voting rights in two years. Soon the couple will be recognized man and wife officially. Such has been the story so far in the Faith. Indeed the Faith has a Universal appeal!

A few months back another Auxiliary Board member in Chennai Mr. Selvanathan was caught red handed in a Baha’i centre having homosexual relationship with another Baha’i. When the matter became public, Mr. Selvanathan was removed as ABM and since then he is a member of Local SPIRITUAL assembly of Baha’is of Chennai.

Morality continues to thrive thus in the Faith. In the name of spirituality let the spirits soar! Three cheers for the Ruhi ambassadors!

Name of the writer withheld for security reasons.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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