Shocking disclosure by Baha’i news India

The recent monthly circulation of Baha’is, The BAHÁ’Í NEWS I N D I A ISSUE VII JULY 2010 has revealed shocking facts, through an article titled “Preparations of Government of India Census 2011”, These are summarized as under:

1. There have been rigorous conversion activities over the past fifty years by the Baha’i Faith.

2. These conversions were accelerated with the construction of the Lotus Temple at Delhi and with the visits of Hands of the Cause Dr. Rahmatulláh Muhájir, and Amatu’l- Bahá Ruhiyyih Khánum.

3. Though the Baha’i records of the data on Baha’i population shows that one time it had crossed two millions yet the Census of India reports of 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 show only a fraction of the total number Baha’is throughout the country. This means that the census department of India fumbled four times to give accurate number of Baha’is. Just to cite an example, Baha’i census figures in 1991 was 5575 and in 2001 it was 11,324 against 2.2 millions claimed by the Baha’i administration.

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Bahai Population in Iran: Still Counting?

Iran Census

How Many Bahais in Iran? Can we believe even these numbers?

There has always been confusion about the actual population of the followers of the Baha’i Faith in every country since its origin. Regarding their numbers, “millions” is the usual figure claimed by them.

The reason for this confusion is the fact that Baha’is are wont to give fake ‘percentage Baha’i population’ for every country. Thanks to the internet – their lies are getting exposed. The number of countries and localities varies with each web site. There is ‘no consensus’ regarding the actual number of countries, the actual number of localities, and the actual number of Baha’i. This trouble in the Baha’i population is not generated by the Baha’i Administration themselves but it is just the continuation of what Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi have done.

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World Bahai Census: How Many Bahais?

Recently two articles posted on net effectively analyzed the exaggerated Baha’i claims of their numbers. One was “Exit by troops” ( and the other “Three types of Baha’i census of India”. (

The first article is a very moderate view of the author, whereas the second article “The Three Type of Baha’i census of India” is much deeper analysiation supported by documents authenticated by figures.

The common point in the two analyses is the fact that the key reason for this huge discrepancy in Baha’i census is that no one is ever removed from the membership rolls unless they write a letter to the National Center renouncing their belief. So a person who becomes disillusioned and simply drifts away can remain on the rolls indefinitely. Once a Baha’i then always a Baha’i even after his death.’

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NSA of India “revises” numbers for India

A Notable Act By National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha’is Of India. Baha’i population now stands at 6 million minus 2.2 million.

It is indeed a notable act that the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of India deleted the figure “2.2 million Bahais” from official site of Bahais of India. But it is equally regretted that the actual number of Bahais which is 11,324 was not put instead to give the exact number of Bahais to its viewers and as a mark of respect for the dedicated census official of India who went door to door for carrying out such a huge census.

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Bahai Census: Number of LSAs in India

The Bahai administration is dishonest in reporting the number of Bahais in India. Similarly they show the same duplicity and dishonesty in reporting the number of Local Spiritual Assemblies (LSA) of India as well.This emphatically reveals that there is something indeed wrong about the aims and purpose of the Bahai administration.

I do not know how to solve the above problem, except to be completely honest and open to the Bahais of India and to people who may be interested in the Faith. It does little good to ‘hide’ things. It may be very unpleasant for those Bahais who come to know the truth after a few years in the Faith. At that time, it is likely that he will feel cheated and left with only two options either to leave the Faith or become disenchanted.

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