Bahai Census: Number of LSAs in India

The Bahai administration is dishonest in reporting the number of Bahais in India. Similarly they show the same duplicity and dishonesty in reporting the number of Local Spiritual Assemblies (LSA) of India as well.This emphatically reveals that there is something indeed wrong about the aims and purpose of the Bahai administration.

I do not know how to solve the above problem, except to be completely honest and open to the Bahais of India and to people who may be interested in the Faith. It does little good to ‘hide’ things. It may be very unpleasant for those Bahais who come to know the truth after a few years in the Faith. At that time, it is likely that he will feel cheated and left with only two options either to leave the Faith or become disenchanted.

The number of LSAs In India

The number of LSAs can be classified into three groups

1. Pre Muhajir Era (1923 to 1954)

The National Spiritual Assembly was formed in 1923. Since then till 1954, in roughly 30 years there were only 30 LSAs reported.

2. Muhajir Era (1956 to 1983)

This era was from 1956 to 1984. In span of 28 years, the number of LSA reported was 10,000.

3. Post Muhajir Era (1984 to 2010)

Then since 1992 the number of LSAs started decreasing and, at present, the Bahai administration claims to have 500 LSAs in India which is just 5% of the LSAs reported in 1984.

According to me the actual number of LSA in any state is not more than 10. The working LSAs are only in a few metro cities which have substantial Persian Bahais like Mumbai, Pune, Panchgani etc.


Believe me, I observed this phenomenon over and over during my years as a Baha’i.

1. Bahai Faith is essentially a NGO dominated and run by Persians. The Indians are kept away from the membership of important committees and they are suppose to do all the running to gather all the false statistics

2. It is clear that Mr.Mohajir was sent by the House to exaggerate the census. A job intrusted to Mr. Omid at present.

3. The purpose was to give a false impression to the Govt. of India and the whole world that the Bahai Faith has truly become a world religion.

4. To acquire minority status in India.

Former member of NSA of India


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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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