NSA of India “revises” numbers for India

A Notable Act By National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha’is Of India. Baha’i population now stands at 6 million minus 2.2 million.

It is indeed a notable act that the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai’s of India deleted the figure “2.2 million Bahais” from official site of Bahais of India. But it is equally regretted that the actual number of Bahais which is 11,324 was not put instead to give the exact number of Bahais to its viewers and as a mark of respect for the dedicated census official of India who went door to door for carrying out such a huge census.

Well it is hoped that the NSA of India will bring some more corrections like the number of localities which they still insist on being more than 10,000. It is very clear that if there are only 11,324 bahais than how there can be 10,000 localities?

The number of Local Spiritual Assemblies also have been changed from 700 to 600. Again in Baha’i Administration official census it is 500. It looks like a hundred assembly does not matter much to the NSA. The NSA is well aware that there are not more than 20 LSAs.

Now the Baha’i Administration should not expect that the Government of India will carry out a separate census for the Localities of Baha’is and the number of LSAs in India, so that again they may do that correction.

It should be made clear to the Baha’i officials that the official sites are for providing true and exact information to its loggers and at any point of time it should not be false and misleading.

(Source: bahaicensusindia.blogspot.com)

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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