One more scandal unfolds in the notorious Baha’i community of India

ilavara Mihrshahi (Right) a mother of 3. Eloped with a young boy whom she was teaching the Baha'i religion

Dilavara Mihrshahi (Right) a mother of 3.
Eloped with a young boy whom she was teaching the Baha’i religion

Panchgani (India) has always been a centre of learning with many schools and academies around. But due to Baha’i Community, Panchgani has lost it’s shine and is turning dull due to the many scandals unfolding.

There is one place which no one can miss in Panchgani i.e. Lucky Stores. The Mihrshahi family have been running the same since many years, but what the owner’s daughter-in-law has done is indeed a matter of great concern.

Mrs. Dilavara is the beautiful wife of Mr. Nemat Mihrshahi, son of Mr. Amin Mihrshahi, the owners of Lucky stores. She is a mother of three children still she eloped with a boy much less than her age.

Mr. Mihrshahi is the Treasurer of the Local ‘Spiritual’ Baha’i Assembly of Panchgani and also teaches at the New Era High School, a Baha’i School.

Mihrshahis have been notorious for their secret ways of converting the simple minded local people of Panchgani especially the children and youth to Baha’i Faith. Some time back, Mr. Mihrshahi himself was caught by the local people, and was given a tight slap by a local leader who received complains about the conversion activities and warned not to lure the children of Hindus to the Baha’i Faith.

It must be noted that both Mr. Mihrshahi and his wife are teachers in New Era High School and the members of this Faith claims that we are making the children morally strong. Unfortunately, such incidents are occurring wherever the Baha’i community is located such as Panchgani.

It’s time that these so called educational institutes like New Era, Baha’i Academy and NEDI are shut down completely otherwise the harm they will bring to society is irreparable loss of morality. Moreover the Baha’is should concentrate on refining their own society and not bother much about children of other faiths. This incidence has tarnished the image of New Era School further.

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2 Responses to One more scandal unfolds in the notorious Baha’i community of India

  1. Nishit Raj Singh says:

    This is so not true at all they are really a very good and decent family and new era school is the best.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Unfortunately that is the view of a lot of people who dont know why the school is established and how it is like a cancer spreading Bahai Faith in the communities there.


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