Stuff That Bab Wrote

There is so much that Bab wrote in his Bayan – which offers an insight into his mind, his thought process…

Incidentally the Bayan was an incomplete “revelation” (if one can call it that. Or lets see what Bahais call it after reading this article). It remained in force for about 7 years – the shortest “revelation” ever till it was abrogated by Bahaullah. The Bahais claimed that the Babi Faith abrogated Islam. How it did that is still a matter of question considering that the words of the Bab probably never even left the shores of Iran leave alone the Asian hemisphere. How could it have abroagated Islam, a religion which by then was a world religion with adherents all over the globe.

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Nevertheless, the topic for discussion is the Bayan. The following article shows what what revealed in the Bayan. How much sense did it actually make. And whether any self respecting Bahai will still call it a revelation from God. Incidentally Bahaullah does.

Here goes.

The Bab and his book, Bayan hold a special importance for Bahai’s. This is what Bahaullah says about the book of Bayan:
Refer to it, for a letter from it will suffice the entirety of the people of the earth. And surely God has stated all things in the evident book.
Asad-Allah Fazil Mazandarani, Asrar al-athar khususi, vol. 2, p. 102


He also says:
I [swear by] He who in His hand is my soul and my essence, a single letter from the Bayan is dearer to me than everything that is in the heavens and the earth.
Asad-Allah Fazil Mazandarani, Asrar al-athar khususi, vol. 5, p. 333

Really, I doubt if Bahaullah actually read the Bayan!

Even though Bahaullah abrogated the book of the Bayan, he had stresses many times that he had no intention to do so. Rather, he had stated that he intended to reinforce its decrees:
Say: The polytheists thought that we might want to abrogate what was revealed unto the Point of Bayan (Nuqtat al-Bayan which means the Bab). Say: By my Merciful Lord, even if we had intended [to do] what they had thought, no one was allowed to object to God who has created everything . . . but God has desired by this manifestation [meaning Bahaullah himself] to reinforce what has been revealed by the Point of Bayan . . . thus we will reinforce his decrees and will prove his writings [or signs] on earth with power and authority.
Bahaullah, Badi`, p. 390

This is while many of the laws that have been put forth by the Bab in the book of Bayan are unacceptable to any sound mind. We have already mentioned a few of these in the previous chapters. We will repeat them here accompanied by a few more samples:

a- Destroy Anything and Anyone non-Babi

You must destroy everything [non-Babi] that you have written and you must argue using the Bayan.
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chap. 6

Chapter six of the sixth unit which is about destroying all books but those that have been written or will be written about this Order (meaning the Bab’s creed).
The Bab, Farsi bayan, unit 6, chap. 6

The fifth chapter of the fifth unit which is about the decree of taking the property of those who do not believe in [the religion] of Bayan and giving it back if they become believers in this religion, except in the lands where taking [property] is not possible.
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 5, chap. 5

The sixteenth chapter of the seventh unit which is about [the decree] that all rulers who rise who are [followers] of the religion of the Bayan, leave no-one in their land who is not a follower of this religion. This is compulsory upon all the people too.
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 16, chap. 7

He who acquires a position of ruling is a manifestation of God’s wrath and if possible for him, must not leave [alive] on earth anyone but the Babis!
The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 4, chap. al-Baha

Make everyone accept the [religion of] Bayan and do not accept from them jewels that would amount to the whole earth as payment so that they are excused from becoming Babis.
The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 5, chap. al-Lad

As we previously noted both Bahaullah and `Abdu’l-Baha had announced what the essence of the Bab’s religion was:
The unbelievers and the faithless have set their minds on four things: first, the shedding of blood [beheading]; second, the burning of books; third, the shunning of the followers of other religions; fourth, the extermination of other communities and groups. Now however, through the strengthening grace and potency of the Word of God these four barriers have been demolished, these clear injunctions have been obliterated from the Tablet and brutal dispositions have been transmuted into spiritual attributes.

The utterance of the [book or religion] of Bayan in the day of the appearance of his Highness A`la (meaning the Bab) was to behead, burn the books, destroy the monuments, and massacre [everyone] but those who believed [in the Bab’s religion] and verified it.
Bahaullah, Tablets of Bahaullah Revealed After the Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 91

These are the orders of the herald to Bahaullah: behead, burn, destroy, massacre, and exterminate!

b- Books, Writings, and Teaching

Teaching a book other than the book of Bayan is not allowed unless it has in it what is related to speculative theology (kalam). [Teaching] those [sciences] which have been invented such as logic (mantiq), principles of jurisprudence (usul), and other [sciences], are not permitted for those who have faith.
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 4, chap. 10

You have been prohibited in the Bayan from having more than nineteen books. If you do so, you will be fined 19 mithqals (3.6 gms of gold).
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 11, chap. 7

Do not argue but by the verses [of the Bayan] for whoever does not argue using them has no knowledge, and do not mention any miracle [but this book]!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chapter 8

The best trade is to acquire all of the Bab’s books. Once this is fulfilled sustenance will flow down like rain:
If possible acquire all the writings of the Point (meaning the Bab) even if they are in printed form (not hand-written) for sustenance will descend upon those who possess these like rain. Say O my servants, this is the best trade!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 9, chap. 10


And finally some very disturbing words:
Say O Muhammad, my teacher. Do not hit me before my age finishes five even for a moment for my heart is very very soft. After that discipline me but not more than I can bear. If you want to hit me do not [hit me] more than five times. And do not hit me on my flesh (lahm) unless there is a covering over it. If you exceed [these guidelines] your wife will be illegal for you for nineteen days. If you forget and if you don’t have a companion, then you must give in charity for every beating nineteen mithqals of gold if you want to be faithful.
Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chapter 11

These words are very disturbing because he is giving orders to his teacher to do something not in the future, but in the past! He is telling his teacher to not hit him until his age passes five. These words were uttered when the Bab was about 29 years old! He then threatens the teacher that if he surpasses these orders he will make his wife illegal for him for nineteen days (!) or if he doesn’t have a companion (wife) he would have to pay nineteen mithqals of Gold. Are these words in conformity with reason and science?

c- Food and Medicine

Using medicine is forbidden:
You must not possess, buy, sell, or use medicine, intoxicants, and higher than those!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 9, chap. 8.

Drinking donkey milk is also forbidden and by not drinking it people will become pious:
Do not drink donkey milk! And do not load it and other animals with what they cannot bear. This is what God has made incumbent upon you so that you may become pious!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 10, chap. 15

Do not spoil eggs for they are the Bab’s food on the Day of Resurrection:
Do not hit eggs on something that will spoil their insides before they are cooked, for this is the food of the Primal Point (the Bab) and his followers in the Day of Resurrection (Qiyama) so that you may be grateful.
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 10, chap. 15

This order is itself very unique for according to the Bahais, the Day of Resurrection, is the proclamation of Bahaullah. The Bab had been dead for many years when this occurred so how could his food be eggs on that day?

d- Going on Journeys

Unreasonable punishments:
Whoever forces anyone in a journey-even one step-or enters someone’s house before permission is given, or forces him out of his house without his permission, or unlawfully summons him from his home, then his wife will be illegal for him for 19 months!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chap. 16

Permission is given for going on journeys for one of three reasons:
Do not go on journeys but [1] for the sake of God and [2] if you are going to (visit) He Whom God Shall Make Manifest or [3] (visiting) those who have faith in him. And He orders you to take the leaves of trees and eat them [!] and walk above [!] the earth with your legs!
The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 6, chap. al-Badi

The order has been given to eat the leaves of trees and to walk above the ground with the legs! Pay attention, he says above (fauq) the ground not on the ground!

e- Some Miscellaneous Laws

I have given permission to every soul to carry one thousand lines [from my books] with them so that they may have great pleasure!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chap. 1

Do not make more than 95 doors for the Point’s (the Bab’s) house!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 6, chap. 13

Do not wear clothes that will frighten children!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 7, chap. 6

At the age of eleven all children must marry. The consequence for ignoring this order is the annihilation of their good deeds:
It is incumbent upon all souls to leave from himself a soul (meaning to have children) and you must bring them close to each other (i.e. make them marry) after they have turned eleven and whoever can marry but doesn’t, then his [good] deeds will be annihilated!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 8, chap. 15

Buying and selling air, fire, water, and earth is prohibited:
Do not buy or sell the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water)!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 9, chap. 11

Do not ride cows and do not put loads on them if you (truly) believe in God and His signs!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 10, chap. 15

In every dispensation, God loves that everything becomes renewed. It is because of this that he has ordered that once in every 202 years every person renew what books he possesses by either putting them in fresh water or bestowing them to someone else!
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 7, chap. 1

It is incumbent for every person to leave for his inheritors 19 pieces of soft paper and 19 rings inscribed on them a Name from the Names of God!
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 8, chap. 2

If anyone can, they must recite 700 verses from the Bayan every day and night and if they can’t they must repeat ‘Allahu Azhar’ 700 times!
The Bab, Farsi Bayan, unit 8, chap. 14

You must accept as guests 19 people in 19 days!
The Bab, Arabic Bayan, unit 9, chap. 17

These are only a handful of the Bab’s orders. We have sufficed with these as to not elongate this section. This is how the Bab praises these laws:
What has been descended (i.e. revealed) in the Bayan from the verses, a single one of them is a proof over everyone that is in the skies and the earth and what is in between them. And if all those who are in the skies and the earth and what is in between them come together so as to put forth anything like it, they will be incapable.
The Bab, Lauh haykal al-din, unit 1, chap. 3

Bahaullah had also praised these laws by these words:
I [swear by] He who in His hand is my soul and my essence, a single letter from the Bayan is dearer to me than everything that is in the heavens and the earth.
Asad-Allah Fazil Mazandarani, Asrar al-athar khususi, vol. 5, p. 333

When Bahaullah was praising these irrational statements, had he forgotten what he had uttered about religion being in conformance with science:
[That which causes] distinction between humans and animals is reason and science. If religious beliefs contradict reason and science, then of course [they are] ignorance.

Irrespective of the Bayan being abrogated or not, most if not all of the aforementioned decrees clearly contradict reason. Thus, according to Bahai principles, Babism is not a religion and consequently Bahaism too is not a religion.


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