The Persian Baha’is of Pakistan are involved in full scale corruption

There is lots of corruption in Baha’i community of Pakistan especially by the Persian Baha’is.

Several years ago, a young Iranian Baha’i (living in Pakistan) who was to depart for Austria the next day was found hanged. This led to a lawsuit being initiated in Washington D.C. against the United Nations and its main officer in Pakistan: an Iranian Baha’i who was working for the UN.

According to the members of the NSA of Pakistan, the young man had hung himself and injected drugs as well. Well, the forensic evidence revealed an empty syringe.

The NSA of Pakistan had hurried to bury the body of the young man WITHOUT EVEN INFORMING THE PAKISTANI AUTHORITY.

The Iranian Baha’i at the head of UN in Pakistan had received bribes in order to provide refugee visa to the refugees. In fact, in a correspondence that was obtained by the US State Department, this Iranian Baha’i went as far as raping women in exchange for a visa (he called it consensual sex).

The Persian Baha’is of Pakistan are involved in following matters,

1. The members of NSA of Pakistan do not show high moral character due to which the lady members are worried to interact with them. They crack dirty jokes.

2. The fraud involved in the election of NSA and subsequent interference of UHJ approving only Iranian members on NSA and office bearers like the treasurer. Removing officially elected members

3. They are involved in economic frauds/misusing of Baha’i funds

4. Selling illegally properties belonging to Baha’is

5. Making problems in families in the name of “settling the issues.”

6. High divorce rate amongst the Baha’is .

7. Showing exaggerated Baha’i census, a phenomenon find in every country.


About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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