The Bahais of Pakistan – An Unanswered Question

Recently I was surfing the Internet and came across the web site for the Bahai Community in Pakistan –

The web site and the brazen way the Bahais are propogating their Faith in Pakistan surprised me to no end. Why? Because the key elements of faith for the Bahais are very similar to the Qadiani community. Here’s how.

  • The Qadianis and the Bahais, both claim to be divine religions from Allah, whereas Allah says that Islam is the final religion and whosoever brings a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted.
  • They both claim to have superseded Islam, which is against the basic grain of Islam.
  • Their founders both claimed to be new “messengers” after the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh), against against the teaching of Islam.
  • They both claimed to bring divinely inspired books which are superior to the Quran whereas Islam clearly says that the Quran is the last book from Allah.
  • Both incidentally received a lot of help (and shelter) from Britan and the Zionist powers in order to survive and grow.

There is a lot more, but for now this much is sufficient to establish that the Bahais are apostates in the eyes of Islam. And here is why I was surprised.  Muslim scholars over the years have offered their view saying that Bahais and Qadianis are apostates and one who follows the Qadiani or Bahai school of thoughts is outside the circle of Islam.

Yet, the scholar community of Pakistani, while considering the Qadiani religion to be banned in Pakistan and a restriction upon its teachings allows a free hand to the Bahais. They are allowed to teach and also allowed to run schools and preach the Bahai religion to the Muslim youth of Pakistan.

Why are the Muslims scholars in Pakistan silent about the ill effects of the Bahai Faith?

In my view, this should be stopped and a curb should be put on Bahai activities in Pakistan. I appeal to the youth of Pakistan to beware of the deception of the Bahais. The objective of the Bahai Faith was to distract the Muslim community and take them away from Islam. The youth of Pakistan should take this up in earnest and start a movement to remove Bahais from Pakistan.

If you want to see what the Bahais are doing in the name of running schools, then click on this link –

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

17 Responses to The Bahais of Pakistan – An Unanswered Question

  1. Arshad says:

    I wants to work against bahai

  2. rafique says:

    you are absolutely full of it! Nothing what you have said about the Baha’is has even an iota of truth in it. You are just hateful without even studying the sacred scriptures of the Baha’i Faith. Your venom is nothing but absolute propaganda. The Baha’i Faith is absolutely no threat to any religion or country. Their numbers are small. They are absolute pacifists. They are totally apolitical. They tell people who want to know about the Baha’i Faith, the basic teachings of their faith. They do not preach or force conversions. They have an open door policy: any one can enter and anyone can leave. They follow the true dictum of Islam: there is no compulsion in religion. The Baha’i faith is in sync with the times and its universal teachings are very attractive to quite a few people in this world. It is truly a global religion and its teachings and principles will one day, in future, form the basis of a true universal religion. I have travelled around the world and seen how its practical teachings have impacted the lives of millions of its adherents. So please, just try to chill and make an attempt to safeguard Islam from within. If you follow the true principals of Islam you will not spread lies about other religions or people, who by the way are creations of the same God. The Quran says clearly that Allah is not in need of people to defend His religion. Don”t think like a Taliban and degrade and demean the sacredness of Islam. Its people like you who have given a bad name to islam and not the West. Spend your time in saying good things about Islam and leave other religions to the justice of Allah. If he thinks these are bad, He himself will eliminate them.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Rafique:

      Thank you for your email. I appreciate the trouble you have taken to write your point of view. However, your response is unfortunately very typical of most Bahais. And that is not good for the Bahai Faith. I would prefer that we have a discussion and that you write to me with the points which you find incorrect on the site. That will be more fruitful. Tell me which points are incorrect or which references are false. If it is false, I promise you that I will change the reference.

      I disagree with you on the teachings of the Bahai Faith. I think that most Bahais pay lip service to the teachings – Bahaullah and Abdul Baha included. Why dont you see my articles on excommunication. That should set you thinking.

      But actually that comes later. I believe that Bahaism is a false religion – it is a man made religion by a mad man who was supported by the West. Even today this support exists, other the Bahai Faith would crumble and fall.

      I also seriously contest your claim of millions of adherents. This is only a fabricated figure which the UHJ likes to tom tom so that there is a feeling that there are lots of Bahais. Read my article on Bahai Census. That will give you a good thinking opportunity.

      Let us discuss.

      Imran Shaykh

      • saleha says:

        With all due respect Imran Shaykh I have studied the bahai religion for quite a time and can prove that Bahai’s do not aim to convert people but want to work side by side to make a divine civilization where people will live in unity and harmony. The Bahai religion is for this age and you have to look at the fact that for every age God sends his messengers to guide humanity on the straight path. How can we say that now He won’t. The Bahai faith believes in the oneness of God,the oneness of humanity,the oneness of all religion and that they come from the same source which is Allah. They believe in all spiritual virtues and have beautiful writings. Their laws are different from us but every religions has laws according to that age and I personally believe religion is ones own connection with God, by claiming someone else’s is wrong you are just insulting your own connection. If they are wrong may Allah shower mercy to them and if we are wrong may Allah shower mercy on us.

      • imranshaykh says:

        Dear Saleha, thank you for your response.

        Bahais aim is only to create a division in society and nothing else. If their aim was unity, then it would not have happened in history that all the Bahai leaders were unable to keep unity in their own families. Abbas Effendi, Shighi Effendi – all shunned and excommunicated their family members and close friends. Even today if a Bahai raises his voice against the UHJ, it is likelt that they will take away his voting rights and excommunicate him from society.

        Bahais cannot keep unity amongst themselves, how will they unite their world. This is one aspect. Another aspect is that it is impossible to unite the world. The religions are now so disparate – Muslims believe in Tawheed, Christians believe in Jesus as the son of God, Jews believe someone else as the son of God, Hindus believe in millions of Gods, Parsis believe in dual gods. What is the Bahai response to this? Bahais have no answer. Their only answer is theta Bahaullah came to unite everyone. But how? It is a very shallow belief and sadly Bahais do not ask themselves these questions.

        Islam is the final religion of Allah and there is no need for any new religion. Can you let me know any rule fo Islam which is not valid in today’s world? Why do we need any religion. Plus Allah told us that Quran is last book, Islam is last religion and Holy Prophet is the final prophet. To accept anything else is unacceptable in front of Allah. Unless you can prove otherwise.

        I would love to have a conversation with you. I am at Do write to me there.

        And guidance is only from Allah.

        Best wishes,

    • ali says:

      how i could contact you..?

  3. Chaudhry Shafi says:

    It’s a false propaganda against the Bahai religion that they claim to be Muslims like Qadianies; instead , they claim to be followers of an independent religion namely “Bahai”; whereas , the Qadianies claim to be a Ahmadia sect of Islam. The Qadianies don’t claim to own any other revealed book of God except the Holy Quran. The Baha’ies never claimed that they are any sect of Islam. They claim to follow a separate religion ” Bahai Religion ” as per constitution of Pakistan. The reader must prefer to go through the Bahai books instead of making false propaganda .

    • imranshaykh says:

      It is not false propoganda. It is the fact that Bahais tell Muslims that they are Muslims and they believe in Quran and the Prophet, while at the same time, they deny every single word of the Quran and the prophet. They claim like this only to deceive Muslims. You have not read the history of Bahai Faith. All of the founders were Muslims, they prayed namaz even after becoming Bahais and they did this to deceive people into belkieving that they were Muslims. It is only recently (in last 25 years or so) that Bahais started claiming that they are a new religion.

  4. Imran, have you met a Baha’i? The “new religion” aspect of the faith started at the conference of Badasht back in the mid 19th century. Some Muslim scholars may have been slow to consider the faith as independent, but the Baha’is themselves have always claimed to be independent of Islam. All Baha’is profess belief in the Qur’an, which does not say is the final Revelation. The Sunnah may say final revelation, but the Qur’an is the Word of God, the Sunnah is not. You live in Pakistan.. how exactly a Baha’i Faith a threat to you, people you know, and Pakistan in general? Seems there is a lot of issues in Pakistan, the least of which would be a religion which teaches and practices peace in all aspects of life.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Deear Unity Teacher. I have lived pretty much my entire life in the company of Bahais. It is through them that I learnt of the hypocrisy of the Faith and of its adherents. Bahaism never claimed to be an independent religion at the outset. it always claimed to be a follow through of Islam. And was targetted towards Muslims. It is only in the past 30 years or so when it started claiming that it is an independent religion.

      • Rowena Hendricks says:

        Dear Imran you mentioned you have lived your entire life amongst Baha’i ..?? How odd, how very odd to make such a claim and then on top of it you mentioned Baha’i only in the past 30 years an independent religion..(you made claim in 2012 and its 2016), in 2012 I’ve been a Baha’i for 21 years.. and according my deepen knowledge of this beloved Faith of The Glory of the All-Glorious it’s independence evolved from the time of its birth in 1844, and where were you again..?? The only hypocrisy you are referring to is your own self because you are your own words..

      • imranshaykh says:

        Dear Rowena:

        Sorry for the late response. I have spent a fair amount of my life with Bahais – enough for me to claim that I have spennt a lifetime with them. Hopefully, you will understand that is a phrase and not meant to be taken as literally as you have.

        If you have studied the history of the Bahai Faith, you will know that it came out of Islam, more specifically Shiite Islam. The fundamental belief in Shiite Islam which exists till today is that the final descendant of the family of the prophet – Hazrat Mahdi, peace be upon him, will reappear and fill the earth with justice and equality just as it would have reached a state of injustice and unequality. Also Islam will be the dominant religion of the world under the rule of the Mahdi.

        Bab claimed to be, initially, a medium to this Mahdi and then claimed to be the Mahdi himself. Post that Bahaullah claimed to be the successor of the Bab and brought a new book after abrogating the book of the Bab.

        From time to time, depending upon the “situation”, both Bahaullah and Abdul Baha lived their lives as Muslim, prayed in mosques and adopted Islamic customs to suit their needs.

        Hence the entire origin, history of Bahai Faith lies in Islam.


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