Abdul Baha Wouldn’t Bathe for Months at a Time. How Baha’is Suppressed this Fact!

‘Abdu’l Baha laughing at those taking bath in Turkish Hammam. Picture only for representation purpose.
Baha’u’llah has enjoined upon his followers to bathe once a week:
“It hath been enjoined upon you to pare your nails, to bathe yourselves each week in water that covereth your bodies, and to clean yourselves with whatsoever ye have formerly employed. Take heed lest through negligence ye fail to observe that which hath been prescribed unto you by Him Who is the Incomparable, the Gracious.”
According to Baha’i scripture, Abdu’l-Baha wouldn’t bathe for months at a time. This act going against his father’s orders, has been censored and supressed in published works of Baha’is or simply distorted in the translation of Baha’i works into English. We will present here two such documents.
The first document is a distorted translation in the book Mahmud’s Diary:
“One of the servants asked why man is not thankful when in comfort. `Abdu’l-Bahá replied, `It is due to negligence. Otherwise one must be aware and thankful when immersed in the sea of bounties.’ Then He said, `I have not had a good bath for several months.’ The ship’s attendant was then asked to prepare a warm fresh water bath for Him. Afterwards, He said, `I am much better now. For a long time I have not had leisure to take a real bath.’” (Mahmud Zaraqani, translated by Mohi Sobhani, Mahmúd’s Diary: The Diary of Mírzá Mahmúd-i-Zarqání Chronicling `Abdu’l-Bahá’s Journey to America, p. 15, http://bahai-library.com/books/mahmud/)
Pay attention to the two words “good” and “real”. These adjectives do not exist in the original Persian text of Mahmud’s diary. Abdu’l-Baha clearly states that he has not had a bath for several months and that he has not had leisure to take a bath for a long time. Two seemingly innocent words (‘good’ and ‘real’) have been added to this statement to hide the fact that Abdu’l-Baha had not taken a bath for a long time. This is the original Persian text for comparison:
«چند ماه است حمام نرفته ام. لهذا بملازم جهاز سپرده شد که حمام حاضر نموده قدری آب گرم شیرین نیز مهیا کرد. پس از حمام فرمودند خیلی راحت شدم. مدتی بود فرصت حمام نمی نمودم.» (محمود زرقانی، بدایع الآثار، ج1، ص 10)
The second suppressed document is in Persian and has not been translated to English but is available on the official Baha’i library here:http://reference.bahai.org/fa/t/ab/MAS2/mas2-84.html#pg83 The prominent Baha’i scholar, Ishraq Khavari, mentions the following statement from Abdu’l-Baha at the bottom of the page:
«ای دو یار عزیز هیچ می دانید که عبدالبهاء غرق چه دریایی است .. حال مصمم حرکت به فرنگستانم که شاید خدمتی بآستان نمایم.» (اشراق خاوری، مائده آسمانی، ج2، ص 83)
“Oh two dear friends, do you know in what sea Abdu’l-Baha is sinking .. now I am determined on journeying to the West so that I may perform service to [Baha’u’llah’s] court.” (Ishraq Khawari, Maidiyih Asimani, vol 2, p. 83)
As you can see in the image, a section from this tablet has been replaced with “..” After some serious digging, we finally found the original tablet in its uncensored form on page 162 of the 17th volume of the Iranian National Baha’i Archives ( http://www.h-net.org/~bahai/index/diglib/INBA.htm ). An image from this tablet is provided below with the censored section marked in red:
This is what the original version reads:
«ای دو یار عزیز هیچ می دانید که عبدالبهاء غرق چه دریایی است قسم به اسم اعظم روحی لعتبه الفداء که یکسال است یکدفعه فرصت یافتم که به حمام بروم دیگر ملاحظه نمایید که چه اوضاعیست حال مصمم حرکت به فرنگستانم که شاید خدمتی بآستان نمایم.»
Oh two dear friends, do you know in what sea Abdu’l-Baha is sinking. I swear by the greatest name, may my soul be sacrificed for his shrine, that it is [now] one year that I have only had time to bathe once. See what a situation we have. Now I am determined on journeying to the West so that I may perform service to [Baha’u’llah’s] court. (Abdu’l-Baha, Iranian National Baha’i Archives [INBA], vol. 17, p. 162)
Abdu’l-Baha confesses that he hadn’t bathed for one year! It is totally understandable why the UHJ would want to censor this statement.


Baha’is stabbed Rafsanjani’s daughter in the back

Baha’i Faith and Hypocrisy are two faces of the same coin. If benefits are due, the Baha’is will deceive the friends and foes alike.

Recently the betrayal by the Baha’is was done to Ms. Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of Ex-president of Iran Mr. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Who made a courtesy visit to temporarily paroled Baha’i leader Fariba Kamalabadi, with whom she apparently shared a prison cell in 2009. Fariba Kamalabadi, along with six other Baha’i colleagues of the seven-men ad-hoc Iranian Baha’i administration known as the Yaran, was tried on charges of espionage and spying for Israel, found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

The whole episode was stage managed by Universal House of Justice. Faezah Hashemi was made to seat with a group of Baha’i women all unveiled with a picture of Abbas Effendi Abdu’l-Baha prominently displayed on the wall to the left of the assembled party. Although the visit of Ms. Hashemi was on humanitarian ground, the Baha’i Administration showed as if she being nearer to the Faith and due to this Iran is Losing Battle against the Baha’is. This is nothing but betrayal by deception.

The Baha’i Administration blew this incidence out of proportion through their international contacts. The UHJ sent Messages to National Assemblies to publicize the incidence. This forced the Ex-President to denounce her visit and reprimand saying ‘she had made a big mistake that had to be rectified.’ The Ex-President described the Baha’i faith as “a deviant sect”, which “he disavows and have always done”.

Baha’is are master of betrayal. By this way they created a rift between a father and daughter and tarnished her image amongst her own countrymen. At the same time they put the position of Mrs. Kamalabadi under severe pressure restricting the possibility of her any further release in future.
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Indian Baha’is of Persian origin are involved in full scale moral corruption.

It seems that every Baha’i official, in the Baha’i Administration, is involved in immoral activities whether he is a NSA member, Counsellor, ABM, Children Class teacher, or simply, a card carrying Baha’i!

A new immoral activity has come into picture by a member of LSA of Nashik, Principal of Motiwala Medical College and the husband of ABM, Mrs. Afsaneh Motiwala.

The secret love of Mr. Farooq Motiwala with an employee of Motiwala Medical College has become a talk of the town, and it is no longer a secret. The love affair bloomed for more than a decade. Mrs. Afsaneh Motiwala was fully aware about the secret love, but she kept a nelson eye on the episode, as if her interest was more towards Motiwala College, as her property, than the principal of the college! The College staff, the Baha’i community of Nashik and the students of the college are all talking about this immoral relation, and one wonders what impact it will have on these young innocent minds.

Nashik LSA member, Mr. Farooq Motiwala enjoying life. (Right – in Red Kurta)

Dr. Farooq Motiwala openly declared that Baha’i Faith and Aqdas permit having two wives. Even Baha’u’llah and Abdul-Baha were polygamous. He also gave the name of another Baha’i from Nashik who lived with two wives, and neither the National Spiritual Assembly of India, nor the Continental Board of counsellors had any objection to it. He said that Baha’i Administration encourages these things provided you keep on giving huge funds and a list of potential converts. He quoted an incidence from the late Universal House of Justice member, Mr. Hushmand Fatheazam, saying that once a wife complained to Abdul-Baha about the extra marital affair which her husband had with another lady. Abdul-Baha reprimanded her of her complain, and said “just mind your own business and not to bother about other’s.”

The Local community of Nashik had strong objection about Motiwala’s behavior and they wrote letters to the Counsellor, Mr. Seiosansian, the NSA, and the LSA, to cause Mr. Farooq Motiwala to resign from the Assembly. But they did not bothered, as Motiwala is giving huge sum as donations, and Farooq has made compulsory for all the students of the college to do Ruhi curriculum.

The Baha’i Administration clearly ignored the directives of UHJ letter dated 23 April 2013, that said Administrative Sanction is must for such individuals, and not just their resignation:

“Should the conduct of a believer become so blatant as to attract the attention of the Assembly, it would want, after gaining a relatively clear picture of the issues, to offer loving, but firm advice to the friend involved. In most cases it is necessary, in the first instance, to determine to what extent the believer understands the Faith and its standards. Dispassionate counselling, not infrequently over an extended period, to assist the individual concerned in gaining an appreciation of the requirements of Bahá’í law is generally required. So, too, is patience needed, and he or she should be given sufficient time to bring about a change. The Assembly, often aided by the Counsellors or the members of the Auxiliary Boards, may have to help the individual, reflect on his or her particular circumstances, apply relevant principles, and explore available options. In deciding on what approach to take, the Assembly should be guided by the understanding that its objective is to assist the friends to draw closer to the Faith while taking care to protect the Bahá’í community from the negative influence of those who have no intention of adhering to its standards. When a believer demonstrates allegiance to the Cause and a willingness to rectify the situation, continued patience and loving guidance are in order. All throughout, of course, care is taken to ensure that an individual’s struggles do not become a source of backbiting or disunity in the community. In this the members of the community need to remember that they should focus their energies on their own spiritual development, and on overcoming their personal shortcomings.

Only in circumstances where a believer, ignoring all admonishments, persists in misconduct and knowingly and consistently violates the law, would it be necessary for the Assembly to consider applying administrative sanctions—this, after warning the individual of the consequences of his or her continued disregard for the teachings. ”

It looks like that the Universal House of Justice felt the danger of Mr. Farooq Motiwala continuing as the member of the Nashik Assembly and forced him to resign.

Source : http://bahai-scandals.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/indian-bahais-witness-another-case-of.html

How Bahai Faith Uses Its Women


The year 2016 began with sizzling rumor (later confirmed to be fact) of outgoing young Sama Sabet having unusually close friendship with middle-aged international correspondent Rohit Gandhi. Sabet knew  the theory well that,” Happiest moment of a man is his weakest also”.

SamaSabetSama known for the several boyfriends she has, is well versed in the art of baiting men. This ability was nurtured by the Baha’i background to which she owes allegiance.  The Baha’is, a miniscule cult whose female adherents have a determined intent to convert or influence by hook-or-crook, are groomed as part of culture, to be shamelessly appealing to kindle interest in the opposite sex.

Rohit was just another victim.

Rohit-GandhiDelhi based Rohit, married with two children and an influential correspondent till recently associated with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (and now with Zee Media), was another target.

Sama, based in Kashmir, had come to Delhi for service to the nefarious Lotus Temple. Rohit on a visit to temple was trapped by Sama. Was it just beginning of another illicit relation, or was it planned? For answering this we must refer to the history of the faith in past 75 years, and we find several rich and influential Indians ending into an affair with Baha’i girls (like Soonawallahs, Sorabjees, Gandhis, Motiwallahs, Gaurs, Jindals and….) only to get weakened from their inherited religion and sucked into the Baha’i cult. Needless to say their wealth, influence and progeny are gifted to the Baha’i Faith.

Statistically today, in India the Baha’i Faith members have highest per capita income. No one has perhaps bothered to analyze the reason. Had such illicit relations and love stories been read more seriously, the truth would have been exposed.

Sama has and is using Rohit to access International Media, to showcase the Baha’i Faith. Rohit has opened his heart (and wallet) for continued companionship of beautiful Sama. Rohit has further obliged by going against profession ethics, to give free hand to Sama (read Baha’is) to propagate their faith and defame any other religion/nation who keeps a particular watch on this notorious cult. Indeed we witnessed several news against policies of Iran, through the influence of Rohit.

Rohit has been cheated (in return of favors shown by a beautiful Baha’i lady) but Journalism has been dealt a severe blow. Alas, a tool for exposing injustice has taken a corrupt turn. Will fellow journalist keep silence?

In fact going a step forward the scam has to be further exposed before other journalists like Rohit fall in trap. More research on the Baha’i cult (through following web-sites – http://Bahaism.Blogspot.in), reveals that the Cult is:

  1. Founded on deceit
  • Initiated to meet the needs of colonialists, Zionists and capitalists
  • Devoid of Moral content. Scams are as numerous as the Baha’i population. Every individual has some scam attached to his name
  1. Desirous of establishing a government of its own.
  2. Using false propaganda to get sympathy and hence obtain grants and recognition in locations where they have members.
  3. Never associated with any freedom movement and hence is never in forefront of sacrifice’. Their approach is that of parasites.
  4. It should be remembered that when the Baha’is were asked to give a statement condemning Nirbhaya rape case, they refused and said” We have different way of reforming a society.” Well this case must be taken as an example how the Baha’is wants to reform the society. Hypocrisy PERSONIFIED

From a concerned fellow journalist

Behind the Politics of a Current Brouhaha in Iran: An ex-President Ayatollah’s Daughter and the Baha’is

By N. WahidAzal © 2016

faezeh bahai…By the time that Iranians were getting ready to tear down the very foundation of Qajar monarchy in the course of the Constitutional Revolution…[during 1905-09; the son of the founder of Baha’ism, ʿAbdu’l-Baha] officially sided with Muhammad Ali Shah…and went even further and was knighted by George V, and under the British mandate established the center of his vanity in Haifa…

— Hamid Dabashi, Islamic Liberation Theology, 2008, 83.

…I fully support a first strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities wherever they may be hidden and by whatever means are needed to destroy them. If the Iranians deny us their oil, destroy their oil facilities – if we can’t have their oil, neither will they… Regime change (one way or another) is coming in the relatively near future and Baha’is must be there when a new regime is established to make their mark on the new government and help move it in genuinely new directions…

— Ian Kluge, Canadian Baha’i scholar, public list: talisman9@yahoogroups.com, April 15, 2006.

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Western media often likes to blow the Baha’i issue in Iran beyond all reasonable proportions

by Wahid Azal

A few people have been writing me asking about the brouhaha in Iran over the meeting and selfie of Faezeh Hashemi-Rafsanjani (daughter of former president Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani) with the paroled Baha’i leader Fariba Kamalabadi who is one of 7 leaders of the ad hoc Iranian Baha’i administration known as the Yaran: all of whom were tried and imprisoned for espionage in 2008. This brouhaha has spilled into the world press and is — no surprises — currently being used as propaganda fodder (or, rather, a bludgeon) by the usual suspects against Iran. One does need to go into all the convoluted specifics and details of this case to realize what is going on and where the proverbial rooster’s tail is jotting out and who benefits from it.

Be that as it may, for the record, the Islamic Republic of Iran — while it does not constitutionally recognize or accord legitimacy to Bahaism as a creed — has no state sponsored policy of persecuting Bahaism either. Baha’is as Iranian citizens are accorded full citizenship rights. Nevertheless, besides the fact that at all stages of its history Bahaism has been consistently sponsored and supported by the forces of Anglo-European imperialism and colonialism, the issues the Islamic Republic of Iran has with the activities of Bahaism inside Iran have to do with the fact that organizationally its leadership — who are headquartered in the heart of the Zionist entity in Haifa, occupied Palestine — have consistently enjoyed a very tightly knit relationship with the state of Israel and its establishment: the Israeli establishment who have quite literally protected the Baha’is since 1948 and to whose existence the Baha’is themselves have been the biggest beneficiaries (take one good look at their architectural megalomania in the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia on Mt Carmel which they have constructed for themselves to see what I mean — google either ‘Baha’i World Centre’ or ‘Baha’i Gardens Haifa’ and behold).

As such the Haifan Baha’i organization and its representatives — and not Bahaism as a whole, since there are schismatic Baha’i sects around who are not connected or loyal to the Haifan organization at all (groups which the IRI has no interest in whatsoever) — represent a national security threat to Iran in a similar fashion as various radical Islamist terrorist organizations would theoretically pose national security threats to Western governments and their internal national security interests. It should be noted as well that France banned Scientology and proscribes its activities by law, and to some extent Germany as well, and the situation of the Haifan Baha’i organization in Iran is legally similar to the situation of Scientology or the Jehovah’s Witnesses in France and Germany. The Western media often likes to blow the Baha’i issue in Iran beyond all reasonable proportions while conveniently remaining silent or otherwise downplaying similar parallels existing in Western countries.

That said, precisely for the reasons specified above, Faezeh Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s public meeting with Iranian Baha’i leader Fariba Kamalabadi — the representative of a proscribed organization (with deep ties to Israel and the US) who was found guilty in 2008 of facilitating espionage against the Islamic Republic of Iran and so imprisoned (now paroled) — would be somewhat analogous to a public figure in the West meeting and taking selfies with one of the high inner circle members of Daesh or some such. Individuals who have met with Edward Snowden since his flight to Russia in 2013 have been harassed by American and British political and law enforcement authorities in far, far worse fashion than anything currently happening to Faezeh Hashemi-Rafsanjani in Iran. She is being denounced in the hardline press. Her political enemies are blowing lots of steam in the papers, and that’s about it. She may have a date with the judiciary, but it is unlikely that anything further will happen to her given who her father is. And let us not forget that an individual belonging to a proscribed organization which is tied to an enemy country who has murdered Iranian nuclear scientists — an individual who was tried, sentenced and imprisoned for espionage — is currently out and enjoying some semblance of freedom within Iran itself.

On the day when Julian Assange can come out of that hole in the Ecuadorian embassy in London he’s been sitting in since 2012 without being nabbed immediately by the MET police and sent to Sweden or when Edward Snowden can return safely home to the US from Russia, is the day when either the American or British governments and corporate media can wax indignant about Iran and its issues with the proscribed Haifan Baha’i organization (which, incidentally, Western social science itself has contextualized as being an NRM cult like Scientology etc).

“it is a fake faith, forged by foreigners and colonizers.” – Sadeq Amoli Larijani

Iran is accusing its Baha’i citizens of working for foreign intelligence agencies.

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani said the leaders of the Baha’i community are linked to foreign countries and receive security related orders from them, IRIB news agency reported May 16.  He expressed regret over the support from certain figures in Iran to the Baha’is, and accused them of violating the norms.

Amoli Larijani’s remarks come after Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, recently met with Fariba Kamalabadi, a female leader of the Baha’i community, who had been allowed out of prison on a five-day break. Kamalabadi was arrested eight years ago with six other leaders of the Baha’i community and sentenced to 20 years in prison for charges including espionage.

Faezeh Hashemi’s meeting with Kamalabadi sparked serious controversy in the country, and both Faezeh and his moderate father have become a target of serious criticism by conservative factions in the country.

Rafsanjani himself has said his daughter had made a mistake that needs to be corrected.

Amoli Larijani further warned that defending Bahaism in Iran is meaningless, adding “it is a fake faith, forged by foreigners and colonizers.”

However, he added that the members of the Baha’i community are jailed in Iran not for their beliefs, but for violating the country’s security.

Iranians condemn meeting of Faezeh Rafsanjani with Fariba Kamalabadi

Amoli Larijani also warned Rafsanjani’s daughter that she maybe pursued legally if her “norms violation” initiative reaches a criminal level.


How Baha’is Usurped Muslim Endowments by the Help of the Israeli Government

Mazra’ih (Masra’ih) is the name of a mansion and surrounding land that Baha’u’llah had lived in for two years when he was ‘allegedly’ imprisoned in Palestine. According to an article in the Baha’i magazine, Baha’i News, this land belonged to the Muslims and could not be legally sold to the Baha’is:

“Masra’ih is a Moslem religious endowment, and it is consequently impossible, under existing laws in this country, for it to be sold. However, as the friends are aware, the Ministry of Religions, due to the direct intervention of the Minister himself, Rabbi Maimon, consented, in the face of considerable opposition, to deliver Masra’ih to the Baha’is as a Holy Place to be visited by Baha’i pilgrims. This means that we rent it from the Department of Moslem and Druze affairs in the Ministry of Religions. The head of this Department is also a Rabbi, Dr. Hirschberg. Recently he, his wife and party, visited all the Baha’i properties in Haifa and ‘Akka, following upon a very pleasant tea party in the Western Pilgrim House with the members of the International Baha’i Council.” (Baha’i News, no. 244, June 1951, p. 4) Read more of this post

How Haifan UHJ gathers intelligence through its “Offices of External Affairs?”


A programme organised by the external affairs office of the Baha’i community of Ireland
From left to right: Karen McHugh, Donnah Vuma, Tom Reichental, Payam Akhavan, Sharon Murphy, Ann O’Sullivan.
From left to right: Retired member of the Universal House of Justice Glenford Mitchell, Director of the U.S. Baha’i Office of External Affairs in Washington, Anthony Vance (Director of the U.S. Baha’i External Affairs Office in Washington) and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois. Photo by Jack Gordon.
Omna Sreeni Ong (from Petaling Jaya), the Malaysian Baha’i community’s Director of External Affairs
Nilakshi Rajkhowa and Baha’i External Affairs office bearers meet with BJP leader Shyam Jaju in New Delhi, India

By Investigator919

You might remember a post from a few weeks ago titled: “Open letter from 50 business leaders calls on Tehran to stop persecuting Baha’i businesses” being propagated by the Baha’i propaganda website: http://iranpresswatch.org

It is obvious that 50 businesses won’t magically gather together and sign an open letter. I had stated in that topic that

“The Businesses have signed this letter due to intense amounts of Baha’i lobbying, presumably using biased statements and exaggeration of facts.”

This has finally been confirmed. Two days ago, the Baha’i cult Universal House of Justice of the Haifan order, officially sent the following email to the National Spiritual Assemblies of the Bahá’ís of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United State:


Ordering them to find companies that are doing business in Iran and … read for yourselves:

“You are asked to request your Offices of External Affairs to identify such companies— in collaboration with relevant government agencies, like-minded groups and other non-governmental organizations—and to develop strategies to approach them with a view to learn about their commitment to ethical standards in their businesses in Iran. As they gain greater insight into the social reality in that country, they will come to appreciate that these standards should include, for instance, eschewing any form of discrimination in their employment practices or their treatment of employees, be it against women or minorities. In this context the economic oppression of the Bahá’ís by the government of Iran can be brought to their attention. As these companies may naturally be looking to recruit hard-working, skilled and honest Iranian individuals to assist in establishing their businesses in Iran, the history of discrimination against graduates of the Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education could be explained to them.”

Gathering intelligence on companies doing business in Iran in the name of Baha’i rights… brainwashing those companies into believing exaggerated stories about what happens to Baha’is in Iran… encourage them to speak out against Iran and use it for propaganda purposes…

The letter continues:

“Alongside the actions of your Offices of External Affairs, the Bahá’í International Community United Nations Office will be undertaking complementary initiatives at the international level.”

You see Baha’is do not meddle in political affairs /s

And finally if you haven’t realized where the information goes, and this is what greatly troubles me:

“Kindly keep the Universal House of Justice and the Bahá’í International Community United Nations Office apprised of the outcome of your ongoing endeavours.”

The info goes directly to the Baha’i UHJ in Israel and we all definitely know that under no circumstances will it be shared with some Intelligence groups or enemies…

Panama Paper Leaks : Prominent Indian Baha’i among those stashing money abroad

Who knew that a Doctor could be a multi-billionaire? Who knew that he could be floating companies abroad? Who knew that he could be stashing away money in his sole proprietary firm in BV Islands?

Who knew a Baha’i could be doing all this??

AND also being the Chairman of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Mumbai and the doctor’s mother also being an active member of the National Spiritual Assembly of India.

In this case, the person who brought shame to the Baha’i Faith, is none other than Dr. Jehangir Sorabjee himself, son of Mrs. Zena Sorabjee, NSA member of Baha’is of India.

Unfortunately in past also, there have been instances when some of the Baha’is have been accused for embezzling funds, running Hawala Transactions, obtaining passports by submitting false address proofs, various FIRs have been registered against them but this one has gone a bit too far.

Ex-Continental Counselor Payam Shoghi was arrested by Delhi Police from
Indira Gandhi International Airport while fleeing from the country to Columbia.

The LSA and NSA asks us to contribute to various funds such as Temple maintenance, books publishing, etc etc and last but not least 19% of savings are compulsorily asked in the name of Huququllah – The right of God.

Someone should check how much Jehangir gives as Huququllah or he sends all his money abroad !?

Now, luckily with this scam exposed, it is very clear where all the money of Sorabjee is going ! May be that also includes the money from Zia Mody, his sister.

It is an eye – opener for me and I will now think twice before giving any of my money to Baha’i individuals. The Huququllah board has appointed various individuals to collect money on their behalf. These people many times do not issue the receipt of the Huquq immediately. Only God knows if this money viz. the right of God… reaches its destination or lands somewhere in Panama or British Virgin Islands!

In addition to the accused money squandering, Mr. Sorabjee has been involving himself in commenting on political issues e.g. tweeting against Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s policies and telling him that his government is a pathetic failure or criticizing the TCS for giving Rs 231 crores to Carnegie Mellon University instead of Indian Institutions, whereas he himself is transferring his and may be Baha’i money abroad !! Aren’t their Tax Saving schemes and opportunities in India ?

Dr. Sorabjee is the chairman of the LSA of Baha’is of Mumbai for years without attending any of the Baha’i meetings. He feels himself to belittle of calling himself a Baha’i. His life is full of anti-Baha’i principles. He has an unsuccessful married life. He has divorced his wife Deepika at the fag end of her carrier where she is suppose to restart her carrier as a DOCTOR.

Baha’is are supposed to be loyal to the country in which they stay but here we see that he has gone against the laws of his country. Only the time will show that!

If the Iceland PM can resign over the Panama incident, the least Mr. Sorabjee can do is resign from the membership of Local Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Mumbai and Mrs. Zena Sorabjee taking the responsibility on his son bringing bad repute to the Faith should immediately step down from the membership of National spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of India.

This is a humble suggestion from a Baha’i who has worked with Late Mrs. Shireen Fozdar and I am sure she must be upset in the Abha Kingdom to see her generations bringing bad repute to the Faith.

Shared by : Poonam Sharma, India

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