How Bahai Faith Uses Its Women


The year 2016 began with sizzling rumor (later confirmed to be fact) of outgoing young Sama Sabet having unusually close friendship with middle-aged international correspondent Rohit Gandhi. Sabet knew  the theory well that,” Happiest moment of a man is his weakest also”.

SamaSabetSama known for the several boyfriends she has, is well versed in the art of baiting men. This ability was nurtured by the Baha’i background to which she owes allegiance.  The Baha’is, a miniscule cult whose female adherents have a determined intent to convert or influence by hook-or-crook, are groomed as part of culture, to be shamelessly appealing to kindle interest in the opposite sex.

Rohit was just another victim.

Rohit-GandhiDelhi based Rohit, married with two children and an influential correspondent till recently associated with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (and now with Zee Media), was another target.

Sama, based in Kashmir, had come to Delhi for service to the nefarious Lotus Temple. Rohit on a visit to temple was trapped by Sama. Was it just beginning of another illicit relation, or was it planned? For answering this we must refer to the history of the faith in past 75 years, and we find several rich and influential Indians ending into an affair with Baha’i girls (like Soonawallahs, Sorabjees, Gandhis, Motiwallahs, Gaurs, Jindals and….) only to get weakened from their inherited religion and sucked into the Baha’i cult. Needless to say their wealth, influence and progeny are gifted to the Baha’i Faith.

Statistically today, in India the Baha’i Faith members have highest per capita income. No one has perhaps bothered to analyze the reason. Had such illicit relations and love stories been read more seriously, the truth would have been exposed.

Sama has and is using Rohit to access International Media, to showcase the Baha’i Faith. Rohit has opened his heart (and wallet) for continued companionship of beautiful Sama. Rohit has further obliged by going against profession ethics, to give free hand to Sama (read Baha’is) to propagate their faith and defame any other religion/nation who keeps a particular watch on this notorious cult. Indeed we witnessed several news against policies of Iran, through the influence of Rohit.

Rohit has been cheated (in return of favors shown by a beautiful Baha’i lady) but Journalism has been dealt a severe blow. Alas, a tool for exposing injustice has taken a corrupt turn. Will fellow journalist keep silence?

In fact going a step forward the scam has to be further exposed before other journalists like Rohit fall in trap. More research on the Baha’i cult (through following web-sites –, reveals that the Cult is:

  1. Founded on deceit
  • Initiated to meet the needs of colonialists, Zionists and capitalists
  • Devoid of Moral content. Scams are as numerous as the Baha’i population. Every individual has some scam attached to his name
  1. Desirous of establishing a government of its own.
  2. Using false propaganda to get sympathy and hence obtain grants and recognition in locations where they have members.
  3. Never associated with any freedom movement and hence is never in forefront of sacrifice’. Their approach is that of parasites.
  4. It should be remembered that when the Baha’is were asked to give a statement condemning Nirbhaya rape case, they refused and said” We have different way of reforming a society.” Well this case must be taken as an example how the Baha’is wants to reform the society. Hypocrisy PERSONIFIED

From a concerned fellow journalist

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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