Bahai Persecution: A Ruse for Growth

“Baha’i blood should be spilled in excess. Streets of Iran should be stacked with Baha’i corpses. Survival of Baha’ism depends on persecution of Baha’is,” these are not the agenda of any hostile countries but actually a cleverly developed strategy of the Universal House of Justice (UHJ). This is the gist of the message conveyed to the Persian speaking Baha’is of Iran on May 8, 2015.

According to the Baha’i spin-masters and think-tank, unless Baha’i victimization and atrocities are hyped, Baha’is will not be able to rescue a dying secret society masquerading as a modern religion.

They also want to create fear psychosis among the Baha’is portraying Iranian government in the negative light. This will ensure that their coffers are overflowing with cash from across the world and especially from the Iranian Baha’is.

This only exposes the UHJ’s hypocritical designs and their vested interests which indicate that they are actually enemies in the guise of friends. And they can go to any lengths to attain their malicious purposes.

The head honchos at Haifa are quite depressed at the grim scenario that plague the community. They have now realized that they cannot sedate the enthusiasts or neo Baha’is with smooth and sugar coated small talk.

Dwindling finances, diminishing Baha’i populace in every country (as indicated through census), veteran Baha’is refusal to accept senior positions in Baha’i administration, exodus of Baha’i stalwarts from such posts after their realization that its sheer wastage of their time and labour. This has thrown the whole organization in shambles.

Nevertheless, the community in general is also in abysmal state. Unabated divorces, growing immorality, total disregard towards institution of marriage, increasing cases of gay marriages, extra marital affairs and such other wanton behavior has spelled doom. The juniors youth meetings places and Baha’i centres have been reduced to den of illegal activities.

The final nail in the coffin for the community is the ostracisation of Baha’i by the world governments. The intelligence agencies have stepped up surveillance on Baha’i units, in fact motions for denying support to them have already been tabled in the United Nations. Several countries have actually deported Baha’is for their involvement in espionage and treason. While in some cases some Baha’is were imprisoned for supplying confidential information to Israel.

These developments clearly indicate the world has now began to call their bluff and does not want to be deceived by their hollow claims of peace and harmony. Their sole motive is to defraud the government to further their own hidden leitmotif.

In an international meeting of the selective Baha’i who were working for the External affairs committee of Baha’is the member of the House Firaydoun Javaheri said: “Think if the Iranian persecution stops what we will do?”. He said through the persecution of Baha’is we should seek an opportunity to meet the world leaders and introduce Baha’i faith to them. Can anybody think about a Faith which claims to be a revealed religion and having External Affairs committee to decisive the world leaders? They have incorporation of assemblies and the registration of Trademarks. Mirza Ahmad Sohrab had sharply objected that these are not the constituents of a revealed Religion.

In a country when the Ridvan Message was being read the Baha’is some members have openly ridiculed it saying it was too boring and prosaic. No one wants to listen to these false reports.

Under the pretext of defense of civil Rights of the Iranian Baha’is they have made committees all over the world so as to exert more pressure on Iran consequently the Iranian authorities will be forced to take more stringent action against the Baha’is.

The Persian Baha’is should know that it is only the Baha’i Administration who wants their persecution and martyrdom. Arrest and humiliation of Baha’is is a good news for them and freedom and happiness of Baha’is only defeats their purpose.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

2 Responses to Bahai Persecution: A Ruse for Growth

  1. Jules Rensch says:

    interestingly, I’ve found that my Baha’i friends seem so most vocally “troubled & bothered” by the Yaran (those Baha’is incarcerated in Iran)….using every political & media opportunity to shed light on this grave injustice….yet, they don’t seem to demonstrate any such particular outrage when it comes to others , (such as Christians or Muslims) who are victimized by death and torture.
    Is that the obverse side of the Partisan Politics refrain?

  2. goodoldays2 says:

    All this while the leaders posed as Sunni Muslims in Acre for years and saved their skins while the followers were sent to the gallows…

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