Bahai lies exposed in US census too!

Bahais claim that there are 1,75,000 Baha’is in US. But the official census says something else. The official census of United States  says that “there were 28,000 Baha’is in US in 1990, then in 2001 it figure went up to 84,000 (entry by troops?) then again in 2008 it dropped down to 49000 (exodus by troops!)”. Extract of official census is as under:

Table 75. Self-Described Religious Identification of Adult Population


Religious Groups















When it comes to “Baha’i Faith” it is very difficult to believe quoted Numbers. They have always deceived, always lied.

Another instance, is the widespread lie , “It is the most widespread Religion, after Christianity, in US”

Baha’i Faith openly defies previous exposures on false claims of their population and shamelessly declares one claim after another. Baha’is had been earlier exposed in India, Pakistan, Iran Russia, UK, US ,New Zealand. If ownership of Guinness book was in hands of Baha’is, records would be created hourly.

Another big lie about the Bahai Census of South Carolina

Bahai claim that there are 17,559 Bahais in South Carolina, it is again a big lie. A map purporting to show the second-largest religion in each state appeared on the Washington Post‘s GovBeat blog early this month, and it made a surprising claim: Of all 50 states, South Carolina was the only one where the second-largest religion was Bahá’í.

Today, adherents of Bahá’í in South Carolina report that the religion is concentrated in rural, largely African-American communities. While Charleston County reported just 676 Bahá’í adherents in 2010.

*The map was based on data from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census, sponsored by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Unlike more commonly cited studies by the Pew Research Center, which uses phone surveys to collect randomized sample data, the Religion Census depended on administrators and leaders within local congregations to self-report numbers of adherents. In a blog post for Religion News Service, Trinity College professorMark Silk criticized the Post’s map and the Religion Census, writing that self-reporting by religious bodies “ranges from highly accurate to wildly conjectural and self-serving.”

So if United States wants to remain as world leader they should keep their eyes open to want appears on their official sites. It should be their own work thoroughly checked and rechecked by trustworthy and reliable sources. And not the claims of ‘self-reporting religious bodies’ which has the sole aim to serve their own deceptive purpose.

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

One Response to Bahai lies exposed in US census too!

  1. Truth Badger says:

    Why should they (Baha’i) leadership resort to lying..If this is the true religion of God, there is no need to falsify anything. The people will flock naturally to their religion if it Gods religion.

    I attended a Baha’i high school and I know a thing or two about their religion and it’s message…They often got adherents by promising the poor villagers some cash etc…This is one way of inflating their numbers. It was always about increasing membership and filling monthly quota but never based on Religious substance and Godly message

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