How skilled people get Elected to the Universal House of Justice?

The "Skilled" Ones

The “Skilled” Ones

By an Ex-Counselor who wish to remain Anonymous.
We Baha’is denounce politics whatsoever. We are not supposed to be part of any government ministry nor any political party. Yet, those in authority at the highest level at UHJ are adept at politics.
There are many unwritten rules and code words being passed around to manipulate the administration functioning. Things are so professionally managed that a common Baha’i continue to repose his trust in the supreme body.
As an insider who had served for a few years at Haifa, I have seen many such stage managed events. The most prominent being the elections to UHJ.
Criteria for rising in cadre at Haifa…as follows
Briefly, following are the criteria:
A.    You should be a Persian Baha’i, or
B.    Your wife is Persian,
C.    You have good means to support UHJ monetarily.
D.    You should be able to write good reports of achievement when in fact no work has been done. (Those not having this quality take guidance from a Persian for success)
E.     You should move closer to the Ruhi Brigade (Arbab-Javaheri-Mohajer). Talk everywhere about the merits of Ruhi Books. Say whenever you read Ruhi, it always gives you some new points.
Steps to Carve a Success Story, the Flow Chart:
ITC is the springboard for moving into the UHJ orbit. But before that as a first step do a few teaching of Ruhi courses on paper and become friendly with the ABM. Get appointed as assistant to ABM and then do some more teaching. Most likely the ABM will nominate you when he is promoted to counselor.
After being a showy ABM who makes sure to attend everything even opening of the envelopes, the Counselor position is assured.
Now memorize a few prayers and if you can really do it in Persian then you are nearer to the aim.
Now, ITC should be the next target.
Try to get yourself noticed by UHJ. Emulate the predecessors. Develop the habit of writing smart impressive reports and there you are at ITC.
Alternative route (Mr. Paul Lample gate):
If all the above steps fail then do not be disheartened, Baha’i Faith has hope for every manipulator. Try the Ms. Haleh Arbab alternative.
Get closure to her, tell her some merits of Ruhi circles, praise her dear brother Mr. Arbab, her beloved husband Mr. Correa and about her achievements of OSED, FUNDAEC etc. Being absolutely aware that OSED is just an International Touring organization.
Mr. Gustavo Correa’s Baha’i knowledge about central figures is so encompassing that he can go on lecturing for hours on the topic of relationship between Abdul Baha and Abbas Effendi! 
Paul Lample can vouch for 100% success for this alternative! He got selected to the UHJ this way with the approval of Persian group comprising Mr. Farzam Arbab, Mr. Firaydoun Javaheri and Mr. Payman Mohajer.
At present this gate is overcrowded by presence of Mr. Ayman Rouhani, Mr. Foad Reyhani, Mr. Omid Seioshansian, and Mr. Jabbar Eidelkhani etc. Only one thing is common amongst all and that is all are PERSIAN, very good in writing reports Etc.
The late Mr. Hasan Sabri could also conform this if contactable in the Abha kingdom!
You are now at the threshold:
Your flight has almost reached the destination in a short period of 12 years from when you started. Keep your hopes alive with your target in mind. Just as the sly politician has the post of President of the Nation in his mind.
Long live Baha’i politics… Long live Persian dominance….

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

6 Responses to How skilled people get Elected to the Universal House of Justice?

  1. Starlone Gold says:

    Absolutely essential reading for those who don’t want the truth. It is significantly apparent that hyou have no idea about the process let alone the binding Covenant of Baha’u’llah between Baha’is and the Universal House of Justice. Your article is fake. God bless and forgive you.

  2. Starlone Gold says:

    Conducted by secret ballot, the Bahá’í electoral process prohibits the nomination and presentation of candidates, thereby giving maximum freedom of choice to each elector and avoiding the partisanship and power-seeking behavior so characteristic of conventional political elections.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Startlone:

      You seem to be a new Bahai and a fairly naive one at that. You dont seem to understand how the Bahai Elections work. Perhaps, you need to spend more time and observe this, or you can objectively see that the Bahai Elections are not Elections, but a selection from the House of Justice.

      The words you write about the Bahai elections seem to be a cut and paste job from some Bahai website.


  3. Starlone Gold says:

    This website is replete with false information as the author of the site knows full well. Anyone with half a brain can see that. The big glaring clue is the grammatical error in the first sentence.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Starlone:

      How easy it is to throw mud on anything and assert that it is false! Why dont you please point out what fasehood you found in the page. If it is false, I will be happy to take it off. Till such time that you do that, I will consider it to be the truth and so should all other readers.

      Warm regards

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