Beyond and Behind Ruhi Classes there is Moral Bankruptcy of the Baha’i Faith

ruhiyouthsWe recognize that all human beings are sinners; however, there is a disproportionately high rate of moral failure among the Baha’i teachers of Ruhi Children Moral Classes. We also recognize that there may be a few of these kinds of teachers in every faith, but our concern is that almost ALL the most famous Baha’i Teachers have been disgraced their moral lives.

Moreover it is the Baha’i Faith which thinks that it is the monopoly of them to spiritualize and moralize the children of other faiths through these Ruhi Books. The Ground reality is that beyond and behind these ‘Ruhi Curriculum’ there is absolute immorality of Baha’is and Baha’i Teachers.

The most important question now is that, only saying is enough that there should be morality and spirituality, among the people OR it should be practically applied by the people in their life?

Morality is not a product that any one can buy or hire from market by paying some money. It is a matter of human value. It develops through lots of passion, compassion and disciplined life. The word ‘Morality’ may look simple, short, not codified in law but is continuously applying in all the cultures. It will not come by signing a declaration card or by meeting some political leaders and asking them to give a statement against Iran

The Ruhi Classes are place of Fashion Shows where the scantier dress you adhere the more spiritual you become. It is a place of meeting the lovers and the loved ones. It is a place where the Baha’i teacher/facilitator can prey on the young ones ditching the eyes of the parents and guardians. It is a place where sexually disoriented people find their soul mates.

Yet with only a cursory look into their personal lives and lifestyles one quickly sees how fraudulent their claims are. Every counselor has a divorced life. Most of the NSA members are involved in sexual misconduct, some might want to say “these people do not represent the Baha’i Faith” or that I have “stacked the deck.” The sad TRUTH of the matter is that these people are KEY PEOPLE in the Baha’i Administration. These are the acknowledged LEADERS. If what they promote does not work in their own lives why should anyone else believe them? It is totally waste to discuss until and unless people don’t realize, recognize, apply the Importance of morality and spirituality in their own life.

In Canada, Dr. Danesh was banned from treating patients. Despite being discredited in a sexual misconduct scandal he is on Canadian NSA. Mr. Payam Shoghi another counselor was involved in document forgery.  Justice Nelson was found for economic bungling.

Going down the lane there are innumerable reports of such misconduct and thanks to the Internet it is all getting exposed.

But for the Baha’is these are the signs that Baha’i Faith is coming out of obscurity, still the Baha’is are not matured etc. Lets face the truth, the Baha’is will be forgiven for everything which they do whether it is sexual misconduct, adultery, child molestation, homosexuality, elopement or financial frauds or extra marital affair etc.

But for the Baha’i Administration, if he repents and then brings some new converts to the faith, pays Huququllah regularly and does not backbite against the institution of Faith, it is very likely that the UHJ will give him a better promotion. Once a diamond is chipped, it may be reground, but it will never be as large as before.

What place do moral issues have in Baha’i Faith? Should we speak out loudly and often against those things that offend? Or do we remain silent believing that giving no offense is the better approach? I believe the answer is not ‘silence’ as the children and Jr. Youths and our whole society is involved in it.

Baha’is are commanded to cry against the moral sins of others. They are commanded to use harsh words for the establishments where the Baha’is are imprisoned, even if they may be imprisoned for their economical bungling or sexual misconduct but the Baha’i Administration will shout Help Help they are persecuting the Baha’is.

An article by Ex-Baha’i of India
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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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