Ex-NSA member Dr. Ahmed Ansari uses weird ‘Chelation therapy’ on heart partients from the Gulf

City quack cons Saudis
City-based Ansari uses weird ‘Chelation therapy’ on heart partients from the Gulf 

Poornima Nataraj

BANGALORE, DHNS: Beware of ‘Chelation therapy’, a treatment not scientifically proven, but is widely publicised and available in some of the wellness centres in Bangalore.

A City-based doctor and proponent of the therapy has been accused of practising unethical medical procedures claiming to remove blocked arteries in the heart without surgery by just injecting medicines directly into the veins.

The malpractice came to the fore when the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia wrote a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs in 2008 about Dr Ahmad Jaber Ansari practising ‘Chelation therapy’ on many patients from Saudi Arabia at his clinic on Cunningham Road.

The Embassy had also referred to a Saudi national — whose angiography showed many blocks in the artery — who had visited Ansari in Bangalore. The patient had undergone several sittings where some medicines were injected into him. He was also given a medical report with X-rays with an impression of his recuperation. Later, when the patient returned to Saudi Arabia and visited a hospital for a checkup, the medical reports showed no improvement in his health.

The Embassy then wrote to the Indian government asking it to look into the procedures conducted by Ansari.

Post the letter, the Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) found Ansari using ‘Chelation therapy’ mostly on gullible patients from Saudi Arabia. The therapy involves administration of EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) an anti-coagulant used in laboratories to prevent clotting of blood for heamotological examination. The chemical is administered intravenously through a drip City quack cons Saudis City-based Ansari uses weird ‘Chelation therapy’ on heart partients from the Gulf and the course lasts for about 10-14 days.

Ansari had treated over 1,000 patients and had procured EDTA from Creative Drug Industries from Navi Mumbai. The KMC also accused Ansari of obtaining ‘Motivated Reports’ from laboratories and hospitals to trap patients at his clinic that does not have a facility for emergency care.

Ever since the health and family welfare commissioner, through KMC, filed a case against such unethical practices, Ansari has not turned up for hearing. He is represented by his lawyer.

After shutting down his clinic on Cunningham Road, Ansari now operates at Pristine Natural Health and Research Centre at HBR Layout. It also has a full-fledged website pristinenaturalhealth.com.

Asked about the credibility of Chelation therapy, Ansari told Deccan Herald: “The therapy works differently for different persons with ailments. My research on Chelation therapy is under way at my research centre. Once I complete it, I will definitely publish it,”

He, however, refused to speak about the letter from the Saudi Embassy, or his case pending with the Karnataka Medical Council.

Dr Chikkananjappa, KMC president, said the Council had recommended to the government to introduce an ‘Anti Quackery Bill’ to prevent exploitation of innocent patients.

Source :
Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India.

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