Are Baha’is the only ‘persecuted’ people on the Earth?

Let us first read these extracts from

“…In the two thoPersecutionusand years of the Christian faith, about 70 million believers have been killed for their faith, of whom 45.5 million or 65% were in the twentieth century according to “The New Persecuted” (“I Nuovi Perseguitati”)

“..Atheists have experienced persecution throughout history. Persecution may refer to unwarranted arrest, imprisonment, beating, torture, or execution.

“With the Missouri extermination order Mormons became the only religious group to have a state of the United States legalize the extermination of their religion.

“The persecution of Jews occurred many times in Jewish history.

“The Sunni rulers under the Umayyads sought to marginalize the Shia minority and later the Abbasids turned on their Shia allies and further imprisoned, persecuted, and killed Shias. The persecution of Shias throughout history by Sunni co-coreligionists has often been characterized by brutal and genocidal acts.

“The Ahmadiyya regard themselves as Muslims, but are seen by many other Muslims as non-Muslims and “heretics”. In 1984, the Government of Pakistan, under General Zia-ul-Haq, passed Ordinance XX,[6] which banned proselytizing by Ahmadis and also banned Ahmadis from referring to themselves as Muslims.

“Hindus have been historically persecuted during Islamic rule of the Indian subcontinent and during Portuguese rule of Goa. In modern times, Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh have also suffered persecution.

“Hazara people of central Afghanistan have been persecuted by Afghan rulers at various times in the history. Since the tragedy of 9/11, Sunni Muslim terrorists have been attacking the Hazara community in southwestern Pakistani town of Quetta, home to some 500000 Hazara who fled persecution in neighbouring Afghanistan. Some 2400 men, women and children have been killed or wounded with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claiming responsibility for most of the attacks against the community.

“..Along with Jews, Homosexuals and others, the Roma Gypsies were rounded by the Nazi Regime of Germany and sent to the death camps.

Bahais speaks volumes about their ‘Persecution’ in Iran.They always talk about human rights and human values and big things like world peace and world government and blah blah blah…

When so many people around the world were and are persecuted for one or the other reason, Baha’is are busy only in highlighting the plight of 9 bahais arrested in Iran. Where are these 7 million bahais ?? Cant  a single voice be raised against those who are involved in these crime against humanity.What is UHJ- Universal House of Justice, Is it really so?? Those stupid 9 persons are dumb,deaf and blind. They are only concerned about those 9 NSA members in Iran. Cant they see other crimes being committed on other people in other parts of  the world?? If they are really concerned about humanity they must feel the pain.How are they going to bring world peace when they are so selfish and eccentric??

Such are the people who are going to establish world order of Baha’ullah ?? I doubt and I have every right to say that these people are not working for humanity. They are working to increase their number in whatever way possible whether devotional,children classes, junior youth programme etc.

People are not fools. They have now understood the meaning of Card declaration and Ruhi books. Bahais, go and search for some other method of fooling the people. Your Pseudo religion is not working any more. People are now exiting in troops from your organization and social club.Humans feels the pain and suffering of others humans. They are not qualified to call themselves even human being.

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I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

4 Responses to Are Baha’is the only ‘persecuted’ people on the Earth?

  1. fabio ehsani says:

    i am a Bahai.

    have we ever denied the persecutions against the other faith??
    what is strange if we show the persecution against us.
    are we happy about the persucution against christians or buddists? ? ?? ?

    turn on your brain before writing….

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Fabio:

      The Bahai Faith has never acknowledged the persecution against other religions. When it comes to this sticky issue, why don’t Bahais quote Bahaullah and talk about how he came to unite mankind?

      Most persecution is in your face – what we see in the Middle East is worse than the arrest of a few Bahais. It is shameful to see “independent” countries make such a hue and cry over that issue and yet keep silent on the deaths of thousands of people in another part of the world.

      The truth is that Bahais want misery so that they can continue to get footage in the world.

  2. kanzu99 says:

    I came to this site out of interest in debunking religious myths, but as I continue to read more of your posts, I see that it harbors hatred. I am not a Bahai, but I do not believe that they want misery in order to get footage in the world. You stance in this matter is obviously Muslim bias.
    Subtle, but it is there. The Muslim faith has far more problems that the Bahai faith and I think it’s fair to say that more people have suffered because of Islam than they have because of the Bahais. The more I read of what you have written, the more I see that you have personal issues with the Bahais. I recognize it because for the first time, I see it in myself, having encountered Bahais earlier in my life. There is no faith that is free from criticism- including Islam, though you probably will disagree.

    Strange, I first commented on this site, highly critical of the Bahais and now am left feeling compassion for people who are trying their best. Bahais are not a threat to world peace- Muslims are. And most people in the world see this. No wonder Muslims are highly suspicious of the Bahais. Any idea that weakens Islam’s stance is a threat. The world sees that Muslims have no problem using violence to squash the voices of dissent. If Islam is truly a religion of peace, then they should love those who believe differently from themselves. But clearly, here on this blog you demonstrate that this is not so. And you have also demonstrated to the world the cliche that religion, in the end always causes division.

    • imranshaykh says:

      Dear Kanzu99:

      Thanks for your comments – this one and the previous one. I continue to maintain my stance about Bahais revelling in misery. I have 180 years of history to conclusively establish that. I don’t think they want any Bahais released. Rather they want more and more Bahais arrested, esp in Iran so that they can raise hell about it. Period.

      My bias is not subtle. It is overt. I am surprised that you felt that my bias is subtle. But it stems not out of emotion, but out of years of study of Bahais Faith – both texts and practices. Please do take a look at my site to know about the depth of my study from Bahai scriptures. Bahais were nurtured, and still are being nurtured, by the west to divide the Muslim community. In any case, I dont really condemn the Bahai Faith. I only ask questions. So fat, since 1996, no Bahai has been able to offer a credible answer. Please see the article Why This Website on I have offered an open challenge to alter any part of the web site if the references were proved wrong. So far in 17 years, so Bahai has come forth. Yes, there have been abuses, but no rational refuations.

      I am saddened by your impression of Islam – that Muslims practice and preach violence. That is not true. Islam condemns violence. Islam is unfortunately influenced by a sect (thoroughly backed by the West) which is small in numbers, but enjoys larger share of voice due to its wealth from oil. Muslims, like myself and I am not a minority in the community, condemn violence even if it be perpetrated by those seemingly our own. We disassociate from them and proudly claim to have nothing to do with them.

      Am happy to have a dialogue on religion if you wish. You can write to me at


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