19 Questions for the Bahais

The Bahai Faith teaches that we should search for the truth and do an independent investigation. How about doing a quick investigation of the Bahai Faith? Let us ask a few questions to the Bahais and hope they realize the truth.

  1. On p 293 of Ishraqaat Bahaullah declared that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the LAST Prophet and Messenger, then who was Bahaullah?
  2. Since when did Bab become the Prophet herald of Bahaullah, when during his lifetime he claimed to be the door to Imam Mahdi (pbuh)?
  3. If Bab was the forerunner for Bahaullah, then why did he appoint Bahaullah’s brother as his successor and not Bahaullah?
  4. Why did Bab’s successor and most of the special companions of Bab (Huruf-e-Hayy) not accept Bahaullah’s claims?
  5. Bahais preach so much about Unity then why are there so many sects in the Bahai Faith?
  6. Why are the Orthodox Bahais called Covenant Breakers when they are closer to Bahaullah’s teachings than the mainstream Bahais?
  7. The constituents of Universal House of Justice are all fallible, then how does the House of Justice become infallible? 1 monkey + 1 monkey = 1 elephant?
  8. Do the Bahais need a clergy with such a dictatorial House of Justice and other Assemblies?
  9. Why is no woman allowed to become a member of the Universal House of Justice?
  10. If the Bahai Faith is a universal religion, why are the Bahais not allowed to preach in Israel?
  11. If the Bahai Faith preaches peace, then why is the early Bahai writings and history full of bloodshed?
  12. What is that one universal language that Bahais want to establish?
  13. When religion and science are to be in harmony, why are so many ideas in the Bahai faith contrary to science?
  14. If independently investing the truth is an important principle, why are the Bahais not allowed to question the Bahai beliefs?
  15. Are the Bahai activities worldover being restricted because they are spreading falsehood in the society?
  16. Why are the number of Bahais stated by the Bahais always a multiple of the actual and those reported by independent agencies?
  17. If Bahai Faith is a religion, why does it function like an organization?
  18. With so many distortions made in Bahai books, can we trust the Bahais?
  19. If The Bahai faith is a true religion, then why are the Bahais hiding the truth?

Source: www.thebahaitruth.com

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

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