Former Hands of the Cause Reveals All!

Abdul Husain Aayati lived amongst the Bahais for 20 years and served them through these years. He was popularly known as “Awareh” which means the one who wandered about in love (of Bahaullah). After these years, he saw the corruptions of the Bahais first hand, renounced the Bahai Faith and finally reverted back to Islam. Thereafter he wrote the book “Kashful Heel” to reveal the true face and hypocrisy of the Bahais. The life history of Awareh is full of interesting events and episodes and all of these cannot be outlined in this brief treatise. However, in order to appreciate his book – Kashful heel – it is first important to understand his personality. Here is a brief about Awareh.

Who was Abdul Husain Aayati?

Abdul Husain Ayati

Abdul Husain Ayati

He was a littérateur, historian, writer, translator, journalist and a great poet. His father was Allamah Haaj Shaikh Mohammad, famous as “Haaj Aakhwant Tafti”. He was the grandchild of Sheikh Mohammad who was famous as “Aaqa Bururg” Tafti Yazdi. He came from an illustrious family of scholars from Yazd. Abdul Husain Aayati was born in 8th Zilhaj 1287 AH in Taft. At the young age of 15 years, he came to Yazd and attended the school of Khan Buzurg. He completed his study of Arabic grammar and language, logic and bayan from Meer Bahauddin Jandaqi Mulla Abdul Karim Misgar and Mulla Akber Nadushi. In the year 1313, after his father‘s death, he rose to the position of his father on the insistence of the people of Yazd. He was considered as a religious authority and as a man of knowledge (“Ahle Minbar wa mahrab”). He was the Imam (leader) of two masjids (mosques) and used to handle the affair of the people.

HIs initial contact with Bahais and the Bahai Faith
In the year 1320, at the age of 33 he was introduced to a Bahai book. The books made such an impression upon him that he was eager to meet them. He came in contact with members of the Bahai Faith and even stayed in those areas which were largely occupied by Bahais. He met with some prominent Bahai speakers. They appointed some Bahais to have regular contact publicly with Abdul Husain Aayati so that they could lower his esteem in the eyes of the people, while others alleged that he had inclined towards the Bahai Faith. Due to these accusations, people distanced themselves from him due to which he left his birthplace. Considering this move as an opportunity, Bahais tried to attract him and were successful in that for after some time he declared the Bahais Faith. However as time passed, he realized that Bahais were not correct and then reverted to Islam.

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