Persecution of Bahais – Sign of Truth?

Visit any Bahai website and you will find a mention of “Persecution of Bahais”. While I condemn any kind of persecution, I believe we should not accept any claim at its face value. Moreso, if it comes from the Bahais. (Please read: Advancing the Status of Women and other articles).

Before we delve further, it would be very important to note, this discussion has very little to do with the Bahai Faith. This discussion is more for social interest than religious significance. Simply because being persecuted or not is not a proof for establishing the truthfulness of the claimant or the veracity of the claim.

To explain this further, if being persecuted was a characteristic of a Prophet, every executed traitor would become a Manifestation of God. This would become an established methodology of recognising a Prophet.

In fact, Ghulam Ahmed Qadian, a contemporary of Bahaullah, was in a more formidable position to be a Prophet instead of Bahaullah, as the Qadianis are seeing more difficult times than the Bahais. On the other hand, the Bahais would then be required to deny the Prophethood of king and Prophet David (the one from whose progeny would be the Manifestation of God (read Bahaullah) as claimed by the Bahais). In short, being persecuted or not is not a sign of being a divine religion.

Let me touch upon an important aspect of this discussion. Past prophets have been harassed and persecuted – Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is the best example. He was troubled by the Quraish, the polytheists, the Christians and the Jews. Please note, he was troubled by all those whose beliefs he abrogated. By ALL, and not by the followers of the previous Prophet only. Bahais, as they claim, are persecuted in Muslim countries, only give a new dimension to our discussion. Why is it that the Bahais are persecuted in Muslim countries and supported by non-Muslim countries? Is Bahaullah not a Prophet for the Jews, as well? Are Israeli Jews not eligible for salvation by accepting the Bahai Faith? Then why the arrangement between the Bahais and the Jews of Israel that the Faith would not be sold to them? Why are Jews supporting the Bahai Faith (as long as they do not preach the Jews)? Why is the West (primarily Christian countries) supporting the Bahais? Is this the continuation of persecuting the Muslims, now ideologically? So is it the Bahais who are being persecuted or is it the Muslims?

So, if persecution establishes the veracity of a religion, then we can simply close the discussion and submit to Islam. Muslims are not only being persecuted politically, but ideologically as well.

I am sure the Bahais would now insist that being persecuted is no proof for truthfulness.

About imranshaykh
I am a student of comparative religion with a special interest in Islam and The Bahai Faith

One Response to Persecution of Bahais – Sign of Truth?

  1. I agree that persecution is not a proof of Profithood. However, in the Bible, Christ says or so it is written, by their fruits you may know them. I do not believe in a church-state but feel that all should have the right to a religiouls belief or not as they wish. There has been a long history by some in Iran, of attacking others due to their religious and/or political beliefs. Beverly Hills, is full of them and most are not Baha’is but Jews and others. I have no way or knowing if most members of the Baha’i Iranian community have been loyal citizens or not but I would say that they can not be much different than anyother group including the Christian minority. Today, even in Egypt, we see some are thinking about leaving, for other lands, due to the hatred by some of the Moslem faith or those calling themselves members of that religion.

    I also agree that it is irregular that the Baha’is have made a concerted effort not to teach the Faith in Isreal. I think most minorities reach some understanding with the majority in many things. The Catholics did not attack the Nazis for their actions aganst the Jews in the 30’s and 40’s and the American Moslems have decided, for the most part, if they want to drive a car, they must reveal their faces on the license and I am sure make many othe concessions to the Christian majority. I am quite certain that our gay rights and porn industry would not be tolerated in Iran either, but when they come here to live and work, they have to make major cultural adjustments so we can all “just get along”. I think we all must try to embrace our differences and if that is not possible, at least tolerate them.

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