Election Fraud Rocks Baha’I Community Of Pakistan

This E-mail is being circulated among the Baha’is of Pakistan

Dear Bahai Friend,

Allahu Abha

Bahai Elections are Selections and Not ElectionsIs it fair that the two members of the currently fairly elected National Assembly of Pakistan have been suspended by the Universal House of Justice? These were the members who received maximum number of votes from the delegates. The other seven members are retained.

Not only this but even the office bearers of the NSA has been removed and instead other appointed in their place. This clearly indicates that the so called infallible UHJ has not done justice. In fact they have humiliated and insulted the members of the NSA, the delegates and the Bahais who have elected these delegates.

With this interference of the House, the sanctity of Bahai elections are lost and it is a pointer that the House of Justice is interested in some members to work as Secretary and the Treasurer.

Coincidentally the suspended members are Pakistani it looks that the Universal House of Justice wants only Persian members to serve on the NSA.

In this episode the axis of evil are Prof. Mehrdad, Mr. Farsheed and Mr. Shamsheer. These three are the beneficiaries of this dissolution. Mr. Mehrdad did not get a single vote for the secretaryship and Mr. Farsheed the master manipulator while giving treasurer report was hiding some important facts and he spended beyond the budget. Mr. Shamsheer is expert in destroying the peace and calmness of Bahai families by interfering in their internal affairs. Constructive suggestions by sincere Bahais are considered as criticism.

This is a very serious problem which needs to be known by every Bahai of Pakistan. Ignoring this matter will only increase the courage of this axis of evil. Protection of Bahai institutions and the community at large should be the concern of each and every Bahai.

With loving Bahai greetings

Please forward it to different friends

“Let us recall His explicit and often-repeated assurances that every Assembly elected in that rarefied atmosphere of selflessness and detachment is, in truth, appointed of God, that its verdict is truly inspired, that one and all should submit to its decision unreservedly and with cheerfulness.”
(Shoghi Effendi)


II-NSA of Pakistan is fully controlled by Persian Baha’i (Mr. Foad Rehani)

The Persian Baha’is call local Pakistani Baha’is as dirty, unreliable and cheats. They crack jokes about the lady members. One by one every local members of NSA has been removed and replace by Persian members. Even the counselor and Auxiliary Board members are all Persians.

The only local member of NSA the old Prof Mehraad. He is being used by Persian Baha’is because of his influence in the Government .Once his influence is over he will be thrown in the dust bin. The poor old man does not know the policy of “Use and Throw” of the Persian Bahais. He thinks that he is made chairman of NSA due to his Faith and sincerity but very soon he will understand the psychology of the Persian Baha’is.

Can the UHJ/ Persian Baha’is explain?

1-Why two elected members of NSA were removed and their voting rights taken .In fact these two members are on the verge of being declared covenant Breakers. All sorts of rumors are being circulated against these Baha’is and their family members.

2-Why the Counselor Foad Rehani asked the delegates not to vote for certain members.

Although The Holy writing says:

“It is compulsory upon the CHOSEN DELEGATES to consider without the least trace of passion and PREJUDICE, and irrespective of any material consideration, the names of only those who can best combine the necessary qualities of unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well-trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience.”

3-Why two members were appointed by UHJ and it was called asELECTION OF THE NSA.

4-Why all the duly elected office bearers where removed and instead in their place new office bearers where appointed. Again it is called as ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS.

5-All the decision where taken in presence of the observer from the World Centre who appreciated the convention of the NSA. It looks like the Mr. Foad, Mr. Shamsheer and company did not like the election being conducted in such a prayful and spiritual atmosphere.

With such interferences the UHJ has gone against the sayings of Beloved Master,

“Every elected Assembly in that spiritual atmosphere of selflessness and detachment is, in truth, APPOINTED OF GOD, that its verdict is truly inspired, that one and all should submit to its DECISION UNRESERVEDLY and with cheerfulness.”

With loving Baha’i greetings

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  1. Aj says:

    You have said so much… But without any proper sources….you must mention source so that baha’i can see them on their own

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