Baha’i Control On Their Electoral System – Part III

Some advices for Indian Bahais to be elected on Institutions

Bahai Elections: Brainless Exercise?

Bahai Elections: Brainless Exercise?

1 – Speak in English even if there is nobody to understand.

2 – Greet everybody with a loud Allahoabha showing by mistake you have been born outside Iran, otherwise you were a Persian before Bahaullah declared.

3 – Never go on the stage for prayers or reading Holy writings. Leave these things for old persons and persons without capacity.Well if you can memorise any prayers in Persian than nothing like it.

4 – If there is mention of Mona shed some crocodile tears and show you are pained more that the mother of Mona. In short you should have a course in acting for that PERSIAN ACADEMY AT PANCHGANI is the best institution.

5 – Give some feast in NDF and while auction is going on. See that your pocket gets emptied.

6 – When you see a Bahai before he says anything to you , say to him “GO TEACHING, GO TEACHING.”

7 – Take a fake degree in homeopathic from different sources available in India and then call youself as Doctor.

8 – Always give the indication that House of Justice is Infalliable. Use always words like Blessed House of Justice, Noble House of Justice.Beloved must be repeated so many times that you never use for your own wife and children.

9 – Never try to mess up with the NSA of that country keep on always appreciating it even if they are involved in full fledged corruption, imporsinifacation of delegates, campaning, ostentations and shamefully indulge in propagation for himself or herself.

10 – The moment you see any anti bahai activity be first to call them as Covenant breaker or enemy of Faith. This will show you as a very Faithful Bahai. Even if you do not know that whether the Kitab Aqdas is written by Bahaullah or Abdul Baha.

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